Saturday, December 24, 2016

Lost in Translation

tRUMP Tweets mostly spread his fake news and lies to his supporters or are used as a diversion from real news items.  His main public  source of what is going on in his head are his Tweets since he does not do news conferences.  If nothing else, they show the Free Association of a deranged man and perhaps, are the only transparency from him the public will ever see.  They often reveal his immature emotional development and ignorance.  Often he conveniently forgets what he has said on video.  Between his tweets and unethical amnesia, most know he is a bully, demagogue, pathological liar, sociopath, and narcissist.   His Tweets are also used as a weapon to ignite his Deplorables to threaten anyone who speaks the truth, making him a domestic terrorist calling out to lone wolves much like Isis.

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It is confusing to watch various surrogates trying to decipher his cryptic tweets.    There are times I doubt even tRUMP understands the intent of some of his own tweets which led me to another question:

Many times the translation of Russian to English and English to Russian gets confusing.  I cannot imagine how some of tRUMP's tweets are translated?

(I am reaching out to a few Russian friends to see what they think of these Tweets)

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