Saturday, April 9, 2016

Another Saturday, Another DanceBody

This morning I did a bunch of files.

An edited public youtube file I enjoyed was from the Popsugar Bombay Jam Bollywood Dance
However, I removed the instructional part and just included the two routines, both of which were great on the bungees.

Also did some more KP Dancebody cardio and sculpting.
There is a new class scheduled for Periscope today.

The Dancebody folks did not do that rotational view thing again but had a bit of a reversal between the cardio and sculpt segments.  I believe these periscope streams will give them the experience needed so when they have streaming directly from the website, the recording angles will have less of a learning curve.
Both recording/downloading programs seemed to work great!
I recorded LIVE on Firefox DownloadHelper newest version with a bit of a late start even though I was ready to record.  I believe the LIVE stream was delayed a bit because the recorded stream after it was over had some earlier views.  This footage is being edited and converted to avi for my dvd player with Freemake Video Converter.

The completed workout downloaded nicely with the Chrome PeriscopeDown.  I am going to use Windows Live Movie Maker for editing that file into two files.  These I will store online because will be much larger.

Periscope link for next 24 hours:
(that Periscope stream has ended but in 6 weeks, there will be streaming available directly from the KPDancebody Website!)

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