Sunday, July 17, 2016

Blogging etc

I am enjoying my new online home on so may be blogging less since I can use it to track what workouts I am doing or planning to do.

Yesterday I did a DanceBody class that had less people so it was visually easier to follow and it also had some *new* tunes.

This morning I did Leslie's Bellyblasting Walk with cuing and way too soft music but I did like some of her new moves in it so will be doing my edit as sparks throughout the day.

Join VK if you want to keep in touch!

One other thing in case anyone is wondering ...
I am still loving my ultra cord 48 inch PROBounce which arrives last September and even larger Ibounce Hexagon which arrived in January, using both daily and seeing very little cord wear.
Absolutely no buyer's remorse for either and enjoy their differences.
I much prefer their larger diameters and lower heights to my 44 inch JumpSport.
My feet love them all (Thankfully no PF flares).
If I had to choose between them at the same price point, I would go with the Hexagon.
Ironically it is the cheaper of the two!

With a tape measure that claimed my PROBounce frame was actually closer to 50 inches than 48 inches, here are the mat bouncing diameters for each:

44 inch JumpSport has 32 inches
48 inch PROBounce has 37 inches
Hexagon has the same 37 inches when measured side to side but 41 inches when measured from corner to opposite corner.

Size does matter to me but how you use it is really the key of enjoying any size.

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