Sunday, April 24, 2016

Country Music

I am not into Country music but do like to move to it.   Beachbody will be releasing a Country themed workout series soon which may be great for bouncing.  Meanwhile, I have edited the Kathy Smith Matrix Power Walk with country music and did some this morning and really enjoyed it.
Here is one file of three:

I also did some of the new jessicasmithtv knee friendly barre.  It is not my kind of routine but it may appeal to many others.  I prefer her fusion routines with more movement.

Yesterday Dancebody had some technical difficulties recording their Periscope routine so I edited out all of the corrupted segments.  I doubt I would pay for streaming if they cannot offer better quality.  There is no way I could do their Periscope Live routines without an actual file to edit because my laptop just does not handle it well.

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