Saturday, December 17, 2016

Merry Christmas? Scrooge is now POTDS

I have not heard one true reason why this POTDS (President of The Divided States) should be POTUS.

His core of Deplorables made him the largest threat to our national security and damaged our society. Families are divided as well as states. It is time for the majority with common sense and a conscience on both sides of the aisle to stop this domestic terrorist.

Seriously .... tRUMP is unfit for office.
His relationship with our intelligence professionals is a national security threat.
His relationship with the press is unprecedented.
His tweets are immature.
His bullying behavior is immature.
His lying alone should have disqualified him.
His conflict of interests should have disqualified him.

He has no ideology and lies to whichever group he is addressing to tell them what they want to hear. He denies his empty promises and contradictions.
He never admits to being wrong and never gave a sincere apology.
He projected his own negative traits on to his competition and claimed the good qualities of his competition as his own.
His campaign was all empty promises, hate rhetoric and lies.
He is surrounding himself with people who support these lies.

Plus he was a rotten business man with a history of bankruptcies and law suits
US banks will not lend him money
He will never share his income tax returns
He has paid less to income tax than any other wealthy man.
He has given less to charity than any other wealthy man.
He has stiffed workers.
He has no clue what being middle class means.
He has no *class*.

He is behaving at his *Thank You* rallies the same as he did during his campaign.
This is who he is and always was.
A liar, a con man, a narcissist, a sociopath
An empty shell with no empathy, moral compass or conscience

He is Deplorable.
Those who still support him are as Deplorable as he is.

Hope has been lost to many and may never be found.
Do not expect those who see what he is to buy the Deplorable BS.
Do not expect History to be kind if there is a future.

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