Thursday, February 4, 2016


I have used this blog in lots of ways,
mostly to help people with tech tips, video site suggestions, etc
Sometimes my blog is a place where I can vent too.
One of the things I vent about is toxic people.

I love helping people but have to be careful not to become a victim of a person who does not appreciate who I am.  People-Pleasers are easy prey for toxic people.

When we try to protect children from harm, we warn them about bad people who may make them feel uncomfortable.  Sadly even adults need to do this.  If a *friend* makes you uncomfortable or stressed, reconsider if that friend is worth keeping in your life.  We can choose our friends but must listen to our own inner voice when something just feels wrong.  It is very hard for a caring person to say *no* and exclude someone from their lives. They do not want to hurt this other person but have to protect their own emotional health.

Unfortunately, people with emotional baggage who resent me use this blog as a way of trying to hurt me or my friends.  I decided to blog and vent and not give them the power over my Freedom of Speech.  If my blog can make just one person more aware of how a sociopath operates, it is worth the risk.

Nobody can reason with unreasonable people, especially after they have been manipulated by a masterful sociopath.
I am too honest to play their game so all I can do is avoid the toxic people who really only care about creating drama and chaos which means avoiding their victims as well.
I know firsthand because I was such a victim for way too long till the lies and manipulations made my inner voice scream: RUN!

Listen to your inner voice when someone is trying to make you do something that does not feel right.

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