Saturday, April 30, 2011


This morning I did the Jenny Craig 30 minute Beginner Walk It Off with Fitstix on and off the YogFlex then 15 minutes of the Body Gospel band workout and the standing part of Katami's ASAP ball workout. Finished with some Classical Stretch. Then I walked around the neighborhood looking at some garage sales. May return to one shortly to get a new airstepper, dvd and bands for $10 even though I already got an older model for $5 and had traded for the same dvd.

Then I saw that Jumpsport had released 3 rebounding dvds! So I caved and ordered the one that seemed to call my name the loudest which was *Bounce Camp*. If I like it alot, I may order *Body Bounce* eventually. The third one that uses a stability bar didn't interest me. They aren't cheap but probably a much better choice for me than any of the new Urban Rebounding Extreme workouts. I did like the music on the dvd that came with my bungee Jumpsport 370 Fitness Trampoline.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tues through Friday

I walked plenty on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Even used the treadmill at one of the hotels. This afternoon I did a spark from the beginner's Jenny Craig Walk It Off and bounced on the bungee a couple of times. The treadmill was soooo boring compared to my beloved bungee.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot Hula Pre-order almost over

If anyone orders the Hot Hula set, please use me (Barb S) as your referral. Thanks!!


This morning I finally revisited some of the Firm Cardio Core Fusion but substituted kettlebells for the weighted balls. Then I did some of Body Gospel's Core Revelation and Stretch. Finished with some of Lee Holden's Gigong standing chapters for both stress and lower back. Also did some of the sitting lower back which unfortunately made my lower back twinge! This often happens to me, exercises designed to help the lower back actually aggravate mine. Rolling on a tennis ball made it worse and MELT on a foam roller didn't seem to alleviate the twinges. Luckily Arnica gel seemed to have an effect. May try the Egoscue Inguinal stretch later.

Will be mostly walking the next few days and hopefully, the Walkfit Platinum inserts will help heal whatever got aggravated.

Forgot to mention that I actually liked some of the moves in Core Revelation! Normally, I hate floor/mat stuff.

Staehle Part Series giveaway

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Happy Bunny Day

This morning, I hopped along with the cardio and used XCOs for the strength in Strength & Spirit's 2nd half then did the second half of 10 Minute solutions Kettlebell dvd then did Lee Holden's standing upper back routine.
My workouts almost looked like a basket of Easter eggs cuz my tv screen has weird colored lower corners now (sometimes green, sometimes red) so think it is about to die. Have a spare tv in the garage which I will be ready to switch to when it becomes too annoying. First noticed it when Michael Carson in Body Gospel looked green LOL

ETA: I love the internet! I read that the tv screen discoloration was an exposure to something magnetic so I simply moved my vcr and dvd player away from the tv and voila! The colors are normal again. Wish all problems were so easily solved.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


This morning I was playing some tunes I had downloaded on the puter and did some bungee bouncing and recumbent bike riding before heading downstairs to do the rest of Gospel Glory and the upper body chapter of the 10 minute solutions Kettlebell dvd. Finished with some Classical Stretch and the standing chapter of Lee Holden's Lower Back Qigong dvd.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday BG & Hot Hula

Did the first half of Body Gospel Strength & Spirit and really liked the short cardio intervals on the rebounder. Used homemade XCOs for the strength but will use bands attached to the rebounder next time. Then I did some of the 10 minute solution Kettlebell work and finished with Classical Stretch (am starting the third season that I had recorded years ago).

I am trying hard not to do a whole Body Gospel workout in one session because I seem to be hungrier since getting this set and don't want to make the mistake of workingout harder and/or longer after finally lowering my setpoint.

Well after being totally motivated by Body Gospel, I jumped on the Hot Hula bandwagon!!
Even registered as a referral (Barb S as my nickname).
You can see some of a clip at

or check out Anna-rita's website
The 3 dvds are just ~$30 till May 1st when the pre-order ends then the set will jump $10 in price

I should mention that I ordered the Beachbody Body Gospel through totalfitnessdvds Beachbody site

Thursday, April 21, 2011


This morning I did the first 25 minutes of Body Gospel's Gospel Glory then levels 2(Jillian) and 3(Kim) of Biggest Loser Cardio Max with music only. Did much of the above on the YogFlex and added Fitstix for Kim's kickboxing. Sweated plenty and finished with Classical Stretch. Am very happy with the Body Gospel moves and music.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This morning I did the rest of Body Revival then the rest of Power & Praise (I may be messing up the titles LOL). The Power & Praise is definitely AWT with a band and had a sneaky cardio bonus without bands after the planks and before the stretch which I almost missed! Sweated like crazy. Really liked all of the above except do not think the band handles are compatible with the wrists for planks. Also Donna often starts a move with the right foot and doesn't always do the same move starting on the left so I just alternate the sides on my own.

Really am very pleased with this set.
Think is is landing solidly in my top 10, maybe even top 5 but time will tell.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday to Tuesday

Sunday and Monday I walked over 20,000 paces.

Soon after returning home on Tuesday, I did a 13 minute spark from Body Gospel's Body Revival. This set really has fun moves and great music :)

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday & Body Gospel

I started my workout this morning with *Body Gospel Live!* and found it to be a cardio interval workout. Donna shows a move with varying impacts and arms to add intensity then a second move then puts them together. I did the *together* segments on the YogFlex. I started pooping about 22 minutes into the 30 minutes but continued and really loved the routine around the 26 minute mark!

During this workout, I noticed alot of similarities between the effect of the music and the intensity building to that of Kukuwa's new Adult & Youth *Move Your Boombsey* series so if anyone likes the cardio style of either instructor, will probably like the other. Main difference being Donna is quieter in the Louder music option but I do love Kukuwa's personality so do not mind hearing her. All dvds by both also are chaptered by songs and each song has a different routine. Music-wise, I love moving to both African and Gospel but probably prefer African. Also Kukuwa has more unique movements as does Nia so Kukuwa and Nia have no danger of being dethroned as my favorite workouts by Body Gospel. However, Body Gospel may be challenging my Richard Simmons and Rockin Body stuff. Obviously, music is a huge factor in my workout preferences. If Andrea Metcalf's Keeping Fit had louder music, it would be a contender. Speedbody because of its music is also a contender as is Kathy Smith's Kettlebell dvd with Music only. If I were to base my collection on moves alone, Fitstix Fusion may be my #1. In fact, if I could do Music Only on all of the Fitstix workouts, they would probably become my top favorites. I love to use the upper body and core more while keeping footwork simple. Plus simple footwork usually means having the option of using a rebounder.

Then I did *Sweat & Sculpt* which is the bonus dvd when ordering through Beachbody (or in my case totalfitnessdvds Beachbody site). Not a bad band workout but would have been a band favorite if it had the louder music option. At least Donna was not as screechy and didn't overuse her catch phrases. However, the music was barely audible. The effect was similar to that of the Core Transformer but the Core Transformer workout definitely is tougher.

Finished with *Sweat in the Spirit* which was a very pleasant surprise. I hate stretching but this felt more like a Classical Stretch warmup which I love. :) Can use this one as a warmup, cooldown or even spark cuz had a light aerobic feel to it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday and still Moving My Boombsey

This morning I did some of the Exercise TV (Chris Freytag) Shape & Walk after warming up on the bungee. Used Fitstix during the cardio and homemade XCOs during the weights then switched to a kettlebell for the deadlifts/rows. Then treated myself to just the first two songs of Kukuwa's Adult Intermediate workout and actually did it without a rebounder or Fitstix and still absolutely lurved it. It really works the whole body and the music and moves are so much fun that I am sweating and working really hard without even noticing it. Finished with some Classical Stretch.

ETA: Body Gospel arrived today! Did the first 10 minutes of the first workouts on Disc 1 and Disc 2 and really loved most of it. The moves are great and the music on loud drowns out Donna Richardson. I got burnt out on her and her catch phrases like *I got your back* doing her workouts too often. However, the first song on Disc 2 was a bit too Christian for this Jewish Goldilocks and the bands didn't seem to be as effective as they should have been even though the rest of the music and moves seem *Just Right*.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Official! Plateau has ended

It's official!
My Neverending plateau has ended!!!!!

I checked back on my measurements and have maintained lower hips, thigh and waist measurements than the lowest I had recorded for almost a full month now. Think I have lost about ~5 pounds in 2 months. The numbers still seem to be creeping downwards instead of bouncing straight back to my plateau lower limit like they did soon after the only other 3 times the measurements ever really dipped almost this low in the past 12 years.
I believe 2 or 3 things have been working together:
(1) son's intent to eat less fat and more fiber has given me an ally in our meal preparations and choices (lots of beans, beans, and more beans which sounds like a song from *Into the Woods*LOL)
(2) the bungee being in the living room has enabled me do several short intense sparks throughout the day
(3) managing my pain, avoiding pain triggers, and getting decent sleep most nights

My morning workouts have been shorter (40 to 60 minutes) but I move until I feel comfortably *done*. I am trying not to change anything drastically like I have in the past like suddenly adding more duration or intensity.
My appetite has been good but very controllable.

So if this continues several more months, I may have to rename my blog!

ETA: This morning I did the second half of Chris Freytag's Shape Up then level one of Biggest Loser Cardio Max and finished with some Classical Stretch. Used the YogFlex and Fitstix with Chris and a 3lb KB (Kathy Smith's) and 2lb homemade XCOs with Bob. Also used bands I have attached to an old weight machine as an anchor for standing pushups, elbow planks on the YogFlex, and some of the lunges on the tilted Bodyburner.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This morning I warmed up on the bungee with jumprope moves then revisited some Exercise TV stuff, especially the Chris Freytag's Shape Up Walk with Fitstix then used a kettlebell for single dumb bell moves then homemade XCO trainers for double dumb bell moves.

Meanwhile, I did free up a few vhs tapes for my HOB Big Love final season taping marathon when we get free HBO through FIOS this weekend.

ETA: Forgot to mention that I didn't gain any weight or girth while in AC! Plateau is seemingly in the past or will just have a lower setpoint.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday to Tuesday (special thanks to The Borgata)

Sunday was a banner day in AC thanks to The Borgata's April Showers promotion. Just needed a player's card in a slot machine when a random hourly *Shower* struck to get $$ into your card account that could be downloaded in any of their machines to play. Regular players got a $10 download each time and Black Label players $20. If you could time your meals and bathroom trips just right or have somebody watch that your card stayed in the machine, that's $100 a day of downloads ($200 for Black Label) for all 10 *Showers*. Lucky me, I even picked winning machines! OK we did miss a couple of the *Showers* because we had special coupon books to pick up elsewhere. But then again, maybe I would have picked losing machines during those hours.

So I decided when I got home today to cave and order the Beachbody Donna Richardson Body Gospel workouts that had been on my wishlist a very long time. A VFer described this set as the perfect Goldilocks workout, not too hard and not too easy so sounded just right for me. Plus I love Gospel music. Ironically, it cost almost exactly what the first red flag in our oil company agreement cost so contesting that charge led us to other discounts on the system. Seemed like karma to me.

Did plenty of walking in AC but wouldn't be surprised if I am back up in my plateau range cuz the food was so darn good this trip that it was very hard to resist. Had to keep my strength up for those *Showers*!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


This morning, I did the first 7 rounds of Contenders Club Speedbody on the rebounder, wearing the Shadowboxer belt till the medball stuff. With alittle tweaking I could do most of Bob's dumb bell stuff with the bands on the belt. Then the rest of Rock It Out with homemade XCOs and the rest of Yodates standing workout.

Each afternoon, I have been doing a spark on the bungee in the living room with various vhs. It is really nice not worrying about the low basement ceiling!

Friday, April 8, 2011


This morning, I warmed up on the bungee in the living room to Gin Miller's *Intense Moves* which is a step interval workout, healthbouncing through most of the warmup stretches. Then I did some more of Kari Anderson's *Moving Up* mixed impact floor aerobics in the basement, mostly on my ReboundAIR and using Fitstix. Both of these vhs were very rebounder friendly and *Moving Up* is great with Fitstix. Couldn't help but compare how both vhs were so much better on the rebounders than the moves shown on the URX clips. Then I did the standing part of Keeping Fit Pilates which used a band for the upper body then plies for the lower body and finished with some stretching.

URX Rant

JB Berns/Urban Rebounding just released a series of 13 high intensity dvds with several well known instructors called Urban Rebounding Extreme (URX).

Most of what I have seen on the clips for these at Totalfitnessdvds makes most of the moves seem intended for use with a step or BOSU, not a rebounder. The rebounder is being used more as a prop than for bouncing. I don't know if it is because these professionals lack experience rebounding and/or if it was JB's directions but most of these workouts have very little rebounding in them and lots of dangerous stunts. Stunts that even a circus acrobat would find challenging, let alone a home exerciser new to rebounding. The whole point of a rebounder IMHO is to pump lymph and move safely. Of course, an extra bonus is fun. As far as burning calories, I find my comfortable bungee very intense with the simplest of movements. In fact, switching to my bungee saved my feet because I was getting more and more foot pain while using a UR in spite of mostly healthbouncing and rarely going completely airborne.

When I first started rebounding, I used Gay Gasper's Fatburning for Dummies workout alot because her higher impact options worked great on the rebounder. Gay Gasper's dvds looked the most like real rebounding to me but most of her moves that I would do are already on other videos. My prediction is that these are going to sell like hot cakes to intensity fans for the first month then show up used on Amazon or on the VF trading exchange like crazy because the total series price will be too tempting to resist if anyone wants to try just a few of them. Sadly, it seems most who are interested in these workouts do not know how to modify much and have been letting their rebounders collect dust when they could have been modifying dozens of workouts already in their collection to the rebounder. Many non specific rebounder workouts would be more do-able than these URX workouts and with less modifying. Worse yet, some exercisers are considering getting a rebounder just to try Extreme Rebounding!

I strongly believe these all have way too many dangerous stunts in them but if you are determined to try these URX workouts:

Remember to order several tubes of Arnica Gel and keep a tube near your rebounder.

Never do these when home alone just in case you have a really bad injury.

If your only choice is to workout home alone, keep your cell phone handy.

If you have a spring cover on your rebounder, remove it.

Please do not go too heavy with hand weights because the GForce will make those seemingly light enough weights have a very heavy effect on your joints.

I was disappointed in the original series of videos from JB but they look alot safer compared to this series. Both series released way too many individual workouts at once with the original offering 20 vhs workouts for $20 each, now available on 4 or 5 compilation dvds. Both series made the mistake of overkill with repetitive music and moves that are not joint friendly. Both series did not offer healthbouncing modifications for those new to rebounding or who would prefer this safer option of bouncing. Another negative about Extreme Rebounding is that many folks just do not have the workout area needed to do them. To do these moves as shown, you need alot of room around the rebounder and a very high ceiling. In our living room, my less than average height son has hit the ceiling with his fingertips just doing jumping jacks on the rebounder.

The only plus side I can see in them is that it may open some people's eyes of how they can modify other step, BOSU, kickbox, and boot camp style workouts to the rebounder. Too bad, these professional instructors couldn't show more sensible adaptations. The down side is it will turn people away from using a rebounder as did JB's original series of videos. Cannot imagine people new to rebounding seeing this URX infomercial and trying these workouts with no previous experience exercising, let alone rebounding.

Now, my biggest question is why so many well known instructors stayed involved with this dangerous project? You can actually see the fear on Kelli Roberts' face. Do they really want at home exercisers, some of whom are huge fans of theirs, doing these workouts? Or were they offered just to many dollars to refuse? Will there be a class action suit against Urban Rebounding, JB Berns and possibly even these instructors down the road? Is there a doctor who is acquainted with these workouts that would give their blessing to their patients to do them? Just as Biggest Loser scares people away from exercise implying that it has to be intense to be effective, many novices to exercising or rebounding will get turned off by Extreme Rebounding, even if they do not suffer an injury. Who exactly are the target audience for these workouts?

I have been part of a checkin at VF for a very long time called *Rebounding Plus*. We had decided to change the name and focus of our checkin next month to something like *Moving to Feel Good*. Perfect timing because I do not want anyone who tries rebounding to misuse a rebounder, causing pain instead of avoiding pain. As careful as I have been with my body, I have made mistakes but am still exercising regularly at the age of 62 while many who have thrown caution to the wind and ignored twinging or early signs of possible joint damage are still suffering from chronic injuries that could have been avoided. Will be skipping this band wagon rather than risk breaking a wheel.

ETA: The new checkin is *Just Right*.

The URX series is actually 14 dvds and now $10 cheaper including an Urban Rebounder for free! This has made alot of people who bought early pretty angry. Bad business driving away your most ardent fans.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


This morning I did the second mile of John Abdo's Fatblaster then some of Kari Anderson's Moving Up, the second half of Kathy Smith's Kettlebell Fatburning chapter and finished with Classical Stretch. Moving Up alternated a band for toning and aerobics. The aerobic moves and music felt like one of my favorite old vhs Cardio Rock.

DH is on Jury Duty today and am hoping he is finished after today because we have to pay a shiva call to my cousins whose mom finally joined their dad and my parents. Our parents were very close. We are getting by with just one car right now while our other car has been stranded in our driveway with a broken belt, waiting for our nephew to remove it. He is a mechanic and we offered the car to him instead of fixing it and trading it in for a new car. It has no air conditioner so worthless to me. A new air conditioner would cost almost as much as its worth for trade in. Not quite ready to deal with car salesmen after our recent experience with the oil company:( Still not sure if we want to keep our working car or trade it in. Depends which size car we select.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This morning, I did the first mile from John Abdo's Walkabdobics Inside Track/Metabolic Stimulator then the first mile from his FatBlaster. Used Fitstix for Inside Track but found Fatblaster intense enough without them. Much preferred everything about Fatblaster (its warmup, louder music and more creative moves using imagery). Then I did half of Kathy Smith's Kettlebell Fatburning workout which I am still liking an awful lot and finished with Classical Stretch.

Finally got a good night's sleep last night in spite of my disappointment in the oil company's owner's attitude. DH is taking over the negotiations from now on. On the plus side, the house heated much more evenly and quieter this morning :)

ETA: Got a phone call from the head of service of the oil company who let us know that our main 2 demands were met so negotiations are completed. Probably still overpaid and had unnecessary stress but at least, the house is quietly, quickly, and evenly heating so overall am satisfied. Thanks to an obvious blunder by the sales rep which was the first red flag of many, we saved $250 with a discount we would have otherwise missed as well as received free vents on all radiators that needed one and got a break on the repair job for the radiator with a leaky valve. Never did get a complete breakdown of material and labor like I would have preferred, still suspecting there were some other errors made in determining our cost but it was a reasonable compromise for both us and them. I was prepared to report them to the Better Business Bureau for false advertising if denied the $250 discount which we clearly qualified for. LOL DH found the flyer we got last summer offering the discount by accident because he was using it as scrap paper for the numbers of various racetracks when he called for race results. Otherwise, this flyer would have been tossed into the trash long ago! From now on, all correspondence from the oil company will be put into a folder in my possession.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tues and want oil boiler upgrade done!!!

all I did this morning was the second half of Dance-X cuz expecting a service man from fuel company for a valve replacement and repitching of a problematic radiator as well as free vent replacements for 5 other radiators. Darn radiator valve had been leaking since even before we bought the house almost 26 years ago! Previous people did a quick fix patch that didn't solve the problem. At least the oil company will be charging a very reasonable fee for a job that will take several hours. Still haven't receive the mysterious call from the owner of the company. She may be waiting till all of our work is done. Meanwhile, received an advertisement for 15% off heating upgrading so maybe she'll consider that discount and/or the Buyer's Club $250 discount off equipment I found recently if not already figured into her proposal. We paid $25 to join the buyer's club and prepaid for oil for this season. Good move cuz believe oil prices went much higher.

I would like to get this oil stuff all done with but now will be hoping to get another 2 seasons out of our underground tank before converting to gas (decided against tank insurance cuz too many loopholes and will hope just to get a NJ grant if contamination is found)

ETA: well got the call from the owner of the oil company and very disappointed in her attitude. She seemed to defend the salesman and offered nothing. Found her a bit condescending. Caught her off guard with an extra charge for a part on the revised contract that she assumed was missing from the original contract but wasn't. Thankfully, I didn't toss the original in the garbage as instructed by the sales rep. We had xeroxed both contracts and sent them to the engineer who had asked for copies of them after we showed them to him. Also caught her off guard with a $250 Buyers Club discount we clearly qualified for and weren't offered. Tried to weasel her way out saying that the offer may have expired but it says it was good from 9/1/2010 till 5/31/2011 right on the publication and we charged the club membership and prepaid oil on our credit card in August 2010. She did weasel her way out of the current 15% off promotion saying it was effective for off season only. Heck we missed the start of the offer by 2 stinkin weeks!

Ironically, I received a letter today saying I won their survey lottery and am getting 50 gallons of oil free LOL

Monday, April 4, 2011


Got up early so worked out early to avoid being interrupted by oil company calls, expecting calls from the engineer who will be directly handling our account from now on and the owner of the company today. Cannot help but wonder if that sales rep will be retrained or allowed to continue his misleading BS. I don't think one true statement came out of his mouth in the whole negotiation! One would think he works for a snake oil company rather than an established fuel oil company. Thank goodness the service people do what they know to be best rather than rely on the sales rep's order.

I did the first half of DanceX and wonder why I don't do it more often cuz it is both Fitstix and rebounder friendly with good music and some interesting unique moves. Just too many workouts! Then I did some of Yodates and finished with some Lee Creighs Strength in Balance using a chiball and stability ball. Think next time will use a lightly weighted ball instead of my weightless chiball.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

This morning I got sidetracked with reorganizing my workouts so only did some of Gin's 29 minute step workout with Fitstix, on the ReboundAIR some of the time and using a step some of the time. Then I did some of the lower body on Kathy Smith's Kettlebell dvd and finished with alittle Chi Yoga.

Just before lunch, I had the real workout of the day. After our neighbor showed DH how to remove all of the radiator covers, I vacuumed all of the radiators with a shop vac (casino gift) to be ready for vent replacements this week. Haven't worked this intensely in a very long time!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jillian's ripped in 30 giveaway at Huff and Buff

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two belles fitness Dozois giveaway

the new Two Belles Fitness blog is having a giveaway for Michelle Dozois Ultimate workout dvd


Back from spending my birthday in AC, coming home with an extra $6 LOL. Just got my first social security check :) and it does look like I may have to rename my blog because the measurements are still going downwards even after eating in AC for a few days, mostly buffets. Will not repeat the mistakes I have made in the past of adding longer and/or more intense workouts. I believe a large part of the solution was having my son join me in healthier eating to lower his LDL.

Am still expecting the oil company next week to change some radiator vents and to fix a leaky valve as well as a call from its owner/President. Will be removing the covers today with the help of our handyman neighbor who is DH's racetrack buddy and vacuuming dust in preparation of the new vents being installed. Ironically, the one vent that got changed (our hisser) is no longer sending up any heat!. The new vent may have clogged because set too low.

Will add my workout later.

ETA: Weird but having the bungee in the living room is making me do more standing stuff off any rebounder during my morning workout in our basement and I am enjoying the change. Still hop on the ReboundAIR for higher impact but only do steady bouncing in short spurts on the bungee throughout the day. I warmed up with the first half of the cardio from 7 Day Solution then did Kathy Smith's Kettlebell Upper Body chapter. Finally revisited Chi Yoga made by the Chiball people and really liked the Tai Chi warmup, Chi Kung routine and some of the 4th routine (yoga poses). Skip the third routine cuz Sun Salutations. Much of the workouts seemed like a a Nia and Yodates fusion.