Wednesday, April 6, 2016


It looks like Trump is done but now have the homophobic Bible thumpers who want to discriminate based on their distorted interpretations of the Bible to go away LOL
All of the politicians wasting taxpayers money to add discrimination laws need to go.  Most of these laws will be found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court so sooner or later the majority in this country who support equal rights will be heard.  Remember, Cruz is one of the Bible thumpers.

Anywho after trying some DanceBody, I decided to try some Tracy Anderson more seriously. I resisted for a long time thinking the style was just for young gals who exercise to look better.   My current focus is still bouncing to music but also want to use my upper body more and Tracy's style is easy to tweak into bouncing AWT.  Many routines use little space, no cuing with decent music and easy to follow moves without complicated choreo and TIFTTing.  I also will be trying more Yin the Zone and Hamelin D'abell.

Since I stopped my PowHow Alchemy of Motion subscription, they have only added possibly 3 new videos (not sure if any are repeats) and raised the price to $9 a video.  Obviously,  their $50 a month subscription price is ridiculous, especially since their visual and audio quality could be much better.  It seems like few if any subscriptions are being sold now. If they had priced their videos and subscriptions more reasonably, it could have thrived.
Hopefully, Dancebody will not overcharge for their future video streaming.

If you do decide to try some TA while bouncing on a bungee or ball, remember to use just light weights or no weights because of the GForce.

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