Thursday, December 8, 2016

Internet Trolls and Cyberbullying

A few articles caught my attention this morning:

Megyn Kelly blames a tRUMP aide Dan Scavino in charge of social media for the violent threats against her.  There has been other threatening real life scenarios triggered by tRUMP hate rhetoric and lies.  Just yesterday, the union leader of Carrier started getting threats after tRUMP's derisive tweets. The women who bravely stepped forward after being victims of tRUMP's unwanted sexual advances were similarly threatened.   A lone wolf took the Mike Flynns' (senior and junior) fake news seriously enough to use a gun in a pizzeria.  There are hundred's of real life bullying incidents in tRUMP's name all over the country that are not publicized.  Bullies online and in real life have been empowered by tRUMP.

Monica Lewinsky said the Time magazine Person of the Year should have been the internet trolls. I do believe it was tRUMP's minions online and offline that contributed to his electoral college win by spreading his lies and propaganda.

I was introduced to the deplorable behavior of internet trolls on my very first day online being the mother of a gay son over 15 years ago.  I learned quickly to ignore and avoid them because they were not seeking a rational discussion.
During the campaign, I saw this hateful behavior escalate as bullying behavior replaced civility thanks to the president elect.  The President of The Divided States is still behaving like a thin skinned bully.  He is responsible for enabling the deplorable bullying behavior of internet trolls to now be empowered in real life.    His sociopathic behavior has damaged our society more than any other terrorist, foreign or domestic.
His wife who is strongly against cyberbullying is married to the Grand Wizard of Bullying, cyber and real life.

I will NEVER respect him or his minions.

Another fake news item which is deplorable is that the Sandy Hook Shooting was a hoax.
Some hateful believers have bullied families of the victims.

tRUMP criticized Time magazine for being PC and changing their *Man of the Year* title to *Person of the Year*.

Rachel Maddow did a survey which showed how ignorant tRUMP supporters are.  They are living in an alternate reality, believing propaganda and fake news yet they affected those living in the real world way too much:

There must be some way to right this wrong,
How can less than 100,000 voters from three states elect the next POTUS when over 2.5 million voted for another candidate?  Too bad those who didn't feel like voting at all did not bother, especially in the swing states where every vote mattered so much more.

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