Friday, July 1, 2016


As of now, I have no intention of buying space on the new host site Videoller so will not be sharing video files there until they get the site working properly.
It does enable some pasting of urls for sharing but not all of the VK urls that Wellvideo allowed.
(ETA: solved this url problem.  The actual video url is to be pasted, not the share-export link)

The more I try to do, the more glitches I find.
Invited Friends have trouble joining my private group there.
The group also has less editing options.
The channel and playlists are awkward.

Friends need psychic powers to find a private video if not sent a direct link or if not posted on a channel.  The video is literally invisible unless added to a channel and most friends do not investigate most channels.
If a title is edited, the new title does not appear on the link!
Friends on WellVideo could see when a friend added a new private video on the main feed and friend feed.

Not at all an improvement over WellVideo.
Maybe it will evolve before file storing on WellVideo ends.

I can share privately on VK for free with decent quality.
What good is better quality if paying for storage space and no friends can find the video?

After hearing that Videoller has a different owner than WellVideo and that WellVideo will continue everything except file storage, I am staying with WellVideo and sharing files on other sites as I have been.

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