Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sister Fitness Monthly Subscription

Still trying to figure out the random unlocking of videos on the first of  each month.

I loved today's newly posted September CardioBlast which may be their retro video this month since April's disappeared.  I may have completely missed getting a new CardioBlast last month for November and today's new December was less than 4 minutes.

I also thought there would be a new Cardio Basic each month but in 3 months have only seen the same one from September.

It is hard for me to recommend getting the monthly subscription because of the random unlocking of their videos each month.   For myself, the one *new* Cardioblast a month whether truly new or retro is appealing.  Getting a truly new CardioBlast AND a retro each month as I had initially expected would make the subscription even more appealing.  Getting 3 different sculpting workouts each month is a nice bonus.
It was claimed there would be an extra video slot added each consecutive month but I had 2 CardioBlasts removed (April and Great Give) and replaced with a September and a 3 minute  December for a total of 7.    I should now have 8 videos (I think?) since subscribing in October.  Probably missed a new November CardioBlast completely.  Hope that the December 3 minute video was just a technical glitch.

Just would like to have a real guarantee of exactly what newer content will be unlocked each month so I do not miss something I should have gotten.  If they get their unlocking system to be more automatic, I'll let y'all know.  Meanwhile, I'll keep subscribing, hoping for the best and perhaps, settling for less than what was expected

ETA after a few email exchanges:
The December CardioBlast has been completely uploaded in addition to one from September.
Also I now get 8 video slots a month being my third month so one that was removed previously has since been replaced.
(There was no November video LOL)

I love their routines and figure I probably will get 1 or 2 cardio and the 3 sculpting videos added each month while retaining a few routines already unlocked.

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