Friday, March 3, 2017

Large Hexagon Bungee

My favorite bungee has been the large hexagon I had imported from China by AliExpress.  Unfortunately it is no longer available.  

There is an inexpensive *UpperBounce Hexagon* sold at many retail places online at various prices with mostly good reviews.  However it does look smaller than mine.  
If I didn't already have so many rebounders, I would give it a try LOL

Do a search for it to see all of the retailers.
My only hesitation about this product is that WayFair was selling a similar one around the time I got my Chinese import and the price was much cheaper with some comparatively bad reviews.  Maybe this is an improved product?  I would try to buy it from a retailer that offers refunds.

Review and Assembly tip:
I love the size of this product! I had researched several other bungee mini trampolines and they were extremely expensive! at FIRST it was very difficult to stretch and assemble the bungee cords around the trampoline (the rest was super easy to assemble). Then I got an idea to use a regular hammer instead of the tool that comes with the package. My 16 y/o son was able to do all of it by himself in no time, once we started using the hammer!!! With the left hand hold the cord and then use the hammer with the right hand to stretch it over the frame and loop over the knob! It was a game changer! Now I'm looking forward to having a lot of great workouts while having fun!

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