Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another Day (and another birthday)

As of yesterday, I am officially 66 years young and tomorrow is the dreaded annual visit with the partner of our previous doctor.  I had cancelled our quarterly exams late January and April Fools Day seemed like an appropriate day to schedule our annuals. I will ignore all cholesterol results except HDL and if my blood pressure is high because I know it will be because of the stress of the visit.  Stress is the number one enemy of our hearts and all doctors have done for me in the past decade is add to that stress.

My husband had switched to taking his Lipitor every other day upon my recommendation.  The anti-inflammatory effects of a stain work at lower doses.  In fact, once the cholesterol starts to be too low, the dose may be too high.
Now this I do not understand at all.  Low dose aspirin is no longer recommended unless a male has had a coronary event because it increases the bleeding tendency in some individuals.  Yet Statins which have pretty much a similar benefit and cost much more also have more adverse side effects and are still being pushed for most of the adult community.

Dietary Cholesterol will no longer be a villain yet saturated fat will remain a dietary villain  even though it is refined carbs with little to no fiber content and the overheating of vegetable oils which have caused most inflammatory reactions in arteries.

It is time for true science to determine diet and medication recommendations.  It is time for people to make healthy changes in their lifestyle based on true science.  How we feel each day should be the focus of what we eat and how we play.

Friday, March 27, 2015

How to Use Well Video

If you have not yet registered on WellVideo, please use my referral link:

It is a great place to organize your playlists, video files, and url video sites as well as discover new routines,

Terri Walsh ART Method Cardio

It's official:
Terri Walsh ART Method cardio with the audio replaced is my favorite workout series.

The moves are perfect on my bungee or stability ball.  Easy to follow, decent variety and done just the right amount of reps.  I am a very happy camper.

(Sadly, Terri believes her mat work should be the focus of workouts)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

WellVideo and Terri Walsh

Since an upgrade, WellVideo loads its videos much quicker than it used to and another upgrade is down the road that will enable videos up to 2 1/2 gigs.  I can still get karma if you visit through an invitation link: http://wellvideo.net/r450
It is fun having interaction with exercise enthusiasts from all over the world and it is a great place to store and share videos.

Yesterday I enjoyed several edited routines but more because of their music than the routines themselves so I ripped the soundtracks to be used with other routines.

This morning I did some wonderful edited routines by Terri Walsh who has an ART Method streaming channel:

One was an ART Basic Dance Walk which was similar to a Jessica Smith walk and the other was a Bounce routine done on a Bellicon.  Her bouncing style is very similar to mine on the bungee and replacing her audio made a huge difference for me (her loud hand clap can be quite annoying).  I had no trouble following her on my JumpSport 550 which was less expensive than her Bellicon.  Both bungees seem to have the same tension.  Mine perhaps alittle more space.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stop the Insanity

I feel a definite difference in my lower limbs this morning and hope it means my peripheral neuropathy is responding to supplements.  So finally my mind was able to focus on something else this morning.

This is a post I made on Facebook this morning:

What is on my mind this morning: 
Politicians who spend taxpayers money spreading discrimination and hate.

Other mornings: Doctors who make their patients ill prescribing statins.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Edited BodyShreds

This morning I did a couple of Bodyshreds with Jillian Michaels to which I had added awesome MUsic.  The moves were simple to follow without cuing and worked on the bungee and ball. (Honestly I would never do these with cuing because Jillian is not a favorite of mine)

I wanted to add if anyone is having any sort of problems using the programs I mention, do not be afraid to ask questions.   Just the other day I put instructions for taxes on my laptop for my husband to read and he did not even know how to scroll downwards on the screen.  He thought my wireless mouse was my mobile phone!  So no question is too *dumb*.

(I am inserting a picture here so it may help someone who is having trouble getting Freemake to see MP4 videos to burn)
The picture below shows a drop down menu in the lower right corner to help find videos you want to list on Freemake Video Converter:

the wrong file type default can block a video from getting chosen

Monday, March 23, 2015

LB Kass Yollet

I did a few edited routines this morning but most of the moves were bland even though my MUsic was great so all of the edited routines were not added to my *Keeper* collection for revisits.

However, there was a nice Yollet by LB Kass which may be revisited a bit.  Its warmup was great while sitting on a stability ball.
Some of her routines are on youtube:

more information

Classes on http://www.emglivefitness.com/

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Save a Spoon to Enjoy the Preserves

This morning I started with an edited file of the 21 Day Fix Extreme Cardio which had some great moves in it but of course, again it was the MUsic I had added that kept me MUving.  I found myself pooping alot so believe it was more of an interval workout than moderate.  Some moves worked great on the bungee and stability ball and others with a purple Zumba stick.

Unfortunately, I ran out of spoons after its cardio warmup

Just wanted to repeat this wonderful phrase of advice from Jen:
Don't let the few bad apples ruin your preserves.

and add:
Save a spoon to enjoy those preserves.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hectic Day

This morning I did most of this routine on the 550 and liked it alot!

after warming up with this one:

Then spent most of the day at a baby shower for my niece.
It was a fun day but exhausting.

I just had to share some wonderful advice I had just received:
Don't let the few bad apples ruin your preserves.
(a blog reader Jen created this and I am adopting it with her consent)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spoons to Spare Today

I used alot of spoons this morning doing a double laundry during my workout after a good night's sleep.  The saying *we can only be as happy as our least happy child* comes to mind.  Yesterday our son visited us with his new boyfriend and it just made me happier to see him happier.  (It also helps that our son was being more sociable with his bf being there LOL)

Anywho, this morning was mostly the other Biggest Loser Power Walks with new MUsic added.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Spoon Theory

This pretty much explains my life, picking and choosing minimal tasks because each task is so difficult, the first is even trying to lie in bed during the night, let alone get up.


I would give anything to not have to worry about what may trigger a new twinge or spasm.  Sometimes even taking a hot shower to try to loosen the threatening to spasm muscles or sooth aching joints, triggers more spasms.

Living with a chronic condition that does not show to the people around you can be very problematic.  About the only time I feel *well* is during a workout and for a short period afterwards.   However, I have learned what kind of moves and music make this magical moment happen.   I look for moves that work while standing on a bungee or sitting on a stability ball and music that makes me want to bounce.  Creating my own combination of moves and music keeps my mind off my condition when I am not moving.  I try to share my tech tips and approach to moving online with others so it is  very frustrating and stressful when a toxic personality crosses my path.

When you are driving a car, remember that the other drivers are also human beings with various problems.   When you are online, try to remember that the other people online are human beings with various problems.  Please treat others as you would hope they would treat you.  If someone obviously does not care how they make you feel, avoid that person, just as you would avoid a reckless driver.  Road rage online or in a car can be devastating.

That being said, this morning's routines were thankfully magical and included edited files of an Exercise TV Basic Cardio routine with Amy Dixon, a short standing abs routine with Amy Bento which worked great with a purple Zumba stick, and last but not least, the first mile from the Biggest Loser Power Walk with new MUsic.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

HerbaLife Intervals

Most of this morning's workout was bouncing to the HerbaLife routine from youtube

It was a great cardio interval routine on the bungee and ball but the MUsic starting growing old in the second half so I will be editing the second set with different music.

I also lurved an edited version of one of Jillian's Bodyshreds but want to visit all of my edited files of the Bodyshreds and choose which to store privately.  Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, a few did not play on my new dvd player so will burn them again.  Worse comes to worse, I will do a DVDr burn with Freemake of the data files that will not play on my LG DP 132.  At least the data files still work on my laptop so didn't waste the dvdr space.

ETA: I did another data file burn after converting the previous unplayable files and think it may have been a size issue.  Anywho all 29 files I burned today play on the LG DP 132.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Great Routines

I really enjoyed the edited online videos I did this morning.
Especially one by Debbie Siebers and others by a German youtube video maker:

These videos with my music selections worked great on the bungee and ball.

If you have not visited the new and improved WellVideo.net
what are you waiting for??

Monday, March 16, 2015

Costco 550 Sale!

The JumpSport 550 is again ~$400 through Costco and includes the handlebar and shipping
This is an outstanding deal for an outstanding product.
I love mine and still have been using it daily for almost 17 months.

It still amazes me how many toxic people are online. Then again there are plenty of great people online too.  Sadly many people who are quite nice offline, act poorly online because of anonymity.  I liken it to how someone acts when driving and having the anonymity of the car.  Some drivers become very rude if not dangerous.

Anywho I will still be sharing routines I want to revisit on WellVideo but am removing alot of content I had uploaded for other people.  I had so many videos, it was hard to find what I wanted with too many playlists and too many videos on each playlist.

This morning the winner of all of the routines I tried was an edited Caribbean Rebound routine which can be done on a rebounder or while sitting on a stability ball or standing (there is a modifier).

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Rotten Apple

I did a few edited routines this morning and especially liked the edited Leslie Sansone Fast Mile.

The last routine from youtube was great while sitting on a stability ball:

Here is the Rotten Apple known as Analycia who is the worse violator of openly using copyrighted material without consent with whom I have had the displeasure of crossing paths.
She snatches video content from sources without buying any of the content then displays the copyrighted content publicly on several of her video sites.


Last but not least:
http://analycia.blogs.sapo.pt/treinos-538709 is a list of the companies whose material she has available for downloading and includes Zumba, Beachbody and Les Mills content.

I do not know if she makes money from these but she is definitely taking away profits from the companies who own the copyrights.  She claims her blog has a Creative Commons license but that is totally not true.  She has videos still being sold and directions for downloading them.  She is not the copyright holder, does not have the consent of the copyright holder, and does not use small samples of the media creatively for educational purposes or for private use.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

This and That

The Fitness Community on WellVideo can now see the new videos after having an upgrade glitch fixed.  Also my laptop seems to be booting up faster after being very sluggish after the massive update.

This morning I visited several old files including Jessica Smith, Kimberly Spreen and Leslie.

I need alittle help from my friends.  I have used up alot of karma sharing videos requested by friends.  Can you please visit WellVideo with this invitation link to help replenish my karma:

Friday, March 13, 2015

Well Video

Well Video is having a huge upgrade so may not be fully available for another day or two.
Some public videos may still play but no other access is available.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Windows Update

Just wanted to warn Windows users that there is a recent huge update from Microsoft which will prolong shutting down and powering up.  Even after the power cycle has run through a few times, you may find your pc taking much longer to boot up with a black screen.  If a solution comes along, I will share it.  Meanwhile, be patient and let your PC and Windows do its thing.  In other words, do not panic that you picked up malware or a virus.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Loving Older Routines

I spent most of the day yesterday looking for a missing dvdr but was able to sleep because I finally found it LOL

This morning I did more edited Leslies (loved the Reggae and Three Dog Night tunes I used).  Also took a peek at a few other files on this older burnd dvdr which I definitely want to visit/revisit.  Even though I added music over 2 years ago, the results were darn good.

Many older OOP routines I have been sharing are as good and in some ways even better than some of the newer and very expensive sets.  Lets face it, a jumping jack is a jumping jack so why not do it on a beautiful beach instead of inside a dark room?  Better yet, add some good music instead of listening to counting.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

AnyBodys Workout

This morning I did some more Leslie and the Len Kravitz Anybody's Workout (1988 VHS) I had edited 2 years ago and really liked the variety of moves in it.  I didn't push too hard because I had some vertigo which I have not had for quite awhile.

This morning I also did my second dvdr burn of avi files and the whole thing again took less than 10 minutes with a max space of 4.23 gigs used.  I may never use Freemake Video Converter for burning again!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Day

Another morning bouncing with Leslie to MUsic.
The music I used would probably not appeal to most.  Some tunes from Broadway shows and movies as well as Classical and instrumentals.  Anywho, it worked for me because I felt invigorated by the movement and time flew by after having another bad night.  Before bed, my feet started cramping and my legs were feeling like they were going to join in so I took a pill which helps prevent night time cramping.  Got some sleep but not enough.
At least our den window leaks may be done for this year since the temps will not be as frigid. We had alot of leakage a couple of days ago but caught most of it in containers and rags so hopefully no mildew.  May try a roof rake next winter.
Yesterday I attempted some decluttering but found getting into lower cabinets rough on my feet and legs.  I have to remind myself of all of the statin induced conditions which have improved and not focus on the chronic conditions which may never improve.  More and more studies are emphasizing the adverse side effects of statins and the lack of any tangible benefits.  Hopefully, the medical community will stop its poisoning of their middle aged and elderly patients and not start their younger patients on a life time of artificial deficiencies because of cholesterol lab results.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

More Edited Leslie Sansones

I did several edited Leslie Sansones this morning, most of which I really liked but doubt most Leslie fans would appreciate.  I really liked the third mile of a 4 miles walk because of my music.  The fourth mile used her booster cables so I think it is the 4 mile Super Walk from the Walk-Eat-Lose QVC set.   Also liked a *Muscle Mile* with the Beatles instrumentals I added.  Have many other edits to try including the Yoga Walk and Walk Away the Stress miles.  Do not know where I found the originals and edited them almost 2 years ago.
Leslie Walks are very confusing because of their titles and repackaging.

Here is an example of a list of Leslie Walks up to 2010:
Live At The Club, It’s Walk Aerobics by Leslie Sansone VHS (2 miles) 1986
Advanced Walk Aerobics (2 miles) VHS 1986
Walk Aerobics 40 Plus Workout VHS (2 miles) 1988
The Too Busy To Workout VHS 1988
Basic Stepping with Walk Aerobics VHS (w/stepper)
Walking Fat Burner Workout VHS (1990)
Walk Aerobics for Seniors 1991- VHS
Walk Off Weight System-Weight Loss Walk 1992
Walk Off Weight System - Firm Off Weight VHS (w/weights) 1992
The Miracle Mile 1996 VHS
2 Mile Walk 1996 VHS
Firm Up Fast VHS 1996
1, 2, 3 Mile Super Fat Burner VHS
1 Mile High Calorie Burn VHS
Signercize VHS
Walk And Firm Fat Burner VHS 1998
Fit-N-Firm VHS (w Fit Cuff) 2000
Walk Off Weight At Home - 1/2 Mile - VHS
Walk Off Weight At Home - 2 Mile Walk!
Walk Off Weight At Home - Power Walk 4 Miles!
Walk Off Weight At Home (edited version of 4 mile) (volume 3) VHS 2000
Power Walk (w/gloved weights in mile 3) 2000 VHS/DVD
Walk N Tone (w/walk belt) 2000
WATP (2001):
1 Mile Get Up And Get Started (w/ weighted balls) 2001
2 Mile High Calorie Burn (w/weighted balls) 2001
3 Mile Super Fat Burning (w/weighted balls) 2001
Muscle Mile One (w/weighted balls) 2001
The Morning Mile Plus Abs 2001
Walk And Kick 2001
Walk And Jog 2001
Yoga Walk 2001
The Evening Mile Plus Legs
The Power Mile (w/weighted balls) 2001
Walk Strong (w/weights) 2001
Walk Away Your Stress 2001
Heart Healthy Walk 2001
Walk With Me 2001
The 30 Minute Walk 2001
WATP for Abs (2001):
1 Mile Get Up And Get Started (w/walk belt) 2001
2 Mile High Calorie Burn (w/walk belt) 2001
3 Mile Super Fat Burning (w/walk belt) 2001
1 Mile Super Challenge 2001
In Home Walking "One Mile Walk"
Leslie and Florine Live 2002
Short Cuts (2002):
Short Cuts Upper Body (w/weights) 2002
Short Cuts Lower Body 2002
Short Cuts Ab Workout 2002
Walk the Walk (2002):
Walk the Walk 1 mile 2002
Walk the Walk 2 mile 2002
Walk the Walk Firm 2002
WATP Express (2003):
1 Mile Easy Walk 2003
2 Mile Brisk Walk 2003
3 Mile Advanced Walk 2003
4 Mile Super Challenge 2003
Walk Strong Express 2003
You Can Do (2004):
You Can Do Pilates 2004
You Can Do Yoga 2004
You Can Do Stability Ball 2004
Diabetic Walk 2004
Total Strider (manual treadmill w/workouts) 2004
The Walk Diet 2004
Kids Walk 2004
Teen Walk 2004
Jenny Craig:
Walk Your Way
Strength Walk
Brisk Walk
Walk Blaster: 2004
Slim And Thin 2004
Shape And Firm 2004
Sculpt And Burn 2004
Diabetes Walk-Walk Down Your Blood Sugar at Home 2006
Active Adult - 1 mile 2006
Active Adult - 2 mile (w/soft hand weights) 2006
5 Mile Advanced Walk 2006
1 Mile Jog 2006
1 Mile Booster 2006
Men's Walk - 1 Mile (2006
Kids Walk (#2) 2006
Family Walk 2006
Walk Slim (2006):
Fast Start 1 & 2 miles 2006
3 Fast Miles 2006
4 Fast Miles 2006
Fast Firming 2006
Fast & Firm - 4 Really BIG miles 2007
Teen Walk 2007
Two Mile Faith Walk 2007
Walk Away Your Waistline 2007
3 Mile Weight Loss Walk 2007
Walk Down Your Blood Sugar-A Walk/A Talk-2 miles 2007
Silver Walk - 2 miles 2007
Womans Walk - 2 mile 2007
Walk & Firm - with Interval Training w/firm band 2007
Heart Healthy Walk-A Walk and A Talk-2 miles 2008
5 Day Slim Down 2008
Walk Away Your Hips & Thighs 2008
5 Mile FAT BURNING Walk 2008
A Closer Walk 2 Mile Walk 2008
5K with a Twist 2009
Walk This Way 2009
The Big Burn 2009
WALK YOUR WAY THIN SERIES (Target Exclusive): 2009
Walk Off Even More Weight (w/waist belt) 2009
Walk Off 10 Pounds (w/pedometer & 14 Day meal plan) 2009
3 Mile Calorie Blast (w/walk belt) 2009
Punch Up Your Walk (w/weighted gloves) 2009
Walk It Off & Tone It Up (w/firm bands) 2009
Belly, Buns, & Thighs Slimdown (w/fit cuff) 2009
EXERCISE TV/American Heart Association (2009):
Start! Walking At Home: 2009
1-2 Mile Walk 2009
3 Mile Walk 2009
Rock-N-Tone Beginner 2009
Rock-N-Tone Intermediate 2009
Walk NOW 2009
Total Body Slimming System (QVC):
Burn Body Fat (& Sculpt Your Arms) 1 mile 2009
Burn Body Fat (& Sculpt Your Arms) 2 mile 2009
Burn Body Fat (& Sculpt Your Arms) 3 mile 2009
Walk Your Belly Flat: 2009
2 Mile Power Walk with Friends: 2009
3 Mile Slim & Sleek Walk (2009)
WALK-EAT-LOSE w/ Cable Boosters (2010) QVC:
3 Mini Walks
2 Mile Super Walk
3 Mile Super Walk
4 Mile Super Walk
Walk Weight Loss Bootcamp! (2010)
Walk Slim 5 Really Big Miles

Saturday, March 7, 2015

MUsic Only from now on

This morning I did a bunch of files.
The Kamagon series from youtube with Keil Roberts is still a favorite and even better with my MUsic.
Same can be said of a few Denise Austins.
Since I could not get into the Amy Bento Body Box or LB Kass dance vids, I am not going to be burning much with cuing anymore.  I am definitely preferring MUsic only.
What I enjoyed most this morning was my edited Ellen Barrett Stretch Sculpts.  I had replaced the audio with 2 different sound tracks and love the results of both.

Friday, March 6, 2015


This morning I did some edited routines by Elise Gulan
(originals on youtube).
As much as I enjoyed my MUsic and the Gulan moves on the bungee and ball, the LB Kass Yollet was a pleasant change, especially with its NJ beach setting when we are frozen over in NJ.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Burning for LG DP 132

WOW I really loved some of the routines I did this morning!

First was an edited Wimberlean Tabata which had bouncing moves  to a great tune (Red Hot Chili Peppers *Give It Away*) and the combination was a winner for me.

Here is the original embedded:

Now try muting the embedded file while playing the song on another tab

Then I did the first couple of songs from 2 LB Kass Dance Body routines which I liked but the music after the first two or three songs started to sound unfamiliar with the cuing too loud and the moves not as much fun.  I will still try some of her Yollet another day.

Then I did a couple of edited Kamagon routines with Keli Roberts using a purple Zumba stick as my weight and really loved them. (Originals are on youtube)

Finished with some edited Ellen Barrett from her newst DVD Stretch Sculpt.  I enjoyed the moves when doing my maiden voyage with the DVD but as usual preferred my MUsic only edit even more.

All of the above were burned to a dvdr as data files and played on my new cheap dvd player.  One big difference between this dvdr and those burned by Freemake into VTS files was that the longer files had no chaptering like a Freemake burned dvd.  The dvd player recognizes each 15 minutes as a chapter for skipping around on Freemake burns.  I do prefer the simpler data file menu though so may start chaptering longer routines myself when converting to avi
(max burn space is 4.24 gigs)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Visiting Old Edits

I am still visiting older edited files but they feel like new routines to me.  Found a bunch by Leslie Sansone, Hasfit and BodyBurner.

One thing that struck me odd this morning is that my perceived exertion no longer overlaps with my heart rate like it used to do.  I feel almost anaerobic when just at 75% Maximum  HR and my recovery is almost immediate.  Not sure if these are good or bad changes.  Maybe it is good that my heart rate doesn't go up as high and stays lower.

Someone on VF whom I have had a nice relationship with asked about virus and malware protection in addition to Windows Defender so I posted suggesting Malwarebytes.    Perhaps I should have sent her a private message but the last time I suggested something in a private message to someone else, it backfired badly.  At least this wasn't a rebounder thread so maybe the claws will not come out.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Old Edits but New to Me

I started reviewing and working out to some older burned dvdrs and found some great routines I never even tried!

Not going to try to list them all but will store many of them privately online.
Many are Leslie Sansones with the audio replaced.

Sadly some files I wished I had saved that were deleted when my youtube account was exterminated may be lost forever because I just cannot find them.  I still have the vhs footage that these files had captured digitally so it isn't my loss but a loss to those who may have appreciated them.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Amy Bento Hip Hop Walk

This morning I revisited my edited file of Amy Bento's Hip Hop Walk and really enjoyed it on the bungee and ball.  Easy to follow moves and I liked the MUsic I had added.

Unfortunately, I had a very bad night because of spasms from peripheral neuropathy.  The night before was a great night and I just cannot figure out what triggers the bad nights.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

LG DP 132 Success

I loved all three edited videos I did this morning:
Jillian Body Shred Cardio
Jillian Revolution
Tanya Fitball

Jillian had very bungee friendly moves which also worked on the stability ball.  Tanya's moves worked great with my purple Zumba stick.

If you have not visited WellVideo yet, what are you waiting for???

If you have visited WellVideo and love it, do share my invitation link above with your friends into video workouts or share your own invitation link found on your profile page after registering. If your friends love it and want to actively participate, you can then invite them to the Fitness Community.  There are many exciting plans for this site.

(max burn space is 4.24 gigs determined by a second burn another day)
I just did my first full dvdr burn without Freemake, letting Windows7 burn the videos files like data files playable in some dvd players, NOT the Flash drive data storage choice which do not play in the LG DP 132.  Using these blank dvdr discs just for storage is a waste because they are not RW so if I were to delete a file from a storage dvdr, the space on the dvdr will not be reusable.  If I do a burn, the DVDR plays in my DP 132 and I can still store additional files if the disk has free space.  The first burned playable files and the additional stored files give me easy access to those files from my laptop rather than having to rip them from a dvd movie.
I had converted all files to avi format before storing them on my laptop for the next burn (WellVideo accepts avi uploads).  All 20 files burned with Windows7 played on the LG DP 132!!  The burn took less than 10 minutes for almost 8 hours of footage and just over 3 gigs of space.  I even had extra space for more but if I add more files after the burn, those files will not play on the DP 132, just the laptop.  So both burn techniques (Freemake with different formats and Windows7 with avi format) use about the same amount of disk space and the avi format plays great on my tv screen. About the only negatives I can find in the Windows burn compared to burning a dvd movie with Freemake Video Converter is that all files must be in avi format and less control over the order of how the files will be listed.  It is however much easier to choose which video file I want to play from the list than scrolling through the menu on a Freemake burn.  OK the big negative may be that this method will not work with all DVD Players.   I will just be sure that if and when this new player fails that its replacement is the same or similar enabling DivX (avi) playback, perhaps even one with a HDmi port if I am using a HD TV by then.  I believe most players with a USB port should play avi files and many players play other video file formats as well.  If you have a DVD player with the DivX logo and a MAC with a disk burning drive, you should be able to burn avi files onto a data disk to play in the Player.
Warning: some newer Blu-ray players will only play protected dvds!
You can still play the avi file through the USB port but not on a burned data disk.