Friday, April 22, 2016

Today Being Friday

Remember that tomorrow there should be a new KP DanceBody on Periscope.

Today after working out, I will be doing a marathon of the first few episodes of the Cinemax Banshee final season before tonight's episode.  We had lost our access to Cinemax VOD when our FIOS service was reset after having a bad wire connection outside during the blizzard.  I was too angry to start paying for Cinemax and will cut back to their most basic TV line up when our contract ends.   Even though I have proof that the free Max and Starz VOD was guaranteed on our 2 year contract, FIOS claimed they could not technically enable that offer again and we were offered just one of those channels for free for 6 months after which our contract ends anyway.

I believe my nerve damage is reversing a bit!  The burning sensation in my feet has become way less intense.  Since cutting back on empty carbs, I think I am starting to lose weight instead of slowly gaining.

Wishing a real Sweetheart much happiness in her future marriage!

Most of this morning's workout were edited files from Meghan Henderson's channel:

I really enjoyed her moves and mostly my music.
However this one also had music!

We have a new pest problem in our house:
paper wasp queens
Expecting an inspection and estimate with a pest control company tomorrow

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