Friday, February 19, 2016

Playground Ball and Bouncing Demo

This morning while doing some of an edited jessicasmithtv Cardio Ball Blast video, I recorded some of the moves on the hexagon bungee, large stability ball and swivel chair to show how the moves could be tweaked for different options.  When bouncing, avoid heavy weights because the GForce can aggravate shoulder joints, etc.

I started on the hexagon bungee but decided to do the next tune on the ball to show how the same video can be used on either bouncing surface.

Then I decided to show the moves done on a chair.  I love using this particular chair because it swivels and rolls LOL

Intensity can still be achieved by using more core and upper body so if you have an injured foot or ankle, you can still do cardio and lubricate the joints.  I worked up quite a sweat with these short segments.

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