Friday, March 31, 2017

The GOP Helped Russia!

Obviously, Russian propaganda and hacking affected the campaigns and elections. 
For decades, the GOP had their anti-Clinton witch hunts so the GOP embraced anything negative about Clinton.
The GOP were fine with how tRUMP used and abused fake news when aimed at Clinton, no matter the source, enabling the most corrupt and incompetent POTUS and Congress.

Russia was able to damage our credibility, moral compass, and physical environment because the GOP welcomed the Russian influence.   tRUMP and GOP leaders ignored our professional Intelligence community because they appreciated Russia's help. 

2018 and 2020 can not get here soon enough for a HUGE backlash to put the US in the right direction again and drain the DC Swamp.

Karma can be a bitch.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Truth 101

Fitstix Fusion

Changing the soundtrack can make an old OOP workout feel new again

Fitstix Fusion MU newer by POMBarb

This workout is loaded with unique moves.

ObamaCare is the Law of the Land

I will never understand why Ryan and Trump supported a healthcare plan that only helped the rich instead of making healthcare more affordable for everyone and was not supported by the medical community.
Obviously, Trump did not understand or try to understand any of it.
Ryan?  just giddy with power?
The GOP plan had an approval rating of 17%
Have no clue why even that 17% would be there if they can read.
Then again some on ObamaCare still do not realize it is the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Thanks mostly to their protesting constituents, the GOP House could not get it passed and ObamaCare will not be repealed and replaced.  Our Aspie son will continue to receive NJ Family HealthCare instead of having no medical insurance or having to pay a small fortune to stay covered. Now that ObamaCare is hanging around, insurance companies should try to participate.  I have no clue if the GOP governors who refused to participate can change their policies for the good of their constituents.

Imagine if the POTUS and Congress had been elected according to competency and policy instead of empty promises and propaganda.
Politicians need to put their constituents first before party and ego.  Their constituents elect them and are their employers, paying taxes towards their salaries.
No huge tax cuts for the rich.
No budget cuts for social services, environmental protection, and education.
Improved Infrastructure to provide jobs and to take care of America first instead of a wasteful Wall or more nuclear bombs.
Put the People ahead of their Egos or look for a new career.

Friday, March 24, 2017

B Bounder

(Note: this wonderful product sold out within 5 days on QVC.
More have been ordered and should be available in June.)

Crazy me,
I just received a 5th springless rebounder LOL

This one is the B Bounder.
It is rectangular 57 by 441/2 inches and has a barre for the 57 inch side.
The mat is attached by wide elastic bands, not bungee cords.
The bounce is less springy than my other bungees but the upper body pushing on the barre has a higher intensity effect with less lower body impact.
The barre and wide mat enable some trickier moves like vigorous skaters.

QVC sells it and it was designed by Bernadette Giorgi who made some nice ballet inspired videos.
However, there is no warranty from Giorgi.

The mat does have some cosmetic defects (creases and puckers) but otherwise it seems like a solid piece of equipment.  The barre side legs must be attached or it can tip.  No tools are needed for assembly.  Assembly was easy except for the last barre part so I would suggest lubrication if just reversing  the part does not work.  In fact, lubricating the legs and barre ends would make putting it together easier and taking it apart easier plus eliminate any noise from the parts rubbing against one another.

Overall, I am a very satisfied customer and find it very reasonably priced.
I would actually prefer the B Bounder over my pricier JumpSports because of its larger space and barre but still prefer my Hexagon which is no longer sold by AliExpress and ironically was my cheapest bungee purchase.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Subscription Rants and a RAVE

I just want to warn subscription customers to keep an eye on any subscriptions that were cancelled.
I had unsubscribed during a free trial with GROKKER and received an email confirming the cancellation.
I have since been billed for two more months.
On my account it says invalid expiration date so someone probably made an error when entering the expiration date.
They are supposed to respond within 24 hours but I still have not heard from them today which is the second business day since I first contacted them about this matter.

ETA: GROKKER is giving me a refund but are claiming I had subscribed again although I did not.  There was no way for me to know my account was still active plus no way to cancel again when I checked my account after I saw my credit card bill so there was a glitch on their end.
Bottomline, check you credit card/paypal accounts.

I had also cancelled my Sister Fitness subscription because they seemed to have alot of glitches and I got tired of policing their monthly offerings.

Last but not least, a RAVE for
I first got their streaming annual Premium subscription at a very reasonable price ($6) then a few days later accepted their special email offer ($20) for an annual Gold subscription.
The Gold includes several downloadable files and access to their LIVE Classes.
A new Live Class is added each week and I really enjoy them!
Although I can cancel at any time, I have decided to keep the subscription for the Live Classes.
Fitness friends have told me UTV will send an email a month before the current annual subscription expires before it is automatically renewed so I have a few weeks notice to cancel if the renewal price seems too expensive.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Another Bungee Option

This model looks great and very reasonably priced.
If I were not as happy with my bungees as I already am,
I would cave.

I caved LOL
the handlebar, shape, and size were just too tempting,
especially if it truly folds easily

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Thanks to our POTDS and his personality disorders,
one by one he is alienating all other countries, except maybe Russia.
Allies like Mexico, Australia, and the UK are now cautious about any diplomatic relations with this very flawed individual,

His obsession with alternate facts makes him an unreliable leader.
He has no credibility left and other countries are very aware of his flaws.
None of the intelligence professionals or leaders from other countries will trust his judgement which has made our country much more vulnerable to future terrorist activity.
His bullying attitude and focus on military strength makes him a threat to world peace.

His tweet which preceded Tillerson's meeting with China made diplomacy much more difficult for Tillerson.

His meeting with Merkel did not go well in spite of her phenomenal effort to remain diplomatic.
German journalists asked questions which would have been ignored if asked by American journalists and rump's responses to these questions confirmed his flaws and poor judgement.

What will happen when there is a real crisis instead of these ridiculous self-inflicted conflicts?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

GOP Health Plan

For the apathetic who have medical insurance through their employer: 

the GOP health plan repeals the employer mandate, causing many families covered by their employers' group plans to lose coverage.

For those who appreciate the ACA, you will lose the subsidies which were higher for those who earn less and those who earn more will get higher tax credits instead.  Those receiving extended medicaid may also lose that benefit completely.

With many losing benefits or not able to afford a decent plan, the insurance companies will have to charge more since less money will be incoming from the Federal government.

In other words, the rich will be richer and the poor and middle class will be poorer, especially the sicker and/or older poor and middle class.

The rural non-college educated who voted for the cult will probably get the worse end of the deal,
Making America Greater for the White Rich Right.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Large Hexagon Bungee

My favorite bungee has been the large hexagon I had imported from China by AliExpress.  Unfortunately it is no longer available.  

There is an inexpensive *UpperBounce Hexagon* sold at many retail places online at various prices with mostly good reviews.  However it does look smaller than mine.  
If I didn't already have so many rebounders, I would give it a try LOL

Do a search for it to see all of the retailers.
My only hesitation about this product is that WayFair was selling a similar one around the time I got my Chinese import and the price was much cheaper with some comparatively bad reviews.  Maybe this is an improved product?  I would try to buy it from a retailer that offers refunds.

Review and Assembly tip:
I love the size of this product! I had researched several other bungee mini trampolines and they were extremely expensive! at FIRST it was very difficult to stretch and assemble the bungee cords around the trampoline (the rest was super easy to assemble). Then I got an idea to use a regular hammer instead of the tool that comes with the package. My 16 y/o son was able to do all of it by himself in no time, once we started using the hammer!!! With the left hand hold the cord and then use the hammer with the right hand to stretch it over the frame and loop over the knob! It was a game changer! Now I'm looking forward to having a lot of great workouts while having fun!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I recently caved on a special annual Premium subscription offer from UTV for just $6.

I liked alot of the Chris Freytag workouts so when another offer arrived by email a few days later for a $20 annual Gold subscription, I caved again.  Gold members have access to their LIVE streams and also receive some Premium videos that are unlocked for downloading.

This morning I really enjoyed their most recent LIVE class which was a very unique kettlebell routine.