Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More Miracle Mile and Metashred

This morning I did the two mile walk mostly on the Hexagon (sorry PROBounce LOL) then alittle of Metashred 5.   I restrung the corner cords of the hexagon to have a cord from either side overlapping each leg which made the bounce alitte firmer and I think it will stop the single corner cords from wearing out quicker than the others.
I am really enjoying the Miracle Mile Band and think it will be great with towel routines like this one:

Metashred5 repeated the same moves several times and since there was nothing that really caught my interest, I much prefer Metashred4.  Thankfully, I am not anal about rotations or would have quit exercising long ago because of the dread factor.

As usual my hip flexors do not like Leslie's repetitive walking and knee raises in spite of focusing on using my abs to lift.   I doubt I would ever do a Leslie again without bouncing on a bungee or ball.  3 miles down and only 12 to go LOL

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