Friday, February 26, 2016

Check in Break

Since I will be trying mostly private content the next week, I may not be blogging daily.  This morning I enjoyed a Bellyfit routine on the bungees and ball which was much more enjoyable than I had expected from a short preview.

Keep bouncing!!!
Keep being kind while keeping away from people who are not kind.

(found a new foreign instructor on youtube to edit:

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Edited Gems

This morning I really enjoyed the edits I revisited.   I had loved the Leslie Sansone mix and match routines after I had replaced their audio but two of them (Intervals and Upper Body Blast) were made even better after switching their soundtracks.  Now I want to revisit all of them!  LOL
Also I enjoyed an edited Denise Austin routine with feel good unique moves and the first part of my edit of the  jessicasmithtv StrideII routine which uses a band. (StrideII was shared on the 2/18 post recently)

Like the Leslie Sansone, I have two versions of the Denise Austin Shrink your Fat Zones Pilates routine.  The whole routine is on youtube:
short edit:

Longer edit is on Toutbox:,67509847.mp4(video)

ETA Thurs 2/25:

another wonderful edit done this morning in addition to a few others
original jessicasmithtv Interval Walk

(I am enjoying revisiting old edits!)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hexagon Bungees

ETA: a new hexagon model

My last bungee purchase which was a hexagon is my favorite bungee because of its bounce.  It is also the largest of my 4 bungees and my feet also seem to prefer its mat.  Mine is an import from the Chinese AliExpress and currently costs $5 less than I paid with the $10 off coupon for registering. ($153)
assembly was easy except for the handlebar

There is also a more expensive ($580) Czechoslovakian model sold through!shop/c1yoh
which needs less assembly and has a fancier TBar

Bellicon now offers one with the fancier TBar ($749 - unknown if shipping extra):
(my Chinese import measures over 54 inches if I measure the frame same way Bellicon does)

There is also a cheaper one from WayFair also sold on Amazon (~$80) but it is smaller and probably has a stiffer bounce than mine:
its assembly in reviews was difficult because tighter bungees

If all you want is a bungee to jog and bounce on, there is also a new gadget which is very compact and is a step on the other side:

Since I am so satisfied with my Chinese hexagon (54 inch frame) and round 48 inch PROBounce (50 inch frame).  I will not be trying anymore models myself.  I just wanted to let y'all know what was out there.  You can decide which is the best choice for yourselves, depending on your own circumstances.  For me, I had foot issues including Plantar fasciitis, peripheral neuropathy, and a low basement ceiling affecting my personal buying decisions.  My feet are happy barefooted on the new hexagon ibounce and the PROBounce with ultra cords so see no need to spend more than what I have.  There is no guarantee my bare feet would be as happy on a more expensive model and higher legs would mean no basement workout area option for me.
I have a different bouncing style than that of another bungee fan who only buys the most expensive choices and implies her choices are better for everyone.  My style is bouncier (shoe-less and bra-less which is responsible for the odd noises heard in my videos), mostly using a bungee to bounce without hitting my head on my basement ceiling.  I know I feel much happier when bouncing than what I have seen on youtube videos using other more expensive models.
It is not which model you use but how you use it.

Also wanted to mention the Leslie Sansone Miracle Miles set on QVC at a great price which includes the gloves and free shipping, making it a better deal than mine:
Really do not need the gloves with this wonderful band.
The same Golds Gym band costs $18 at Walmart.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Today's Edited JessicaSmithTV

This morning I did an edited file of her Power Interval Walk for Beginners

Also started her edited Bootcamp Boogie which I plan to finish tomorrow.  Everytime I try another walk by Jessica, I find three more I want to revisit.  At this rate, I may never get to new edits for a first visit!

(Wishing a dear Friend a fabulous reunion with her guy and friends abroad)

ETA Monday 2/22/16 workouts:

Jessicasmithtv edited Bootcamp Boogie
and started her edited Cardio Ball Ballet:

Saturday, February 20, 2016


I am still visiting edits of jessicasmithtv videos.
This morning I did the Fusion Band file which I had shared the other day.  It worked beautifully on the bungees and ball with the Miracle Mile band.
There are dozens and dozens of these edited files and I really want to revisit them all on my new bungees!  Just wish I had the cardio capacity to do more of them each day.

Yesterday I was really being bothered by some sort of allergy attack so took a daytime antihistamine and felt so much better.  I think it being too cold to let much fresh air into the house is affecting the air quality.  This weekend is bringing some nice warmer temps and sunshine.  Hopefully, I can crack a few windows.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Playground Ball and Bouncing Demo

This morning while doing some of an edited jessicasmithtv Cardio Ball Blast video, I recorded some of the moves on the hexagon bungee, large stability ball and swivel chair to show how the moves could be tweaked for different options.  When bouncing, avoid heavy weights because the GForce can aggravate shoulder joints, etc.

I started on the hexagon bungee but decided to do the next tune on the ball to show how the same video can be used on either bouncing surface.

Then I decided to show the moves done on a chair.  I love using this particular chair because it swivels and rolls LOL

Intensity can still be achieved by using more core and upper body so if you have an injured foot or ankle, you can still do cardio and lubricate the joints.  I worked up quite a sweat with these short segments.

Religious Hypocrites

To the HOMOPHOBES hiding behind religious freedom bullshit:
As the mother of a gay man, I am so tired of the ignorance of the GOP and other political groups using phony religious beliefs to waste taxpayers money.

Our country already has freedom of religion which means a public servant has no right to hide behind their phony religious beliefs to deny a gay couple a marriage certificate because the civil servant has an irrational fear of homosexuality.  Our gay son pays taxes and has every right to marry if he is lucky enough to find someone he wants to share his life with.
Whoever *disagrees* in marriage equality does not have to marry someone of the same gender!!!
Why the hell do you think you have the right to deny others this civil right????
A gay couple's rights have NOTHING to do with your rights.
You have no right to limit their rights.
They have the civil right to get married and your salary is paid by taxes.
If you think your personal beliefs are so darn important, quit your job.

Eating shellfish is the same abomination as homosexuality so does that mean everyone else can no longer eat shellfish?   Does that mean that a Judea-Christian health inspector should shutdown all restaurants which serve shellfish?

For those idiots determined to restrict the rights of others, you are wasting taxpayers money trying to reverse laws based on your irrational fear, not religious doctrine.  Focus on your own lives and families and mind your own business.  You have the freedom to do what is right for you but you do not have the right to control what somebody else without your irrational fear does with their lives.  They have the right to pursue happiness even if you disagree.  Why are you wasting money trying to restrict the rights of others instead of feeding the homeless?  Where the hell is your *Christian* spirit?

The Georgia Senate just passed a bill that allows anyone to refuse service based on religious beliefs to couples whose marriage is not traditional including gay couples, inter-racial couples, divorced couples, and single mothers.   US Politics and legislature are being controlled by a small group of religious homophobic bigots.  Most of these cases will be rejected in higher courts after lots of tax dollars wasted.  It is insane that we all have to foot these frivolous costs no matter how you feel about marriage equality.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

JS Band Routines

In anticipation of the new Jessica Smith dvd which uses a band, I revisited some of her jessicasmithtv band routines which I had edited:

Tomorrow I plan to do this one

or this Stride and Strength:


Nailed It!

A Facebook Friend found this and it pretty much describes my journey:

The only thing I have not outgrown is worrying about loved ones.  My older son recently informed me that his relationship with his boyfriend had ended.  For several months, I was under the delusion that he had finally found happiness.    Just as we should not allow another person to lessen our happiness, I am reminded that happiness has to come from within and not from another person.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This and That

Beware of the Grokker free trial
I have been billed for 2 more months after an email confirmation of my cancellation.
GROKKER is giving me a refund but are claiming I had subscribed again although I did not.  There was no way for me to know my account was still active plus no way to cancel again when I checked my account after I saw my credit card bill so there was a glitch on their end.
Bottomline, check you credit card/paypal accounts.

This morning I did a nice edit of the Grokker Sarah Kusch - Crunchless Cardio Core.  My edit started with standing abs which worked well with the hexagon's handlebar then had some bouncing cardio and then some pseudo-kettlebell moves I liked while sitting on a stability ball holding a purple Zumba stick.
(Grokker offers a free trial)

Next I did more of the edited McCutcheon Dance Body till I ran out of steam.

Here is an edit I am anxious to try down the road:
I had combined two separate youtube clips by Sharon Graham before adding music.  This is a nice low impact routine and a nice alternative to walking routines

Also another youtube clip recently discovered which seems to offer decent audio:

Buti on Periscope

For those interested, Buti has some FREE online streaming
(w/ periscope).

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Today's Edited Files

Today's cardio were all edited files.

First was a (Core) Kirsch NY Body Plan edit but I used my Miracle Mile band instead of a dumb bell or medball while bouncing.  
Original on youtube:

I believe my MUsic really made it special!

Then I did some of Martine McCutcheon's youtube Dance Body.

Finished with alittle of Metashred9

Monday, February 15, 2016

High Energy Day!

This morning I finally felt like my old *young* self with more energy than I have felt in a long time.  I warmed up to an edited youtube Bellicon routine

(I had added Adele tunes and loved the result)

then did this edited youtube Interval routine from HealthyLife:

Music was also found on youtube.
Also did some of AfroBeats from Instructor Live and an upper body band routine.

I am really loving my Chinese bungees and so are my feet.  I see no wear on the bungee cords and no noise if the legs are tight.

the edited video that got me started using music with ball bouncing

SyperBall MU by POMBarb

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to my Friends!!!
Hope you have learned to love and protect yourself and are happier for it in spite of inevitable stress.

To the not-so-nice people out there, hope you learn to like yourself enough not to attack others, perceiving invisible harm to justify your assault.
Very hard to like oneself if you are always striving to create stress and negative energy so the sooner you change your own attitude, the happier you will be and everyone else around you.
Otherwise, Valentine's Day to you is much like Christmas was to Scrooge and The Grinch.

This morning I enjoyed some Alchemy of Motion with Erin then Tori, tweaking the routines for bungee and ball bouncing.  Then I tried some of Metashred8 without adjusting the volume and BJ's booming voice was like a bomb shaking the house!  Anywho, 8 had great cardio moves.  Could have skipped the sudden warmup of rushing to the volume control!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Great Workout Today

This morning I did an edit of the Leslie Sansone Miracle Mile 5 mile Walk which turned it into a 2 mile Walk LOL   I really enjoyed the music I added!  Most of the cardio was done on the hexagon bungee but I switched to the stability ball for the band segments.
Then I tried a youtube plyojam which was good but kept freezing.

Then I did Keaira's towel dance holding the Miracle Mile band which was great but needs new music LOL

Last but not least I did more of Erin's last Alchemy of Motion.  There was one number that looked great but I was too pooped so will start with that one tomorrow.

Friday, February 12, 2016

What Makes me Happy

There are two things which make me Happy:
Sharing with others (anything from tips to videos)
Editing workouts to make them more enjoyable.

Sometimes the two things can overlap when I share an edited workout which somebody else may enjoy.

I have listened to my mind and body and found what brings me joy and learned what to avoid as far as dread in both workouts and people.  Honestly, I do not understand the misguided people who resent me and my efforts and try to thwart them but I continue to do what I enjoy in spite of the selfish people who are determined to take my joy away from me and others whom I try to help.

On a larger scale why do some politicians and religious leaders feel it is their duty to take equal rights away from others?    How does a gay couple who want the commitment of marriage affect them so directly that they feel determined to prevent this couple from being legally committed to one another?
What would make this couple happy has no effect on the people trying to thwart their happiness.

Why not allow everyone the pursuit of happiness as long as they are not harming others?

Life is stressful enough without this unnecessary stress from miserable people and bullies.

Yesterday afternoon I enjoyed several edited sparks which I have shared online.
This morning I enjoyed an edit which I cannot share because of copyrighted content.  I could just record myself doing the edited file and share my recording which I may or may not eventually do.   Problem is I have dozens and dozens of edits with the same copyright limits and only want to record something if someone else will appreciate the routine.  Otherwise, I rather spend a workout session visiting new edits instead of recording others recently visited.

(some of my videos files are available on Toutbox/partageurs,, youtube, dailymotion, etc.  In my links to the right, you can find access to most of my video channels. you can email me at for more information about how I share privately with friends)

Stress is Everywhere

Nothing can affect the mind and body as adversely as stress.
Stress is inevitable whether it is triggered by physical conditions that I struggle with daily like pain or sleep deprivation or other events or other people.

Another source of stress is when a product is not working well
or a rotten customer service rep who is of no help.
Just recently I received a postcard offering me a free tracfone upgrade since a phone we use is on a 2g network which is ending.   I called the number and the customer rep was uninformed saying I had to buy a phone so I hung up very frustrated.  Luckily, the facebook customer rep was much more helpful.  (still dreading activating the new phone after its arrival). More stress.

or last night I was excited to watch the season premiere of Scandal ruined by an unexplainable broadcast problem which distorted the picture.  Whatever it was, it thankfully cleared up on its own about an hour later.  Meanwhile,I was dreading another FIOS service call after losing service after the blizzard for 3 days.  FIOS finally fixed the wire that needed fixing but after resetting our services, no longer gave us the free Max and Starz VOD which was part of our 2 year contract.   So we negotiated to get one of the channel for free for 6 months but of course that change too took another phone call when the channel did not automatically appear as promised. More stress.

or my frustration when neither Chrome or Firefox would enable downloading from Toutbox after it changed its name.  My usual stubbornness kicked in and I was able to resolve these new obstacles.  Now Streamnation is ending.  More stress.

Just about every medical visit for my husband, son and myself has created stress by inept medical insurance issues.  Hopefully several phone calls has eliminated most of those issues but come on, in this world of automation why do I have to make the calls to doctor and lab billing departments to determine why a bill has not been paid or a lab result not received????  I had such a runaround this past summer over a bone density exam I stupidly let my doctor talk me into.  Just stress, stress and more unnecessary stress for nothing.  OMG it took a zillion calls during open season to convert our federal medical insurance to the new one-plus-one from a family plan to save $8 a month.   This should have been enabled much easier for federal employees and retirees. More stress.

Another source of stress can be just a rotten person.
My worse stress has been because of toxic people who just thrive off of creating stress for others.  However, the last extended pity party I stayed at too long taught me a huge lesson.   The longer I stayed, the harder it was to leave.  So even now at the age of 66, I am learning not to stay or refuse the invitation altogether.  The only person who can made us happy or happier is ourselves.  I am determined not to give that power away and accept pity party invitations from miserable people.

Stress is a daily visitor to everyone but it is how we deal with it that can make a huge difference in our attitude and health.
Yes it is hard to stay positive with all of the negatives surrounding us.
 Moving to music is my magic bullet for relieving stress.
I will not accept invitations to pity parties and will continue to avoid toxic people.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Erin to the Rescue

Last evening some new Alchemy of Motion routines were uploaded to PowHow.  The camera angles seem to be getting worse and the audio very inconsistent.  One Misa was even removed because it had no audio at all.  Anywho after struggling to do the last two miles of the Miracle Miles because of low energy,  I tried some of the new Erin and really enjoyed it!  She is definitely my favorite Soul Sweat instructor because she does not scream.

I am nearing the end of my first one month subscription which had 50% off and must cancel it before it automatically renews at full price ($50).  In the whole month, maybe 3 were added I liked.  Between the poor audio and visual quality, screaming, and repetitive routines,  I doubt many customers would accept the renewal.  They are very over-priced IMHO.  (If I was thinking, I would have down loaded the Misa while it was available and added my own music!!! Misa does the most annoying screaming so no audio was a blessing)

ETA:  I did some sparks in front of the laptop this afternoon and really enjoyed some edits!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More Miracle Miles

I did the first 3 miles of the 5 mile walk this morning and think the second mile may be my favorite in the series for its band AWT.     However, I may try to adding different music to it.

After trying the last two miles, hopefully tomorrow, I want to revisit some of my other walks that use a band.  Also am excited about trying some towel routines with the new band and bungees.

I decided to leave the handlebar on the hexagon bungee because it really works well with the PROBounce next to it.  If I am having this much fun, can only imagine the future parties with edited routines.

I have to mention that Leslie's form when jabbing is much better than what I saw on some youtube Bellicon punching routines with terrible form.   Leslie's boosted bouncing style is great on a bungee!

Wake Up America!

America is already Great
but will not remain so if that toxic narcissist gets elected.

All America will become is a global joke with a clown and bully at its helm.

If the majority in this country are that brain dead and susceptible to mob mentality,  it gives little hope to those who are not intoxicated with Trump toxins.  Having been the victim of irrational mob mentality, I have seen what selfish people can ruin.

The man could not even succeed in Atlantic City during its prime.
We were Trump stock holders and would have been better off if we put the stock money into slot machines.  He did not care about stock losses and bankruptcies because it was not his money.  He will not care about taxpayers money because it is not his money.

(actually if you do the math, he will lose against anyone so the GOP are just a bunch of clowns)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


This morning I started with an edit of an intense cardio routine (original had cuing in another language).
the original youtube video:

which is also embedded on WellVideo
The edit is also on WellVideo:

This video is an example of a non rebounder specific video which is better on a rebounder than most rebounder specific videos.  Filled with fun moves and combos.  Simple to follow but intense so I pooped about 2/3 through my edit and doubt I am fit enough to record it without lots of modifying.

Then I switched to the first mile of the Miracle Miles 5 mile Walk.  I was pleasantly surprised when one of my favorite songs started playing after the warmup so will start with the 5 mile Walk *music only* tomorrow, hoping there is more great music in the other miles.

Monday, February 8, 2016


It just goes to show how obsessed with irrational hate too many people are when they accuse the SuperBowl halftime of promoting homosexuality.

What is wrong with these people?
Why are they so afraid of rainbows?

I am the mother of a gay son and did not even think of the connection.

(next they will complain that Lady Gaga who is a huge supporter of equal rights should not have sang the National anthem even though she did it phenomenally.)

Sunday, February 7, 2016


I was never a real Leslie Sansone fan finding her workouts very similar and boring till I added music.  However,  Miracle Miles has produced a miracle because I am now a fan!  Mostly because of that darn band LOL

I do not have to watch the screen hardly at all because I tweak her moves to make them more fun on my 2 Chinese bungees.  I love using the band while sitting on the stability ball.  I feel the muscles working hard but not aggravating my joints.  This band for me is a Miracle band and  I am excited about trying it with other workouts.

A friend is going through a very stressful time right now because of insensitive people and as a result, I have been dealing with stress as well.  I have suspected I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and believe I am experiencing a flare.  Thankfully, not debilitating and just a Tylenol enables me to workout.  Anywho I did 3 miles of the 4 mile walk this morning and feel better than I have since my friend had her crash.  This set is the first set I am enjoying without editing which is another miracle.  Exercise and bouncing is still my magic bullet for feeling well.

As far as my two Chinese bungees, I really love both of them,  Changing between the two tensions seems to work very well for me.  The PROBounce with ultra cords has a firmer bounce and the hexagon a more ballistic bounce.  I can not really predict 6 months from now which will be my favorite.  Of course, condescending nasties predict both will fall apart by then.  Meanwhile, I will just Walk on and Party On, enjoying my purchases with no buyers remorse or need to confront people who have no idea how ridiculous they sound.  They do not feel what my body feels or needs but insist they do.  If you watch some of the Bellicon workouts on youtube, you will see a look of pain and misery on the face of the *expert* as she does tedious repetitive boring moves.  No Thank you.  It is not which model bungee you use that counts but how it is used.  I will continue to listen to my inner voice and what feels good.   I do feel sorry for some who have listened to the hype and never use their expensive bungee.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Underarm Odor Disappeared

For the past few years, I have had the opposite experience of most post-menopausal women and women with autoimmune disease symptoms.
I have absolutely no underarm body odor without deodorant though I sweat plenty during every workout. and usually shower only every other day.  There is a very occasional day when the odor is detectable but rare.

My only explanation is that my bouncing boosts my lymph pumping so I am toxin free.
Trust me, my nose still knows or works LOL
(my family knows I have a very sensitive nose and can detect faint odors they cannot)

This morning I did an Alchemy of Motion, some of which worked while sitting on a chair!

Happy Happy
Joy Joy
A new jessicasmithtv with decent music!

Rant against Bullying Behavior

Bullies are just miserable people wanting to make the world as miserable as they are.  Misery loves company.

I have a gay son.
Homophobes want to bully me to sit shivah for him or consider him dead.
Exactly  how does my gay son directly affect the lives of the homophobes?
Why should I as a mother reject my son just because he is gay?
Would this make me happier?

I have peripheral neuropathy.
The medical profession wants to bully me to continue taking a statin till I am in a wheel chair even though statistics have not proven any real benefit for women.
How does my refusal affect the medical community except perhaps financially.
Why should I ruin my quality of life anymore than I already have being on a statin for over 15 years?
Would this make me happier?  Spending my own money to make myself feel worse will not make me any happier or healthier.

I have bungee rebounders that are not Bellicons.
The Bellicon fans want to bully me till I get a concussion trying to use a Bellicon in my basement with a low ceiling where I prefer to exercise.
How does the use of nonBellicon bungees directly affect Bellicon fans?
Would it make me happier to bounce on a Bellicon even though I already am my happiest when bouncing and seem to be having much more fun than most videos using a Bellicon?

I love to help people be happier.
Miserable people bully me trying to make me miserable.
How does bullying me make life any less miserable for them?

Each of us can only control our own attitude in life and do what is best for ourselves as individuals.  What is right for one person may be completely wrong for another but what does it matter if someone else wants to do anything differently as long as it is not harming anyone else.  If what I do makes me happier and is not directly affecting someone else, why do these people think they have the right to try to lessen my happiness?
OK so they enjoy misery but I do not.

LIVE and LET LIVE people!!!!
(and please, please, please do not let a bully become the next POTUS)

If my blogging affects you negatively, just do not read my blog!!!!
If my blogging affects you positively, enjoy!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Still Walking and Metashreding

I decided to make a real effort to ignore the nasty behavior online,
even before reading this

History has proven that people do not change and trying to have a rational discussion with a confrontational person is impossible.

This morning I did the third mile in the Miracle Miles 3 mile walk then some of Metashred6.
Still loving the Hexagon.
Still loving the Miracle Mile band.
The behavior of confrontational people does not and will not lessen my enjoyment of moving.
(I do have to wonder if they enjoy exercise as much because if they did, I think they would feel less of a need to be confrontational)

6 miles done and 9 to go
6 metashreds down and 3 to go
However I may slip in an Alchemy of Motion tomorrow cuz have many of them untried.

Oh yeah I read something else in another blog:
if someone seems overly concerned about their weight, perhaps they need to learn to like themselves more

ETA from a Friend:

ooops one more!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Miracle Miles 3 mile Walk

This morning I tackled Leslie's 3 mile walk but knew I had enough after just 2 miles and am a sweaty mess trying not to drip on my keyboard.  Actually when I took a peek yesterday I left the dvd on the third mile so at first I was doing the third mile which was like Leslie on steroids!  As much as I loved the new Leslie, I came to my senses and restarted the 3 miles at the beginning.  It had a nice speed and worked great on the hexagon with minimal tweaking.  I tried using the band while sitting on a stability ball and it was a perfect combination.

This morning I woke up with a headache after a very stressful day thanks to a few selfish people (selfish in the way of only caring about their own feelings and nobody elses).  Anywho the workout really helped me to release the pent up stress.  I especially loved Leslie's attitude about health being more important than a messy house.

Just found this and it is very similar to how I am trying to stay positive:

Making other people Happier makes me Happy.
I try not to give unhappy people any power over me.
If they do not understand my plain simple focus, it is their loss.

also this was at the bottom of the article


I have used this blog in lots of ways,
mostly to help people with tech tips, video site suggestions, etc
Sometimes my blog is a place where I can vent too.
One of the things I vent about is toxic people.

I love helping people but have to be careful not to become a victim of a person who does not appreciate who I am.  People-Pleasers are easy prey for toxic people.

When we try to protect children from harm, we warn them about bad people who may make them feel uncomfortable.  Sadly even adults need to do this.  If a *friend* makes you uncomfortable or stressed, reconsider if that friend is worth keeping in your life.  We can choose our friends but must listen to our own inner voice when something just feels wrong.  It is very hard for a caring person to say *no* and exclude someone from their lives. They do not want to hurt this other person but have to protect their own emotional health.

Unfortunately, people with emotional baggage who resent me use this blog as a way of trying to hurt me or my friends.  I decided to blog and vent and not give them the power over my Freedom of Speech.  If my blog can make just one person more aware of how a sociopath operates, it is worth the risk.

Nobody can reason with unreasonable people, especially after they have been manipulated by a masterful sociopath.
I am too honest to play their game so all I can do is avoid the toxic people who really only care about creating drama and chaos which means avoiding their victims as well.
I know firsthand because I was such a victim for way too long till the lies and manipulations made my inner voice scream: RUN!

Listen to your inner voice when someone is trying to make you do something that does not feel right.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More Miracle Mile and Metashred

This morning I did the two mile walk mostly on the Hexagon (sorry PROBounce LOL) then alittle of Metashred 5.   I restrung the corner cords of the hexagon to have a cord from either side overlapping each leg which made the bounce alitte firmer and I think it will stop the single corner cords from wearing out quicker than the others.
I am really enjoying the Miracle Mile Band and think it will be great with towel routines like this one:

Metashred5 repeated the same moves several times and since there was nothing that really caught my interest, I much prefer Metashred4.  Thankfully, I am not anal about rotations or would have quit exercising long ago because of the dread factor.

As usual my hip flexors do not like Leslie's repetitive walking and knee raises in spite of focusing on using my abs to lift.   I doubt I would ever do a Leslie again without bouncing on a bungee or ball.  3 miles down and only 12 to go LOL

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Miracle Miles and Hexagon

I am very excited about this mornings workout I am about to try.  I plan to do one or more miles from the Leslie Sansone Miracle Miles set and try the new band as demonstrated and also by using the hexagon handlebar as an anchor point.

OK I love the stupid band.  It is very comfortable wrapped around the back unlike all other bands.
Only did the first mile with cuing then the strength routines also on the first disk then the one mile walk again with music only.  Boosted walks then the band are added near the end of the one mile walk.  (too lazy to switch the dvd LOL)
I did peek at the two mile disk and the second mile looks and sounds awesome!