Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another KP

This morning I did the standing segments from another Katia Pryce Periscope sculpt class after warming up with Kat Musni.  All cardio was on the PROBounce and then I used the Miracle Miles band for the band and Fitstix for hand weights.  I finished with some edited Leslie Sansone.
Yesterday I squeezed in an edited Jessica Smith walk as sparks on the den JS370 before and after meals as well as some freestyling on my JS 550 in our living room using music from an inactive smart phone with tunes on its sd card and ear buds.
My energy level and blood pressure seem to be much better throughout the day so will continue to do these sparks and walks outside when weather permitting.  Weight loss is very slow but at least is not weight gain.

I stumbled on to another use for WellVideo since I do have limited storage space there.  I noticed files I upload to WellVideo for streaming fill my den laptop screen nicely, even better than the original file does. So I may be using Wellvideo for my sparks throughout the day.  Of course, the laptop is now attached to an old pair of power speakers.

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