Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Lots of stress between WellVideo ending file storage and seeing the mess our political system is creating.  Mike Pence is very homophobic and would reverse all of the progress our country has made if Trump's VP choice and by some miracle they win.  I doubt Trump will even complete his 4 years so that makes it even scarier.  I do not understand the shift in Florida and hope the poll is meaningless, as meaningless as the poll on WellVideo was.   Between the horrible GOP platform and their record in Congress, I cannot imagine too many people with a good heart will be voting for the GOP and/or Trump.  It is truly coming down to a battle between Good and Evil.

Just look at all of the taxes that are being wasted fighting equal rights for all taxpayers.

I am with Justice Ginsburg and may leave America if Trump (or the radicalized right GOP) wins because America would no longer be the Land of the Free.  How could I live here knowing most people are so bigoted and nasty?  Gun Violence will escalate. Bullying will replace Civility.  It is a real nightmare.

In my younger days, I was a Law&Order type of voter and registered Republican.  I lived through the Newark riots,  Hippie demonstrations which messed up my senior year in college (Newark Rutgers should have refunded my last semester tuition with so many classes canceled), worked in the Newark hospital where I was born and was mugged at knife point by 3 Black teens when going to a drugstore during lunch and knew several other White employees who were mugged during that year, etc.
I was not physically harmed but others I knew were beaten. The owner of a nearby Chinese take-out was shot and killed during a robbery.
Ironically two Black male co-workers whom I ate lunch with would walk me to my car daily afterwards.  Both of these wonderful men were invited to my wedding.  In fact, one became my photographer LOL

Post traumatic stress made me move to northern VA for a few years where we worked for the FBI before my first husband became a police officer.  The beginning of the end of that marriage was when my first husband's *buddy* made really sick antisemitic jokes like how I would make a wonderful lamp shade and my husband would laugh.  The comments about Trump's star reminded me of that horrible memory.

However, I was pretty much a socialist at heart and had many friends with different ethnicities, religions, and races throughout my whole life.  I knew that there were good and bad in all communities.  For example, I am Jewish as is the person who ruined WellVideo (if she was telling the truth about anything including her religion and if she was even a she).

I admit, I had a bad reaction when our older son came out as Gay even though I had gay friends and co-workers so I under this irrational reaction a heterosexual may have.  Now I am a menopausal Hippie preferring peace and love. People do evolve and mature if they have an open mind and heart.

Last night a horrible inner thigh spasm woke me and the right hip is sore today.
As usual, my workout helped to burn much of the stress and even loosen up the hip..
I really like the feel of the Country Heat demos on youtube.
Did some Jessica too.  I like a few of her new dvds alot but am so-so about many too and doubt I will even bother to replace the music because the moves are not motivating.  The ones I do like need her cuing.

Since I am a variety junkie, I ordered a few workouts on Amazon to keep me moving till Country Heat is released in August.

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