Saturday, April 2, 2016

America is Great

America is great but not quite as great since Trump has claimed otherwise.
Trump has opened the doors to uninformed malcontents with his false facts which are outright lies
He is unfiltered when he speaks and has many personality defects.  Any psychiatrist can have a field day evaluating him.  He is simply unfit for the office.

Unfortunately, America's worldwide reputation is taking a big hit thanks to this unbalanced individual who has no presidential qualities.
He is providing great propaganda to terrorist organizations.
He is creating division between Americans.
Many Americans like myself have been dealing with much more stress thanks to his disturbed personality which has given a voice to other disturbed personalities.  These bullies are making the country become a cesspool.
It is impossible to watch TV or be on social media without lots of stress.
Some like my husband enjoy the carnival for entertainment.
Some like myself feel like our country has silenced people who prefer peace by choosing bullying behavior.   My husband has warned me about saying the wrong thing in public and becoming a victim of verbal or physical violence.  Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric is anti-American.  Heck two of his wives have been immigrants!
Maybe it was easier for him to deal with women who did not speak English well?
He is credited for raising wonderful kids but I believe their mom had more to do with that success.

Trump's fortune was inherited.  He never invested his own money in the casinos and let the stock holders and banks get hit with the financial losses with bankruptcies.  He was devastated by the death of his colleagues in a helicopter crash then blamed the failure of his casinos on these same colleagues when the casinos started to fail.
Mr. Trump only cares about Mr. Trump.

He will be testifying about his Trump University scams scheduled to start on May 6th after having his counter lawsuit thrown out of court.  He wants to keep the jobs in America but his clothing line comes from Mexico.  He started his career with only one million dollars from his dad (his own words on video).   How many Americans have one million dollars to invest now, let alone back then before inflation?   Then he inherited another fortune after his dad died.

Obama has saved us alot of money since taking office, starting with a rebate for replacing our windows, Obamacare covering our younger son's medical insurance, lowering gas prices, etc.
As far as Obamacare, perhaps Clinton's medical insurance plan if not blocked by the GOP would have been a better plan.  Both plans had similarities to the one Mit Romney had supported in Massachusetts when governor.
His focus on equal rights enabled gay marriage which I never expected to see during my lifetime.  The States which are wasting their tax revenue on discrimination bills that will become illegal may see some real political changes after November.  Ironically, the next Supreme Court Justice may be even more liberal than the one Obama has chosen.
(Psst, Do not tell anyone that Trump does not actually care about gay marriage or abortion.  Also do not remind the White Supremacists about his Orthodox Jewish son-on-law and that his daughter is now Jewish by conversion.  This will enable a larger landslide in November).

The worse terrorist act (9/11) and the worse military act (invading Iraq based on poor intelligence) were during a GOP presidential term.   Imagine the damage Trump could do to the country and the world with his personality and IQ!  It is terrifying.

Keep America Great both for Americans and the World.

A wonderful video to awaken the spirit:


Truth can be stranger than fiction.  In this case, hard to tell the difference.

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