Saturday, December 3, 2016


There have been a myriad of stories and videos demonstrating irrational anger and bullying by tRUMP supporters in spite of winning (or because of winning?) the election.  MSNBC has explained this behavior as a new disease called ADE or Acute Discrimination Envy.

Basically, some white people and some men feel they are being discriminated against for supporting tRUMP.  They won the election but do not feel like winners.  Maybe SWS would explain it even better (Sore Winner Syndrome).

Lets face it bullies have low self esteem and thin skins.
Winning the electoral college when many did not vote at all was not much of a majority.  I would guesstimate maybe 1/4 of tRUMP supporters were bigots or misogynists, 1/4 were GOP, and the other 1/2 just ill informed and believed propaganda, lies, and fake news.

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