Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hexagon Bungees

ETA: a new hexagon model

My last bungee purchase which was a hexagon is my favorite bungee because of its bounce.  It is also the largest of my 4 bungees and my feet also seem to prefer its mat.  Mine is an import from the Chinese AliExpress and currently costs $5 less than I paid with the $10 off coupon for registering. ($153)

assembly was easy except for the handlebar

There is also a more expensive ($580) Czechoslovakian model sold through
which needs less assembly and has a fancier TBar

Bellicon now offers one with the fancier TBar ($749 - unknown if shipping extra):
(my Chinese import measures over 54 inches if I measure the frame same way Bellicon does)

There is also a cheaper one from WayFair also sold on Amazon (~$80) but it is smaller and probably has a stiffer bounce than mine:
its assembly in reviews was difficult because tighter bungees

If all you want is a bungee to jog and bounce on, there is also a new gadget which is very compact and is a step on the other side:

Since I am so satisfied with my Chinese hexagon (54 inch frame) and round 48 inch PROBounce (50 inch frame).  I will not be trying anymore models myself.  I just wanted to let y'all know what was out there.  You can decide which is the best choice for yourselves, depending on your own circumstances.  For me, I had foot issues including Plantar fasciitis, peripheral neuropathy, and a low basement ceiling affecting my personal buying decisions.  My feet are happy barefooted on the new hexagon ibounce and the PROBounce with ultra cords so see no need to spend more than what I have.  There is no guarantee my bare feet would be as happy on a more expensive model and higher legs would mean no basement workout area option for me.
I have a different bouncing style than that of another bungee fan who only buys the most expensive choices and implies her choices are better for everyone.  My style is bouncier (shoe-less and bra-less which is responsible for the odd noises heard in my videos), mostly using a bungee to bounce without hitting my head on my basement ceiling.  I know I feel much happier when bouncing than what I have seen on youtube videos using other more expensive models.
It is not which model you use but how you use it.

Also wanted to mention the Leslie Sansone Miracle Miles set on QVC at a great price which includes the gloves and free shipping, making it a better deal than mine:
Really do not need the gloves with this wonderful band.
The same Golds Gym band costs $18 at Walmart.

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