Friday, July 8, 2016


The new Jessica Smith DVDs arrived yesterday just after my DanceBody workout.

Unfortunately the Boost Metabolism was a dud and will not play the whole Total Body chapter.  Luckily it stops during the floor and this girl does not do floor LOL
Amazon does not do replacements for these so I am getting a refund for the dvd.  I'll decide whether to re-order it in a future Amazon order if I have other items for free shipping since I am not PRIME. It all depends on how well or poorly the parts of the DVD play that I will want to do.

This morning I did the Interval workout on the *Have Fun* DVD which was great on the bungees.   I noticed that Jessica is doing less reps and changing the moves more often so may not replace her audio on this one!  I sweated and did not watch the clock.  Then I did some of her ball routine but sat on my stability ball and held a purple Zumba stick.

These new DVDs look great.

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