Sunday, April 3, 2016

Periscope Downloading

Periscope enables a recorded video for 24 hours.
Since Katia Pryce has been offering a Saturday Periscope DanceBody class,  I have been experimenting with mostly Firefox's Download Helper which has been rather finicky and tedious.   Yesterday I tried the PeriscopeDown Chrome Extension which was much simpler and faster.  I believe the results were better too.  Luckily, the Chrome extension downloaded file did not seem to have any audio stuttering like the file from the previous week when another gal used the PeriscopeDown website.

  Only problem is that someone on the KP DanceBody team decided to rotate the camera a few times.  I was able to edit the rotations with Windows Live Movie Maker but it would have been so much better if the whole class had been recorded in landscape view.  It seemed like they thought the upright view would show the moves better but it did not.

Next week I will not bother with the Download Helper attempt if the PeriscopeDown file is ok.  I am just mentioning both methods in case anyone has just one of the browsers and wants to try to download from Periscope.  However, I urge you to just get the Chrome browser and the PeriscopeDown extension.

Also wanted to mention that our cheap den laptop hardwired to our router streamed from Periscope much better than my wireless laptop in my bedroom so the internet connection can be a huge factor too.  If using the Firefox Download Helper and the stream is finicky,  best wait a few hours and try after the stream is getting less hits.

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