Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Time magazine has chosen the President of The Divided States as person of the year.   MSNBC did a poll on how many believed that tRUMP will unify the country as he claims:
7% agreed while 93% disagreed.
But this poll was biased.
Not having any ideology or conscience and being a pathological liar, he did unify the Evangelists, White Supremacists, and most of the GOP with his hate rhetoric and lies.

Ivanka who claimed to care about the environment met with Gore and included her dad but tRUMP chose an AG who is suing the EPA to be his head of the EPA.  He chose a rich women who never had anything to do with public education as the head of Education.  He chose a retired brain surgeon who has wacky political beliefs and lives in a mansion to be the head of housing. He has an adviser who has a connection to White Supremacists and a General who tweets false news, including a story that triggered a lone wolf to use a gun at a pizzeria.
tRUMP, himself, believes fake news more than professional intelligence briefings.  He is more interested in watching SNL and tweeting his displeasure.

His VP is very anti-gay and a smooth liar
(never realized devout Christians could lie so easily!).
All of his surrogates lie for him and probably to him to avoid penetrating his thin skin.

and so on and so forth.

Trump, himself, has no ideology and just goes with the flow of whoever has his ear or last kissed his RUMP the most.  Putin is his hero and helped spread propaganda against Hillary Clinton  before the campaign. tRUMP's largest motivator is revengeful counter-punching because of his thin skin..

In spite of losing the popular vote, Bullies have been empowered.
Schools have been having an escalation of bullying.
(His wife's number one focus was Cyber-bullying LOL)
Hate Crimes are escalating, most of which are not even reported to authorities.

In spite of winning the electoral college with hate rhetoric and lies, the lies continue.
History will not be kind to him or his minions.
(or his children and grandchildren)

His unpopularity will grow as his empty promises turn into bitter threats.
Beware of the tRUMP tweets filled with lies and fake news, especially because of his thin skin.
After Carrier union leader corrected tRUMP's numbers, tRUMP has showed what he thinks of labor unions in recent tweets and it is not pretty so all of those workers who voted for him are in for a HUGE disappointment.  He expects them to work more and get paid less.  He blames the workers for Carrier's decision to relocate in Mexico!
Soon after Boeing leader was critical of tRUMP,, His tweets against Boeing affected stock prices.
He was proud that the Japanese Soft Bank promises to invest 50 billion in the US while tRUMP tries to weaken Soft Bank's mobile tech competition by blocking US mergers.  (He wants revenge mostly against NBC for all of their slights against him.)

Also expect very little A list entertainment at his inauguration, much like that of the GOP convention.

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