Monday, December 31, 2012

Fun Fun Fun

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to Blanche Black's Bouncin in the House but just did the first week short routine.  Then I did Kukuwa's Tween routine on her Youth DVD,  some on the bungee and/or with Fitstix.   Then I did the Easy Aerobics to which I added MUsic on the bungee and WOW, was I ever into it! LOL
It was a real Party in a Box :)

ETA: Today's spark was the first cardio block in Bellyfit Elements Water which didn't click for me as well as the first cardio block in Fire.  Neither the moves nor the music were as much fun for me.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kudos to the Brave

I do have to mention that every workout instructor I have contacted about placing a sample of their current work or full versions of their OOP stuff on youtube have been totally supportive.  Even if I had the appearance (and youth) to make a workout video, myself, my skin simply isn't thick enough to handle the negative reactions of some people.  These heroes are really brave to expose themselves and usually lose more money than they make on these ventures.  Just wanted to thank them for sharing their talent and passion with the world.  When I find a new work of art in the form of a dvd workout, I prefer to buy it directly from its creator to help finance future work.  It is their blood, sweat and tears going into their projects so I am willing to pay a few more dollars.  Yes, I have been burnt overpaying for some workouts I wouldn't have brought into my home for free but it is worth the risk for the treasures I do find.

As a spark yesterday I tried some of Bellyfit Fire and really liked it!

ETA: This morning I did some of Angie Miller's Absolute Beginners on the bungee with Fitstix and my own MUsic then Michelle Dozois Next Move Total Body with my heavier Zumba stix and finished with some more of Nia Awareness of Spine.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


This morning I did a Leslie using bands attached to the shoes and still used the bungee a bit with it. It was the second mile from a set with Leslie doing two of the miles with bands which I found on youtube and then added my own MUsic.  Again the MUsic kept me MUving but I haven't uploaded this routine and its MUsic to youtube because I am afraid to upload anything with Leslie Sansone in case Gaiam owns it.  I have been deleting any videos which may draw any copyright complaints because the not so kind people from Zumba gave me a copyright strike for videos that are totally not available for sale, even though there are plenty of more current Zumba sets on youtube.  I can only upload short videos for the next 6 months which makes uploading more tedious.

To add insult to injury, a subscriber complained about a video I uploaded to youtube because the MUsic replaced the original's cuing.  All they had to do was search the channel and they would have found the same video with its original audio which I had also bothered to upload in this particular case.  Do not expect me to bother uploading anymore videos I am not planning to do myself on youtube with this ridiculous size restriction.

I started uploading videos to youtube for my own use and at first, I didn't make any youtube uploads public because somebody criticized the MUsic I had added to a workout on my blog.  Then I decided I would share my uploads with those who also appreciated MUsic.   I have spent alot of time uploading stuff with original audio I am not even going to use myself and do not get any compensation for my efforts.  To criticize my MUsic additions which was the original intent of my youtube channel is just rude.

ETA: It was my generous nature that got me the strike on youtube because I obviously own those workouts I was attempting to share and really didn't need them to be uploaded to youtube for my own use.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Free Advertising

I have many dvds with instructors who are not as well known as those sold by large online workout distributors so created a new Playlist showing samples of their workouts and offering information about their online stores.  In most cases, I was given direct permission to use these samples online.

Also my totally OOP Zumbas (Rapidos and Kelloggs Special K videos) drew a copyright strike, even though nobody can buy them through Zumba anymore. In fact, two of them were only offered on VHS! Because of that strike,  I have to keep my uploaded videos under 15 minutes for the next 6 months. Also I have to be extra careful not to draw anymore strikes.  It is rather odd how there are current Zumba sets uploaded on the internet but I cannot show totally Out-Of-Print material?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I will be revisiting Kukuwa the next couple of days

Clips of Kukuwa's newest dvds can be found in her store

You can also purchase Her dvds through her Amazon store

ETA: I also will be uploading short clips of Kukuwa's newest dvds and more info soon.

This morning I did Kukuwa's Intermediate workout on her *Move your Boombsey: Adults* dvd, on and off the bungee.  Of course, I didn't match its intensity but it is easy to modify downwards and you do catch a glimpse of the gal in yellow & black doing lower impact to help.  I am posting a sample of the first two songs so you can get a sampling of their moves and music.
The dvd is nicely chaptered with two separate workouts and instructions for both Intermediate/Beginners and Advanced workouts.  Also you can skip forward or back, song to song, within each workout.  Each song has its own routine. You use your whole body in these, including the core. I prefer to keep the feet rather still on the bungee and focus on the upper body and core.

Intermediate Adults Sample:

After Kukuwa, I did more of Cramped Quarters for the lower body.

Here's a sample of the Advanced Adults workout:

Here's a sample of the Kids workout on the Move Your Boombsey Youth dvd:

Tweens sample:

Teens Sample:

These samples were approved by Kukuwa.

Merry Christmas

This morning I did some of Gin Miller's Cramped Quarters on the bungee then the Leslie Sansone Mile 1 to which I had added MUsic from Bombay Dreams which I really enjoyed on and off the bungee with Fitstix.  This Mile 1 with some of the Bombay Dreams soundtrack has not and will not be uploaded to youtube.

There are plenty of low impact workouts already uploaded on my channel.  With close to 400 videos already uploaded, you should be able to find something there every day of the year to enjoy.
Just peek at all of the playlists.  Even the Fitstix playlist with MUsic added offers great alternatives to Leslie.
My youtube channel's main focus is for me to have access to Out-Of-Print workouts with added MUsic which do not draw copyright blocks.  There's plenty of even newer Leslies on youtube if you search for them on other channels which have escaped any copyright disputes.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Deleted Videos on filemail

I had to delete all of the recent Leslie Sansone videos because Gaiam had them blocked on youtube.

I will not be uploading anymore Leslie Sansone videos to youtube because some are going on to compilation dvds with Gaiam's licensing and can compromise my youtube account.

Waiting and Waiting

We are expecting UPS to deliver son's new laptop today (his first pc for his bedroom) so I couldn't workout in our basement where I may not hear the doorbell.  We'll probably get it after 5PM after waiting all day and staying home so we can sign for it.

First I did Leslie Sansone's Holiday Walk second segment because the 1st and 3rd wouldn't play on our HDTV Youtube app so I am guessing it blocks all copyrighted material, not just the videos blocked in Germany.  Bummer :(
This 4 Mile Weightloss Workout done in Leslie's living room is so much better than her newer same old moves over and over again stuff IMHO.  Have to wonder why she gave up being more creative.  Do not understand how so many fans have so many of her workouts that all seem to sound the same.  Anywho I may add new music to 4 Mile Weightloss after the holidays since it is my favorite Leslie for its variety of movements.

Then I did some of the Caribbean Calypso workout.

Today's project so far will be Michelle Dozois Walk Your Way Slim because I always liked the moves but needed different MUsic.  Then may share some lesser known workouts I liked which many vidiots may have missed.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Almost Forgot

Almost forgot to share what I did today.
This morning I did the Merry Christmas BuffGirl, Irish NextMove Lower Body, and various vhs sparks to see which I may try to capture.  Used the bungee a bit as well as my heavier Zumba toning stix.

Adding MUsic

So many workouts with boring music and/or annoying chatter are greatly improved when adding music.

I wish I could say adding music is simple but I use Windows Movie Maker to add the songs and it can be tricky. Not only can I add as many songs as I want but I can choose where to begin the next song. 

Freemake Video Converter will add only one song at a time. 
A simple solution would be to rip a whole soundtrack you like from a whole youtube video with Freemake by converting the download to MP3 then using that whole MP3 file as your audio on another video.
(If you download Freemake Video Converter from
you can refuse the extra software programs in the download by unchecking their boxes.)

If there is a song you do not like, you can download the video, trim the video to remove the song then convert the video to MP3.  
Also you can remove the previous audio from a video file by choosing *no audio* from the audio drop down menu if you want to completely remove the chatter before adding your own music.

An even simpler trick, if you are actually workingout to a streamed video or dvdr, just mute it and play your own music while working out.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nia Awareness of Spine

The Nia online class Awareness of Spine is posted on their blog and can be downloaded with Realplayer at
Nia Class Video - Awareness of Spine | Nia | A sensory-based movement practice that leads to health, wellness and fitness

Leslie Sansone

I am not a fan of Leslie Sansone unless I add MUsic to her workouts.

Oh Well

So after doing the WeightWatcher Next Move Cardio Core with MUsic added, I decided to do the third segment of Leslie's 4 mile routine to which I had added Holiday MUsic because Cardio Core was too similar to Buffgirl.  Used the bungee on and off with both routines and Fitstix as well as one of my heavier Zumba Stix with the Holiday Walk.  The heavier Zumba stix were a surprise Hanuka gift from two special VFers.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays

I just had to share this one with y'all.
Hope to do Merry Christmas Buffgirl  myself tomorrow:

MUsic again to the Rescue

This morning my workout was really dragging till I ended it with a Jessica Smith Toning Walk with a band to which I had added MUsic, again proving MUsic is what makes me MUve:

Anywho, I started the workout with the first Cardio from Angie Gorr's Custom 3 Fit 50/50 Cardio & Weights which did work well on the bungee then did the second cardio from Angie Miller's Absolute Beginner's which had mostly moves seen in a zillion other workouts so didn't click like the third cardio had for me yesterday.  I really needed MUsic added for this one.  Then I did some of the weights on Miller's Strength & Core Fusion before finishing with Jessica.

Will not be uploading to youtube in the coming days, focusing on editing and adding MUsic to dvd chapters available retail for my own personal use.  I just cannot get into most workouts without MUsic lately.  Unfortunately, I'm stuck with the soundtracks on the vhs that I cannot capture.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Plyorobics Challenge

I had to remove the 2 Zumbando Kellogg's workouts and the 2 Zumba Rapidos because of copyright infringement, even though those routines are not available for sale.... bummer.

My first youtube copyright strike :(

Leslie Alternative!

I am totally burnt out on Leslie Sansone so I was excited to find a perfect alternative in *Absolute Beginners Cardio & Strength Training Workout for Seniors with Angie Miller*.
This dvd should have been marketed as a walking workout for EVERYONE.

This morning I started with the WeightWatchers' Next Move Ultimate Cardio with Michelle Dozois and found it didn't hold my attention or make me feel like moving for the first 10 minutes though it improved in the second half.  First half moves were way too repetitive for me.  Then I popped in Angie's dvd expecting more of the same and was pleasantly surprised.  The moves are rebounder and Fitstix friendly and not overly repetitive.  Finished with some band work on another Angie DVD: Strength & Core Fusion.

I uploaded the WeightWatcher's Next Move Ultimate Cardio with and without added MUsic to youtube.  Hopefully the MUsic will keep me moving next time.  I did like the Next Move Lower Body which I did as a spark last evening.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Switching Equipment instead of DVD Players

This morning I started with Caribbean Rebounding to great MUsic
then did some of the standing part of Body Lift with Liz Gilles.

Finished with Ellen's 10 minute Walk with MUsic and used my Fitstix:

Because of the Play Station2 annoying stutter while using the bungee in the living room, I switched to the basement for the other two routines and decided to switch the bungee back to the basement so I can enjoy my MUsic more without the PS2 stutter and LOUDER instead of just switching the PS2 with the den dvd player.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cardio ShapeUp Walk

This morning I did the Chris Freytag Walking Cardio ShapeUp which was on Exercise TV but I added mostly Broadway MUsic to it and really enjoyed it!  My MUsic added video wasn't uploaded to youtube because the routine is on a dvd which is available retail:
Walking Cardio Shape Up Max.

I used my bungee, heavier Zumba Stix and Fitstix.

Here's the original:

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ellen 30 min Walk

This morning I did Ellen's 30 minute Walk from the Weight Watcher's kit.  I had added MUsic to it and it was the MUsic that kept me moving. I did some of Ellen's moves but then did more of my own moves, some on the bungee, some with a single heavier Zumba stix and some with Fitstix.  I kept moving for 30 minutes and really enjoyed the music.  I was quite surprised how good I was feeling during and after the workout because I woke up feeling out of sorts.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Busy Little Beaver -Me

This morning I did some of Blanche Black's Bouncing in the House on the bungee then some of Ellen's SELF Slim and Sleek Fast.  Neither have been or will be uploaded to youtube till no longer available retail.

I have been replacing workout video audio tracks and uploading to youtube like crazy.  Mostly uploading out of print VHS and a couple of workout TV shows with and without MUsic added. Some of my MUsic added videos are not being uploading to youtube because the original footage is still available on dvd.
I am also trying to not only organize the videos into playlists but also tagging them with key words so a channel search can find specific videos because there are so many videos uploaded.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ooops I Did It Again

I started out well doing the 3rd mile with MUsic added of Leslie's 123 Super Fatburner on the bungee while wearing my tubing belt, really getting into the African MUsic and giving the moves a few tweaks, making it feel like a Kukuwa Walk.

Then started doing the Greenday Play Ball using my new heavier Zumba Toning Sticks/stix.  Am finding them definitely the best sliding filler option in my arsenal.  One feels even heavier than 2 Fitstix.  Best of all, my joints haven't complained since using them like regular dumb bells.  Between holding them in the center or with two hands on either end, they are much more comfortable than any XCO trainer could be.

Anywho when taking a laundry break, started looking for a workout or two I wanted to do soon and wound up looking for over an hour without finding either.  I think it slipped somewhere out of sight :(

I am refocusing my vhs capturing to saving videos I have dubbed on to vhs which will not be uploaded to youtube because their dvds are still selling retail.  Many are from TV broadcasts because I still record on vhs, not having a dvr.  Ironically, my capture device works better than a few of my vcrs so I may as well capture and burn my favorites to dvdr while I can.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Very Exciting Day so far

I found out Ellen Barrett shared my Zen Sculpt youtube upload on her Facebook page so we became friends and I posted the Slo-robics youtube and the filemail links.  She doesn't have footage of her earlier stuff but seems supportive of me uploading more OOP Ellen footage so there is more Ellen coming.

I have been reorganizing my playlists so they flow better and my channel is starting to almost have a life of its own.   Youtube has allowed me to post most workouts larger than 15 minutes up to 2 gigs with very little blocking except for Germany.  Some old vhs footage actually look better on youtube than on my captured from vhs video files.  Many of my vhs were on the verge of becoming unusable so youtube has been a real Godsend.

This morning I finished Donna Richardson's Sweating to the Spirit on the bungee then finished the original NIA then did some of Mary Kay's mile on the bungee holding both heavier toning sticks then just one, adding my own moves to the MUsic like figure8s/infinity arms.  The heavier Zumba stick is very comfortable to use as a single weight holding the ends.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sweating then really Sweating

This morning I did some more Sweating in the Spirit, mostly on the bungee and sometimes holding my new heavier Zumba Toning Sticks.  Then I did some more of the original NIA workout which I couldn't upload to youtube but may try again because it just feels so good and produces alot of Sweat!

Ever since my last doctor's visit when it was confirmed I had gained a couple of pounds over the year, I decided to stop the trend and have become more careful about eating since I have to eat something every two hours or I feel hypoglycemic.  I have dropped 4 pounds in under 3 weeks so will keep doing what I have been doing.  Still having my chocolate, just smaller portions of everything each meal and minimal empty calories. Key word being Fiber.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I just received a surprise Hanuka gift from 2 other vidiots!

I am now the proud owner of a pair of the heavier Zumba Toning Sticks!
No more homemade XCOs made out of large potato chip cans,
luckily before one of them opened spilling rock salt and pennies all over the place.

They are so much nicer to hold too.

I cannot take all of the credit for what I upload to youtube and share on the blog. There are many other VideoFitness fans and former TaeBo fans who have contributed to my content and kept me moving and collecting.
So thank you all for sharing
and a special THANKS to the two Secret Hanuka Santas.

I also want to thank you guys for helping me to lose a couple of extra pounds by running up and down 2 flights of stairs to get workouts to capture on my laptop throughout the day.

Played Ball

This morning I warmed up with a fun Zumba youtube routine on the bungee

then I did the medicine ball segment of Sarah City's Kimberly Spreen Play Ball which I believe is OOP so may upload at least that chapter to youtube after trying MUsic with it.
Right now I am working on an OOP Leslie Sansone vhs 123Mile Supoer Fatburner.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fit TV Ellen Barrett Episodes

Fit TV was replaced when OWN took over.  It had a series called All Star Workouts which also was broadcasted on Discovery Health for awhile.  Ellen Barrett who has a huge fan base did two episodes:Zen Sculpt and Slo-robics, both of which are not available to all of her fans.

Well, put a few workout vidiots together and Voila!
I just got finished doing the upright portion of Slo-robics streamed from youtube on my HDTV and really enjoyed it!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Misty's Healthvest

Awhile ago, Misty was considering producing workouts for the Healthvest which never came to fruition.
Unfortunately, my youtube account has been closed but I may upload some to my blog with Misty's permission.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

World Dance Capoeira WO

Dance Capoeira Workout dvd with Paula Verdino for those who are curious about this dvd, it is available at
I liked the warm up but otherwise, much prefer CapoFlex which is available at collagevideo.

DR and Nia

This morning I started revisiting the original Donna Richardson Sweating in the Spirit which I had finally found in my ridiculously huge workout collection.  It was released along with Old School Dance Party which was available on collagevideo till recently but is now sold out and The Brazilian workout which still has a few vhs copies available through Amazon.

Note: this Sweating in the Spirit was not the retail Sweating in the Spirit sold in stores along with volume 2 which was actually #3.  Few people are aware of this first original workout.  The retail pair are still available through collagevideo.

This morning I also started revisiting the original Nia workout

Friday, December 7, 2012

Total Dance Fitness

There is a new class at Gold's gym called Total Dance Fitness which is described as

"Total Dance Fitness
TDF is a low impact, fun-filled, energetic cardio dance class mixing movements and music genres such as African, Caribbean, Hip/Hop, Latin and R&B plus Line Dances that will have you be the "life" at any party!!!  Guaranteed to improve fitness levels from head to toe.  Come on...lets dance, sweat, have fun and make some noise - HEY!!!"

Here is a clip of a class:
class starts around 1:50 into the clip

It reminds me alot of Kukuwa!

MUsic makes a difference

This is something I wrote this morning on in response to somebody having  stress because of her current employment options and not getting what she needed from her usual workout choice to relieve some of that stress:

Moving to music is what keeps me out of a funk.
Bottomline, if a workout isn't helping your mood, try another.

Just recently, our world was a bit turned upside down when Sandy hit our area and we lost electricity for a week. To go outside for a walk was darn dangerous with tree limbs constantly threatening to fall as well as wires down. People were driving haphazardly because of debris. There were gas and food shortages. Our area looked like a war torn area for a good few weeks. I even missed a visit with our son who lives in London and was in NYC that week. There was no mass transit and our cell phone tower was more down than up.

True, we had a roof over our head and plenty of canned goods and compared to many, we were darn lucky. I still got into a funk and it was going deeper and deeper each day. The only thing that kept my sanity was my laptop and some workouts with music I had on it. I rationed myself 10 to 15 minutes a day and my battery lasted till electricity was restored. I cannot describe how that 10 minutes of *normalcy* restored me.

I couldn't relate day-to-day on this blog how my workout video files with music were helping me cope because we had no internet.  It took me quite a few weeks to feel completely *normal* again.  MUsic doesn't just keep me moving but relieves stress and lifts my mood.  If your workout isn't doing that for you, find another.  Just visit my youtube channel till you click on something that makes you want to MUve.

I just did the first segment of Leslie's Holiday walk on and off the bungee then the UR then the tilted Body Burner, sometimes holding Fitstix and worked up a good sweat then did Richard Simmons Uptown, working my upper body with a short ring type band.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

LUrving MUving

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with Fitstix to the first Richard Simmons PUMP n Sweat routine with Peter, Paul and Mary songs.  I felt like a teenager again :)
Then I did Richard's standing part of *No Ifs Ands or Butts* on our HDTV with a youtube app and got so into it, I banged my shin on our coffee table LOL
No worries Arnica gel to the rescue.
I finished with Janis Saffell and Scott Cole youtube video.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Filemail Link

(I had to delete just about everything here because all about youtube and filemails)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Future Filemails Coming

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to Body Gospel then did some of Troy De Mond's TNT

I found Jig Don't Jog already uploaded on youtube!
(so now I do not have to upload my vhs)

Monday, December 3, 2012

BG and Nia

This morning I did some Body Gospel on the bungee then finished Nia Awareness of Joints.  I am hoping to go for a walk today because we are having spring-like weather.

New additions to my youtube channel are Joannie Greggains Holiday Workout and her Classical Workout, Gin Miller's Waltz to Fitness, 2 band workouts by Troy De Mond (Just Pump I.T. and TNT), Richard Simmons Pump n Sweat and Step n Sweat with MUsic added.
Last evening Cher and Keli Roberts A New Attitude was added.

I highly recommend Richard Simmons No Ifs, Ands or Butts
It is alot of fun and works the lower body aerobically.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

CF, LS, Carlos

This morning I did the rest of Chris Freytag's Core workout to which I had added Greenday music then alittle of a private video I made for myself because youtube banned it.  It was Leslie's Walk & Jog with music added but the visual content was blocked by Gaiam even though it came from another company's vhs. Did all of the above on the bungee, sometimes holding my sliding weight swords (large Walmart bubble wands partially filled with rocksalt).
Finished with the wonderful Nia Brown Belt class set to songs from Bombay Dreams which actually made me sweat more than the bungee stuff??

Saturday, December 1, 2012

TB, JS, CF and Nia

Today's workouts were a TaeBo Pay-per-View, a Jessica Smith lower body and a Core workout by Chris Freytag, all of which had added music on my youtube channel.  Much was done on the bungee with homemade XCOs (large Pringle cans partially filled with rocksalt).
I finished with the middle part of Nia Awareness of Joints which had alot of unique moves.