Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wasps and Exterminators

So yesterday I called the company that eliminated our den yellow jacket nest in July 2014.    Unfortunately, they no longer do house infestations and gave me the number for another company to call.    Fortunately, the Apache owner told me that the wasps we were seeing inside this time of year were paper wasps so I did some online research.   Paper wasp queens (inseminated females) hibernate over the winter and love attics for their hibernation.   In the spring on sunny warm days, they try to get outside to start a new nest.    Their visit indoors is temporary.   Ace-Welco sent a salesman this morning who was totally unimpressive in his knowledge of stinging insects and tried to sell us a one year contract for 3 times what Apache cost for the yellow jacket nest extermination.  Um No Thank You!

I will be patient and wait.  If there is an indication that our *infestation* is worse not better,  I will find another exterminator who exterminates nests instead of selling annual contracts.

Anywho earlier this morning I did a workout which included a bunch of files by Yin.

KP DanceBody on Periscope today

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