Friday, April 8, 2016

Christy Sanchez!

This morning I did the some of the cardio of the 3/26 KP DanceBody Periscope recorded class.  I think I enjoyed most of it more than the previous 2 classes.  Most moves are very bouncy and work on the bungees and balls but I do have to modify downwards quite a bit.  Again it would be sad if DanceBody decides not to let these streams be posted publicly because most other dance streams with decent music and moves have the music drowned out by *Whooing*.  Still have not received their decision.  (At least, they did not say *Not to post the periscope recordings*)

Then I did an edited youtube routine which I really enjoyed because the moves were simple enough for me to tweak and make dancier standing or bouncing.  I also had the option of modifying upwards instead of downwards in intensity which I prefer.  I love using an object like a chiball for cross-training and making it more fun.


Christy Sanchez and her Gentle Fitness Studio youtube channel are becoming a real favorite of mine.  Some of her routines are already MUsic only too

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