Thursday, December 15, 2016

Over-prescribing of Statins

The lower the statin dosage the better.  It takes a minimal dosage to get the anti-inflammatory benefit for middle aged men and the minimual dosage may trigger less adverse reactions.  Cholesterol really is not the enemy but restricting CoQ10 can be catastrophic to good health.

I have chronic peripheral neuropathy thanks to my doctors over-prescribing Lipitor to lower my cholesterol which is a treatment totally unnecessary in a woman without any history of a heart attack. Neither of my parents suffered a heart attack.

My son was prescribed a statin at the age of 26 and refused to take it because his OCD kicked in and started us on a investigative journey.  Now at 31 because of his healthy eating and exercise, his lipid panel is perfectly ok.   He did not need to be put on a lifetime of statins and at a higher amount than the minimum dose.    The minimum dosage would have given him the anti-inflammatory benefits that a statin can give a middle-aged man.

My husband has cutback his statin to three times a week instead of a daily dose and his doctor did not even threaten to raise his dose after seeing a slight rise in his LDL.  Otherwise, his lipid panel has remained the same.   The generic Lipitor is practically free so that is no longer a factor.
The thought of the thousands of dollars we spent on Lipitor co-pays for decades to ruin the quality of my health really angers me.   It has made me lose faith in medical professionals.

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