Sunday, July 31, 2016

Free Association

Free association is a technique used in psychoanalytic therapy to help patients learn more about what they are thinking and feeling. It is most commonly associated with Sigmund Freud, who was the founder of psychoanalytic therapy. Freud used free association to help his patients discover unconscious thoughts and feelings that had been repressed or ignored. When his patients became aware of these unconscious thoughts or feelings, they were better able to manage them or change problematic behaviors.

I am very tired of hearing Trump's Free Association.
It reflects much about him and anyone who supports Trump's candidacy.

Instead of dragging everyone down his rabbit's hole,
he needs professional therapy.
He needs to learn there is a huge difference between Free Association which is done privately with a trained professional and being respectful and civil  to others in spite of his internal conflicts.

Unleashing this behavior which belongs in the privacy of therapy is destructive for everyone.

He is unfit to be POTUS.
He is unfit to even have the opportunity to speak publicly.

Lots of us think horrible things but we do not say them or act on them.
Trump has no filter.
Trump has no conscience
His rhetoric can influence others without a conscience.
He is dangerous.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Truly The Ugliest American

Trump claimed he made sacrifices by creating jobs when attacking the speech of the Muslim Father:

Trump also criticized that the Mother did not speak.
At least, she did not plagiarize
(OK that was a bad joke but Melania never looks empowered and ready to speak either)

Mother's reaction to Trump:
When Donald Trump is talking about Islam, he is ignorant. If he studied the real Islam and Koran, all the ideas he gets from terrorists would change, because terrorism is a different religion

Hell froze over and pigs can fly
Supposedly Trump said he was sorry for what he said about the mother
but he never did!
most likely, it is just a staffer trying to smooth it over.

A light bulb moment!!!
I finally realized why Trump is running for POTUS.
His son said his dad is making a huge sacrifice putting the businesses aside to campaign.
Most of his investments are deeply in debt so he will blame campaigning for their demise!

Friday, July 29, 2016

POTUS Update

Christie left Trump alone too long and Trump started tweeting insults at Bloomberg.
Again giving in to his childish temperament and as a result, drawing more attention to Bloomberg's words.
Clinton has said that someone who is easily baited by a tweet should not have access to nuclear codes.

Pence reprimanded Obama for name calling after Obama referred to Trump as a demagogue. .
(Only Trump has the freedom of derisive rhetoric)

Trump demanded that his supporters not watch Clinton's nomination acceptance speech.
(Only Trump is allowed to rig the media.)
Well he got his precious higher ratings in viewership
BUT  Clinton's speech had higher approval ratings.

Also Fox news did not show the powerful speech by a Muslim father whose son died a hero.
(Again only Trump is allowed to rig the media.)

With the cyber attack escalation on the Democrat campaign in addition to other government sites, perhaps, Clinton's original personal email server was actually more secure.

Now Trump is threatening to get even nastier than he was before.
Do NOT give this manchild the nuclear codes!

Poor Trump got confused and thought Tim Kaine was the NJ Governor Tom Kean.

I do not know which is worse:
an ignorant and unstable Trump
or the ignorant and retroactive GOP platform

VOTE or be prepared for a miserable decade

Trump is running scared claiming that Hillary scheduled the debates during NFL games to decrease his audience.  These debates were scheduled almost a year ago!
She will expose how little this man knows about the position he seeks.

God Help Us

As billionaire Bloomberg expressed:
if Trump ran the country like he ran his businesses
 God Help Us.
Bloomberg also implied that Trump was not sane nor competent.

Trump has shown emotional immaturity and instability over and over again.
He has spewed dangerous rhetoric over and over again.
He has no filter.
He is rude and crude.
He shows no respect but demands respect.
If he feels slighted, he counter-punches like a schoolyard bully.
He has no sense of fair play.
He has no sense of right and wrong.
He has no sense of ethics.
He is a petulant child instead of a professional adult.
He never feels remorse, admits he behaved poorly, or apologizes.
He has no empathy.
He has no conscience.

He instructed his minions not to watch the Democrat Convention last evening.
Even before this last night, He wanted to hit several speakers till their heads spun (supposedly just verbally) but was advised not to do it. (cannot shake the image of Christie sitting on Trump's hand to prevent tweets)
He makes terrible comments about our Military who do not want him to be their Commander-in-Chief.
He does not have the temperament to run for POTUS and definitely not the temperament to serve as POTUS.

It will be interesting to see if this bully has the guts to debate Clinton after avoiding a debate with Sanders.  If he foolishly thinks he can beat Clinton in a debate, he will blow any chance of becoming POTUS.   The debate will get incredible ratings but only his most ignorant supporters will still vote for him.

This is not a storyline for wrestling fans.
This is not an audition for a reality TV show.
Not an audition for a role in a drama series like Tyrant or even comedy series because his behavior stopped being amusing long ago.
He does not understand that an elected public servant is not the boss.
This is an evaluation for the most powerful position in the world which demands a mature diplomatic temperament and well informed responsible individual who wants to serve and protect all Americans.  Right now what Americans need protection from is HIM.

Joe Biden said Trump has no clue.
I say the people who support Trump have no  clue.
He has no trustworthy qualities and is a pathological liar.
They think he is honest and says what he thinks.
Sometimes he speaks without thinking which is just a raw emotional outburst..
Sometimes he will say something he is not thinking just for its effect.

The GOP seems clueless as well.
He seems unaware of the adopted GOP platform.

I do not understand how his daughter who is besties with Chelsea is also so clueless.
He seems unaware of the support for women his daughter had implied.
His daughter claims Trump is color and gender Blind.
I say he is just Blind.

He is just unaware of everything except seeing his face on the news and social media,
He is unaware after all of these decades that his words are also being recorded.
The real Donald Trump denies saying what he said even when the video of him saying it is played right in front of him.
If insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result,
He is totally out of touch with reality and unfit to become the POTUS in the real world.

We have seen the real Donald Trump.
An empty ugly shell who has never cared about anything or anyone except himself, his wallet and most of all WINNING..
He will say anything to WIN.
All he cares about is Winning but just what is he winning with his irresponsible behavior except a rotten reputation which will hurt his businesses rather than help them.
His legacy will be a pitiful one.
Let's fire him before he is hired.

For those who watch TV more for the villain than the hero,
no worries you will still see him in November when the law suit against Trump University is scheduled. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016


It has been said that the voters want *Change*.

The GOP have been responsible for stagnation.
Obama would have made many more changes if the GOP Congress were not putting up road blocks.  Gun control was ignored by the GOP as well as the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice.  If people want change, they need to replace the GOP majority in Congress.  Otherwise the changes that did squeak through such as gay marriage may be reversed.  That is moving backwards, not forwards.

Wake up America!
Not only has the GOP blocked change, they want backward changes, not forward changes.
God only knows what Trump wants because Trump does not even know.  Changes for women his daughter mentioned were never mentioned by him and he is totally out of touch with the issues, let alone having any positive plans except his dumb wall.

The GOP caused the Flint Michigan water hazard and have done nothing to resolve it.
Trump does not believe in Global warming or environmental protection.
They are more concerned about transgender bathroom restrictions than having safe water in the bathrooms (and kitchens).

Bullies = Bad Karma

I still believe in Karma and that selfless people are happier.
There is nothing positive about hurting another human being unless it is to protect an innocent victim.
Bullies try to boost their egos by hurting others.
Bullies are not happy people.
Misery loves company and mob mentality quickly spreads.
Some religious leaders and politicians thrive on feeling more powerful by dehumanizing others.
The bigotry, homophobia, and bible cherry picking of the radical right in the USA to me is very UN-American.  Why give these unhappy people control of the American government just so they can spread their toxicity, negativity and unhappiness?
The GOP platform is Un-American.
All you can expect from this empowerment of bullies is misery for all instead of justice for all.

Let the bullies inherit the Earth.
Donald Trump is not interesting in the environment.
If Global Warming does not destroy the human race quickly enough, let's start bombing the hell out of each other.

This may sound odd but I do not even like competitive sports.
The winner may be very happy superficially but how do the losers feel?
Even if America is the last country standing, will the environment be kind to its future generations?

Live and let live.
The pursuit of happiness should not be in the hands of unhappy people who lack a conscience.
Bullies are emotionally unstable.
Guns should not be available to people who are emotionally unstable.
Assault weapons and ammunition should not be available to any civilians.
(2 recent police shooting were by emotionally unstable Black men who were trained in our military)

Trump is emotionally unstable and a horrific role model.
His rhetoric is escalating hateful behavior and harming others everytime he opens his mouth.
Our military quite clearly do not want him to be Commander-in-Chief.
Last but not least, nuclear bombs should not be available to people who are emotionally unstable.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Ugliest American

Donald Trump is the epitome of *The Ugly American*.
In fact, he has become the most famous and therefore, Ugliest American.

I have crossed paths with other Ugly Americans online.
Just as Hillary has been taking the higher road, I have tried to choose similarly.
My nature drives me to be as generous with my time as possible to *friends* I have made online, especially if I can give them something to make their day alittle brighter.  I have always been a giver instead of a taker and a people pleaser my whole life.   My mother suffered from borderline personality disorder and I allowed her to abuse me and sadly my husband till the day she died.  I cannot express what a relief it has been not to endure her abuse anymore.  I feel guilty for not forgiving her for being mentally ill.  One day, maybe the Trump kids will wake up but perhaps, they are too far gone to realize what damage they are doing to our country and the world.

I have learned the hard way to avoid toxic people who feel threatened by my nature because it is so foreign to them just as their nature is foreign to me.

I cannot lie like a toxic sociopath but do understand how one can manipulate others into going against their innate nature.  Heck, I was under the spell of one for several months from her very first email  up to a year ago when I woke up. I tried to warn others but probably appeared unstable in my attempt.  She used fear and countless lies to manipulate and create chaos just like Trump.  She was the puppet master and thankfully, I cut the strings that bound us but the damage was already done to some mutual friendships and communities.
There are probably many Trump fans who cannot open their eyes but hopefully will before November.

Last night's convention had me in tears several times.
I never realized just how selfless Hillary Clinton actually was and is.
It is very hard for a person who does not have this innate fire to make the world a better place realize there are selfless people in this world.
Selfless people put a huge bulls-eye on their back.
Toxic people take aim and shoot.

Cher called Trump Gozilla:
Loud, crushes everyone in his way. makes lotta noise but says nothing

Whichever personality becomes the next POTUS is up to the voters who need to open their eyes, minds and hearts or forever suffer the consequences.

Deal me in
I'm with her

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Unfortunately, my husband had Trump on the TV.
I am tired of his disrespect for others who have devoted their live to helping others.
His red herrings like his Birthers allegations are distractions from his own corruption.
He insists Obama is Muslim.
He tweets an antisemitic graphic with Hillary,
then accuses Hillary of using Bernie's religion against him!

I heard him promise  to have every agency investigating corruption in the government.
He can start with his number one minion and Bridge-gate.
Then he can check his campaign staff for asking foreign officials for contributions to his campaign fund, even after being warned that it was not legal.

Of course, the IRS needs to audit his tax returns which really should have been completed BEFORE the conventions so the GOP had time to replace him.
Honesty and Transparency are unknown character qualities to him.

He has a good friend who have been accused of statutory rape and another of sexual harassment.
He never apologizes for the harm he does and has no conscience.
He is above the law.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Go Hillary!

I am watching the Democrat Convention.

I am truly proud to be an American
and truly proud to be a Democrat
more than I ever have been in my 67 years

It would be hysterical if Melania again admired Michelle's speech so much that she decides she does not want another year, let alone 4 to 8 more with Trump as her son's role model and her lord and master.

Just to show what a hypocrite Trump is ...
He had a tantrum because of Cruz not endorsing him yet criticizes Sanders for endorsing Hillary.

He even criticizes Hillary for taking naps.  I wish I had 1/4 of her energy.
Maybe if he got more sleep, his brain would be more functional.

Trump tweeted:
Bernie Sanders totally sold out to Crooked Hillary Clinton. All of that work, energy and money, and nothing to show for it! Waste of time.

Trump does not understand this whole process.
Sanders is already the winner while Trump is the loser.
Sanders got much of his policies included on the platform.
Even if Trump miraculously becomes the next POTUS, none of his unrealistic policies will be implemented.  Who knows why he is running other than being a publicity whore.

I doubt he will even get any financial rewards in return for his *work, energy and money*.
If anything, most of his businesses may wind up bankrupted quicker because not many people like bullies and con men.
No man is an island (or in this case no man and his family).
Trump has no political support.
His number one political minion even disliked Trump's nastiness about the disabled reporter.
Just compare, the opening night of the two conventions.

Toxic people like Trump just do not understand people who care about other people more than power and money.

Let's make a great America even greater.
Let's move forwards, not backwards.
Let's treat others with respect even if we disagree on personal beliefs.
Let's be good roles models for our children.
Let's give our children a country where pursuit of happiness is enabled.

There will always be unhappy, insecure, toxic people.
Let's be happy in spite of them.
Just say *Never Trump* because he exemplifies what happens when someone has poor role models as a child.

Love trumps Hate.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tim Kaine!!!

I just watched Tim Kaine speak for the first time and

He is an amazing choice for VP.
A real Mensch and the total opposite of Trump and Pence.
I agreed with every word and enjoyed his personality and sense of humor.

No more worries.
I will be able to sleep nights like a baby.

When will his fans admit the Emperor is not wearing any clothes?
Most of the problems he claims he can resolve are exacerbated by his rhetoric.

He was rotten at business, always putting his own personal profit first.
He was and is a rotten human being without a conscience.
Yes, his children are impressive but his wife and past marital history?
You are not voting for his children who know they will all become much richer if daddy can tweak the tax laws to benefit the wealthy.
There is no transparency
No tax returns.
An army of lawyers, law suits, and hush agreements to protect his poor behavior.

Trump does not have the experience or temperament to be POTUS.
Trump, himself, has said:
repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.
He has convenient memory lapses.
He never admits to being wrong.
He never apologizes.
He is emotionally stunted at the age of 8.
(still has the playground bully mentality and throws tantrums)
He focuses on wherever his irrational negativity takes him at the moment.
He shows no interest in educating himself before jumping to conclusions.
flips and flops, regularly contradicting himself
bullies, attacks, and lies
and will say or do anything for media attention.
He ignores all wrongdoing he has done in the past 25 years like it never happened.
Can he truly be trusted with national security when he is a pathological liar with no conscience and no empathy for anyone but himself?

Clinton has been under a microscope for 25 years, being the victim of GOP witch hunts.
She has apologized for her misuse of a private email server.
Ambassador Stevens's mother and sister do not blame her for his death and claim he would not either.
Imagine Trump being questioned for hours and hours during a federal investigation with his short attention span, disregard for truth, and emotional instability!
(if he were to become POTUS, he would be impeached and possibly incarcerated because he has no emotional stability and believes he is above the law)

Ben Stein who never voted Democrat is leaning towards voting for Clinton because of Trump's economic *policies*.

Gary Kasparov Russian chess champion now dissident politician tweets about Trump:
I’ve heard this sort of speech a lot in the last 15 years and trust me, it doesn’t sound any better in Russian.
It’s Demagoguery 101: When you don’t have actual answers, exaggerate the problems with fear & hatred in order to blind people with emotion.

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Must Read

The real Donald Trump is the person we see.
There is no other side or direction for him.

His 60 minute interview showed how unfit he is to be POTUS.
His future debates with Hillary will definitely drive him over the edge and show how unfit he is.

(We may be hearing quite a bit from angry Donald about this)
So Melania's speech writers obviously plagiarized Michelle Obama's 2008 speech.
(Earlier Melania lied and said she wrote most of it with very little help.)
And in typical fashion the Trump campaign manager denied any plagiarism and started accusing Clinton of reacting to another female.  The similarities were immediately noticed by someone on Twitter long before Clinton had any knowledge of the similarities.

Ironically, Melania's version left out Michelle's most important phrase about respecting other people even if you do not agree with them LOL
Of course, we all know this is a trait missing in Trump's DNA.
Other politicians when caught plagiarizing, just admitted to it
It is just too embarrassing in this case when considering who spoke the original words.

The previous Trump campaign manager is tweeting that the current Campaign manager should be fired LOL

What a circus.
Wish I could enjoy it but their negativity is just too stressful.
I like to fall asleep with the tv on because of tinnitus but last night I had to shut if off because it was just too nasty.

2nd night of GOP convention:
all I caught was this from Paul Ryan:
“They are offering you a third Obama term brought to you by another Clinton,” he said. “And you’re supposed to be excited about it.”
He later added: “2016 is the year America moves on.”
Problem is there would have been  much more change if the GOP Congress had worked with Pres Obama!   Now the GOP want to go backwards and ban gay marriage and support conversion therapy for gay minors (or minors who *think* they are gay).   Not only do they want to treat Gays as second class citizens but they want to enable anyone to be able to purchase an assault rifle.
This should be the year that the GOP Congress majority gets replaced for all of our citizens and not just the radicalized Christians.
This would be very exciting where as the alternative (GOP leadership) would be greatly depressing, especially paying for Trump's Wall.

Ryan also wants the GOP to be inclusive
(for everyone but Gays and Mexicans I guess)

Trump promises to protect the LGBT community.
Actually they need protection from the GOP.
He cannot protect them from domestic terrorism till the hateful Radical Right STFU.
He cannot protect them if He selects future Supreme Court Justices who cannot separate Church and State.
He cannot protect anyone with assault rifles so easily obtainable.

Do not let the future of our country be in the hands of the Radical Right and a narcissist with dementia ...  Forest Gump was brilliant compared to Trump

"Anyone who endorses violence, hatred or oppression is not welcome in our country and never ever will be," Trump said.
OK Mr. Trump, please leave the USA

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Blogging etc

I am enjoying my new online home on so may be blogging less since I can use it to track what workouts I am doing or planning to do.

Yesterday I did a DanceBody class that had less people so it was visually easier to follow and it also had some *new* tunes.

This morning I did Leslie's Bellyblasting Walk with cuing and way too soft music but I did like some of her new moves in it so will be doing my edit as sparks throughout the day.

Join VK if you want to keep in touch!

One other thing in case anyone is wondering ...
I am still loving my ultra cord 48 inch PROBounce which arrives last September and even larger Ibounce Hexagon which arrived in January, using both daily and seeing very little cord wear.
Absolutely no buyer's remorse for either and enjoy their differences.
I much prefer their larger diameters and lower heights to my 44 inch JumpSport.
My feet love them all (Thankfully no PF flares).
If I had to choose between them at the same price point, I would go with the Hexagon.
Ironically it is the cheaper of the two!

With a tape measure that claimed my PROBounce frame was actually closer to 50 inches than 48 inches, here are the mat bouncing diameters for each:

44 inch JumpSport has 32 inches
48 inch PROBounce has 37 inches
Hexagon has the same 37 inches when measured side to side but 41 inches when measured from corner to opposite corner.

Size does matter to me but how you use it is really the key of enjoying any size.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Great MUsic

This morning I really enjoyed my edit of a walk by Keaira on youtube.  The Music I used was fantastic and her moves were simply to follow and tweak to create more fun.

language warning in song lyrics

Keep MUving!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Great News!

In 3 months, all of my high numbers (Total Cholesterol, LDL and Triglycerides) went down quite a bit!  Also my BP has been very normal.  I think I am out of danger of developing metabolic disease and diabetes.  Mainly I have limited refined carbs and have done some HIIT spikes two or three days a week.  I also lost 4 pounds.

ETA:  also my A1C went down.
Still pre-diabetic but at least not near the top of the range.

Only disappointment was that the sun really does not produce VitD for me.  Just as well, last time I was in the sun, the mosquitoes had a buffet.  Will go back to daily VitD  pills.

This morning I did the standing segment of Jessica's Total Body Metabolism and also some of her Shoulder and Neck Gentle Yoga Flow.  Finished with a bit of walk-bouncing with Leslie.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Lots of stress between WellVideo ending file storage and seeing the mess our political system is creating.  Mike Pence is very homophobic and would reverse all of the progress our country has made if Trump's VP choice and by some miracle they win.  I doubt Trump will even complete his 4 years so that makes it even scarier.  I do not understand the shift in Florida and hope the poll is meaningless, as meaningless as the poll on WellVideo was.   Between the horrible GOP platform and their record in Congress, I cannot imagine too many people with a good heart will be voting for the GOP and/or Trump.  It is truly coming down to a battle between Good and Evil.

Just look at all of the taxes that are being wasted fighting equal rights for all taxpayers.

I am with Justice Ginsburg and may leave America if Trump (or the radicalized right GOP) wins because America would no longer be the Land of the Free.  How could I live here knowing most people are so bigoted and nasty?  Gun Violence will escalate. Bullying will replace Civility.  It is a real nightmare.

In my younger days, I was a Law&Order type of voter and registered Republican.  I lived through the Newark riots,  Hippie demonstrations which messed up my senior year in college (Newark Rutgers should have refunded my last semester tuition with so many classes canceled), worked in the Newark hospital where I was born and was mugged at knife point by 3 Black teens when going to a drugstore during lunch and knew several other White employees who were mugged during that year, etc.
I was not physically harmed but others I knew were beaten. The owner of a nearby Chinese take-out was shot and killed during a robbery.
Ironically two Black male co-workers whom I ate lunch with would walk me to my car daily afterwards.  Both of these wonderful men were invited to my wedding.  In fact, one became my photographer LOL

Post traumatic stress made me move to northern VA for a few years where we worked for the FBI before my first husband became a police officer.  The beginning of the end of that marriage was when my first husband's *buddy* made really sick antisemitic jokes like how I would make a wonderful lamp shade and my husband would laugh.  The comments about Trump's star reminded me of that horrible memory.

However, I was pretty much a socialist at heart and had many friends with different ethnicities, religions, and races throughout my whole life.  I knew that there were good and bad in all communities.  For example, I am Jewish as is the person who ruined WellVideo (if she was telling the truth about anything including her religion and if she was even a she).

I admit, I had a bad reaction when our older son came out as Gay even though I had gay friends and co-workers so I under this irrational reaction a heterosexual may have.  Now I am a menopausal Hippie preferring peace and love. People do evolve and mature if they have an open mind and heart.

Last night a horrible inner thigh spasm woke me and the right hip is sore today.
As usual, my workout helped to burn much of the stress and even loosen up the hip..
I really like the feel of the Country Heat demos on youtube.
Did some Jessica too.  I like a few of her new dvds alot but am so-so about many too and doubt I will even bother to replace the music because the moves are not motivating.  The ones I do like need her cuing.

Since I am a variety junkie, I ordered a few workouts on Amazon to keep me moving till Country Heat is released in August.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Still Exploring new Jessicas

I am still in the middle of trying the new Jessica Smith dvds.
The one I did this morning (Core Control) actually had enjoyable music!

Today it was noted the first step has been taken towards the deletion of privately stored files on WellVideo.  All stored files were made public while pasted urls kept their chosen privacy setting.

(I am sure those who ruined WellVideo were celebrating the misery of others)

Saturday, July 9, 2016


The GOP is focused on meaningless investigations into Clinton's emails and blocking progress on gun legislature, anti-gay discrimination, and Supreme Court Justice nominations.   It is time to elect politicians who do their job instead of pleasing special interests.  It is time for politicians to do what is right for the whole country instead of bigoted groups.
ETA:  Now the GOP is trying to pass discriminatory bills and reverse equality of marriage within individual states.
News flash:  if you do not want to marry someone of the same gender, then don't!
But do not deny equal rights to other taxpayers based on personal irrational fears.

Thankfully, Trump is such a jerk that he will get many of these other jerks voted out of office.

It is really ironic when Demagogue Donald speaks about unifying the country.
In a way, he is unifying the country:

His sidekick Christie is not much better.
In fact, he may be worse in cases like Bridge-gate which did alot more harm with intent than Clinton's emails.
(news alert: Christie's previously missing mobile phone has been found!)

On a positive note:
This morning I did Jessica's Stride Step routine and more of her Have a Ball.
Stride & Step has cuing I need but I am going add MUsic to Have a Ball.

Friday, July 8, 2016


The new Jessica Smith DVDs arrived yesterday just after my DanceBody workout.

Unfortunately the Boost Metabolism was a dud and will not play the whole Total Body chapter.  Luckily it stops during the floor and this girl does not do floor LOL
Amazon does not do replacements for these so I am getting a refund for the dvd.  I'll decide whether to re-order it in a future Amazon order if I have other items for free shipping since I am not PRIME. It all depends on how well or poorly the parts of the DVD play that I will want to do.

This morning I did the Interval workout on the *Have Fun* DVD which was great on the bungees.   I noticed that Jessica is doing less reps and changing the moves more often so may not replace her audio on this one!  I sweated and did not watch the clock.  Then I did some of her ball routine but sat on my stability ball and held a purple Zumba stick.

These new DVDs look great.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Politics online and in real life

On exactly the same day alittle over a year ago, two sociopaths made life online and offline surreal.
File storage and sharing is ending on WellVideo this month.
When I first joined WellVideo, it was a wonderful place and had the potential to become even better.  Unfortunately, a sociopath infiltrated and ruined the community sharing spirit there.
In a way, it will be a relief not to have to witness the destruction of the WellVideo community spirit anymore.  The damage is done and it will never be repaired.  Those of us who like to share, will continue to share in other ways.  I, myself, will thankfully have less exposure to the sociopath and her minions.  The *War* is over but my conscience is intact.

Now I watch helplessly as another sociopath is destroying the sense of community spirit in the US.  Even if he does not become the next POTUS, he will be plastered on TV and PC screens as a constant reminder of how much hate exists in our country and around the world.  There is no escaping this monster.  He will remain a part of our culture indefinitely.

The only way to react to a sociopath is to run far away from the monster and have no interaction.
Where can the decent people in the US run?

As usual, I turned to working out to release some stress.
I really enjoyed some edits of Alchemy of Movement!
If I remove the excessive reps, they make wonderful sparks.

Looks like my Amazon package was not loaded on to the truck today.
Actually UPS switched the package to the USPS system late this morning.
Tomorrow is another day.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

More Great Edits and DanceBody

This morning, I really enjoyed an edit of a Gilad routine then some DanceBody and ended with alittle TA.  DanceBody is definitely more enjoyable than TA for me.

Looking forward to receiving the Jessica Smith DVDs I ordered which finally got to NJ after being in transit since last Tuesday.  Now it may take two days to travel less than 30 minutes.

Update:  my package took 12 hours to go from 30 minutes north of me to 30 minutes west of me.  However, it may be put on the truck for delivery today (Weds) but time is running out.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Great Edits

This morning I really enjoyed two edited files.
First one was a combination of new jessicasmithtv routines that worked the lower body and the other was a Barlates Band routine which worked great sitting on a stability ball.
I decided to take a break from doing DanceBody everyday so tried another Shine Dance Fitness. Her annoying exclamations made me quickly give it up.

Going through my dvdrs yesterday, I came across dozens of edited routines I either never tried or really loved so I need to visit/revisit some of them.
Alchemy of Movement and Shine Dance Fitness will be rarely if ever visited again.

FaceBook Special Surprise from Dancebody!

My Current Sharing Plan

WellVideo will soon be deleting all stored files but will continue to host videos from other sites.  I have not liked what I have seen on Videoller, a new site offering to allow files uploads.  So I have decided to stick with what has been working for me in the past year for both public and private file sharing since Toutbox closed.

I have made my Bouncin Barb profile on WellVideo private because of visits from those who ruined group and friend sharing on WellVideo.    However, you can contact me there through my alternate profile for more information:

Thanks to WellVideo, I have met many people from all over the world.  Even though I am a People-Pleaser, I have no desire to interact with selfish and nasty people online or in real life, especially sociopaths who are pathological liars.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

DanceBody Rave

DanceBody generously gave several fans a free two week trial of their new streaming service.  I was actually promised a month for promoting their Periscope and streaming service launch but am very happy with just the two weeks I was given.

I do not stream workouts and still use dvds in my basement workout area with a cheap surround sound system and tube TV,  bouncing to loud music with little to no cuing (and definitely no Whooping or Whooing or any other annoying sound effects).  Most online classes have annoying sound effects if not nonstop chatter.  I think TA, Yin, and maybe Hamelin are about the only one who offer music only.  There are many youtube videos that are mostly music only but the choreo is usually repetitious or music Zumba style which I do not prefer.

I have burned several of the DanceBody streams to dvd and did them this past week.   I am also not a fan of mat work so skip those segments when I burn the classes.  Whether streamed or burned to dvd, their style is the best cardio and AWT I have found online or on dvd.

If I wanted to stream workouts, DanceBody would be my number one choice if not only choice.
Once I have tried all that I can burn, I plan to subscribe for a week and catch up on more of their classes.  I have enjoyed working out this week in spite of much mental and physical stress.

Go to  and click on the streaming tab for more information.

Friday, July 1, 2016


As of now, I have no intention of buying space on the new host site Videoller so will not be sharing video files there until they get the site working properly.
It does enable some pasting of urls for sharing but not all of the VK urls that Wellvideo allowed.
(ETA: solved this url problem.  The actual video url is to be pasted, not the share-export link)

The more I try to do, the more glitches I find.
Invited Friends have trouble joining my private group there.
The group also has less editing options.
The channel and playlists are awkward.

Friends need psychic powers to find a private video if not sent a direct link or if not posted on a channel.  The video is literally invisible unless added to a channel and most friends do not investigate most channels.
If a title is edited, the new title does not appear on the link!
Friends on WellVideo could see when a friend added a new private video on the main feed and friend feed.

Not at all an improvement over WellVideo.
Maybe it will evolve before file storing on WellVideo ends.

I can share privately on VK for free with decent quality.
What good is better quality if paying for storage space and no friends can find the video?

After hearing that Videoller has a different owner than WellVideo and that WellVideo will continue everything except file storage, I am staying with WellVideo and sharing files on other sites as I have been.