Monday, July 27, 2015

JumpSport 44 inch Frame Demo and some Youtube Links

I shared an edit of a bunch of youtube JumpSport videos which shows one of their 44 inch models in action:

Personally, I prefer my skirt mat 550 model which is also sold by Costco.

Also here is a recent find on youtube:  Mari Winsor Fatburning Workout

which is an edit of a youtube video
(I use Wellvideo to organize my playlists including the public videos on youtube)

Just had to share this because it is so true:

Friday, July 17, 2015

Three Blessings: Edited Videos, WellVideo, and Friends

I am still MUving to MUsic mostly on my 550 Jumpsport bungee and large stability ball.
I am still sharing edited files mostly on WellVideo, mostly with Friends.
Also I am blogging my daily routines for Friends on WellVideo

Editing video files has been a real Blessing for me.
If I were to rely on most of the online and dvd workouts with their abysmal music and moves which I have to tweak or fast forward through, working out would be much less enjoyable.

There are more routines I have edited and/or have tried and want to revisit but realistically will never even try, let alone revisit them all.   Hopefully, some will still be enjoyed by others even after I am no longer able to do them.

For now, I am tolerating all of my annoying conditions and still enjoy MUving about 40 minutes every morning with a spark or two throughout the day.   WellVideo has been a real Blessing for me.  If I press pause and wait just a minute or two for the video to load, it streams most routines very nicely.  It offers great private storage and sharing options as well as various ways of making new *Friends*.

Speaking of *Friends*, they are truly the best Blessing of all.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

MUsic Irony

My ability to remember song titles and their artists is terrible.  So I was going crazy trying to identify the song being used by CBS in the Thursday night football commercials because I just knew I would love to workout with it.  I spend hours unsuccessfully surfing the web to identify this song.  This morning while editing a video, guess what song I already found in my library!!! LOL

OK off to do my thing probably with Alchemy of Motion.
(special thanks to a special friend who is identifying the music used by Alchemy of Motion)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ignoring the Idiots

As I have mentioned before, there are lots of toxic, unbalanced or just plain ignorant people online whom I try to avoid.  There is one woman on VF whom I have had on *ignore* for a very long time since it became clear she had several screws loose.  Most of the time, I did not even understand what she was talking about and eventually realized neither did she.  Unfortunately, she has remained fixated on me and still mentions me often in posts implying nothing but Bullshit about me.  It is obvious in all of her posts that she lives in an alternate universe or La La Land.  If she took one class or tried one video, she jumps to all sorts of distorted conclusions about the instructor or the style.  That is her loss.  However, this nasty habit of hers when applied to other people in the online community is just WRONG!

UPDATE:  the woman is no longer an issue on VF!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Free Trial Streams

Les Mills on Demand is offering a free 10 day trial.

also EMG is offering a FREE July 4th Weekend. 
(LB Kass, Plyojam, JeniFit Piloxing, Jersey Kick, and many other instructors and styles)

ETA:  I finally tried a Piloxing Jeni-fit routine and loved it!!!
Now have 27 of them to try LOL

Thursday, July 2, 2015


This morning youtube will not load and play any videos on either browser on either laptop.  Even Chrome seems sluggish, gmail iffy and Blogger took forever to load.
Ironically, Wellvideo works fine except for their embedded youtube videos LOL

This morning I did a couple of Jessica Smith edited files from her 5 mile Walk-On DVD and really enjoyed it, mostly moving to the beat my music with the moves she was demonstrating.  Really enjoyed it and got surprising breathless a few times.   Then I did the first song from one of Lucy's Soul Sweat Celebration (of gay marriage) videos which was quite nice.  The second song looks great for the bungee so will try that one tomorrow.

(hopefully this blog post will load LOL)

OK it seems Google is getting back to normal.
I have been discussing the future of WellVideo with one of its administrators and am hopeful.
Members can use author only storage or friend storage for more private storage.
Just have to find out what the exact storage space will be for private storage.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

No More Toxic People!!!!

WellVideo now has a block option so I no longer have to receive messages or friend requests from blocked people and they cannot see my profile, channel or videos.
Happy Happy Joy Joy

This morning I did a couple of edited files I will be sharing with friends.  Both were great on the Jumpsport 550 bungee.