Thursday, July 28, 2016


It has been said that the voters want *Change*.

The GOP have been responsible for stagnation.
Obama would have made many more changes if the GOP Congress were not putting up road blocks.  Gun control was ignored by the GOP as well as the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice.  If people want change, they need to replace the GOP majority in Congress.  Otherwise the changes that did squeak through such as gay marriage may be reversed.  That is moving backwards, not forwards.

Wake up America!
Not only has the GOP blocked change, they want backward changes, not forward changes.
God only knows what Trump wants because Trump does not even know.  Changes for women his daughter mentioned were never mentioned by him and he is totally out of touch with the issues, let alone having any positive plans except his dumb wall.

The GOP caused the Flint Michigan water hazard and have done nothing to resolve it.
Trump does not believe in Global warming or environmental protection.
They are more concerned about transgender bathroom restrictions than having safe water in the bathrooms (and kitchens).

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