Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More Miracle Miles

I did the first 3 miles of the 5 mile walk this morning and think the second mile may be my favorite in the series for its band AWT.     However, I may try to adding different music to it.

After trying the last two miles, hopefully tomorrow, I want to revisit some of my other walks that use a band.  Also am excited about trying some towel routines with the new band and bungees.

I decided to leave the handlebar on the hexagon bungee because it really works well with the PROBounce next to it.  If I am having this much fun, can only imagine the future parties with edited routines.

I have to mention that Leslie's form when jabbing is much better than what I saw on some youtube Bellicon punching routines with terrible form.   Leslie's boosted bouncing style is great on a bungee!

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