Friday, April 15, 2016

No Worries

I am feeling so much better since the muscle spasms which plagued me for years have disappeared and the tingling in the hands and feet is now minimal that I can move more throughout the day and keep empty carbs at a minimum to avoid becoming diabetic.   We got a free fancier BP monitor through our insurance and it seems to show numbers close to my Aldi's wrist monitor so I am pretty sure I am not hypertensive even though I always am at the doctor's office and fear metabolic syndrome.  My husband's BP was also elevated when taken by the assistant (soon after hopping up on the table with feet and arm dangling) but was fine when the doctor took it for the free monitor information.   Now I wonder if husband even needs a diuretic to keep his BP lower?  Then again both of his parents had hypertension so guess I will let him have his placebo effect.  His blood glucose was so low that diabetes is not a threat even though his Hemoglobin a1c was also pre-diabetic.  A few years ago, my blood glucose was actually over 99 once so will not take the Hemoglobin a1c too seriously.  However, I am determined to reverse this tendency to gain weight and take off a few pounds.

This morning I enjoyed several routines while bouncing.  The star was a cardio dance with Tracy Anderson starting with Big Fat Bass.  I really liked it around the 18 minute mark!

Great freebie on youtube from Leslie Sansone:

Tomorrow being Saturday, there should be a new KP DanceBody class on Periscope!

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