Friday, February 19, 2016

Religious Hypocrites

To the HOMOPHOBES hiding behind religious freedom bullshit:
As the mother of a gay man, I am so tired of the ignorance of the GOP and other political groups using phony religious beliefs to waste taxpayers money.

Our country already has freedom of religion which means a public servant has no right to hide behind their phony religious beliefs to deny a gay couple a marriage certificate because the civil servant has an irrational fear of homosexuality.  Our gay son pays taxes and has every right to marry if he is lucky enough to find someone he wants to share his life with.
Whoever *disagrees* in marriage equality does not have to marry someone of the same gender!!!
Why the hell do you think you have the right to deny others this civil right????
A gay couple's rights have NOTHING to do with your rights.
You have no right to limit their rights.
They have the civil right to get married and your salary is paid by taxes.
If you think your personal beliefs are so darn important, quit your job.

Eating shellfish is the same abomination as homosexuality so does that mean everyone else can no longer eat shellfish?   Does that mean that a Judea-Christian health inspector should shutdown all restaurants which serve shellfish?

For those idiots determined to restrict the rights of others, you are wasting taxpayers money trying to reverse laws based on your irrational fear, not religious doctrine.  Focus on your own lives and families and mind your own business.  You have the freedom to do what is right for you but you do not have the right to control what somebody else without your irrational fear does with their lives.  They have the right to pursue happiness even if you disagree.  Why are you wasting money trying to restrict the rights of others instead of feeding the homeless?  Where the hell is your *Christian* spirit?

The Georgia Senate just passed a bill that allows anyone to refuse service based on religious beliefs to couples whose marriage is not traditional including gay couples, inter-racial couples, divorced couples, and single mothers.   US Politics and legislature are being controlled by a small group of religious homophobic bigots.  Most of these cases will be rejected in higher courts after lots of tax dollars wasted.  It is insane that we all have to foot these frivolous costs no matter how you feel about marriage equality.

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