Friday, October 31, 2014


I love short and sweet routines.  This morning I did a bunch of them, one after another for my regular workout routine.  I use easy to tweak routines so I can alternate and/or combine my tools: bungee, ball, band, Stax cans, and of course, MUsic which is my most important tool.

Most of these routines can be done right in front of a pc or laptop screen: standing or sitting on a ball or chair.  I plan to upload my favorite edited sparks to a special playlist on where I am Bouncin Barb.

ETA: The RALA finally delivered so I took one and felt almost immediately energized.  So energized I took a brisk walk with son to try to burn off some of the excess energy.  The good news is that I was having a vertigo bout just before taking it which disappeared.  Sure hope the lingering ear buzzing and peripheral neuropathy also disappear.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


I just read some blog posts from June 2012 when I was having alot of pain issues, especially a problematic right knee.  If I had known then what I know now about Statins, I could have saved myself unnecessary suffering.  Still waiting on the RALA so took a stronger Melatonin last night which had previous given me a headache and did indeed, give me a headache again so back to the weaker dose.  Meanwhile my left foot has developed a new problem, first cramping in bed and now still tender probably related to the lingering neuropathy.  Luckily, I can stand and walk pain free and even healthbounce. Tinnitus wasn't as bad last night and slept well with the strong Melatonin.

Also wanted to mention that a gal having trouble playing youtube videos (flash in her Safari browser had expired), tried DailyMotion but couldn't enjoy streaming because of their ads, next tried WellVideo and loved it!!!
Here's my invitation link again
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This morning I did 3 edited Crunch routines on the bungee and ball, plus Billy bands then Stax cans. The MUsic I added kept me moving but the moves themselves were not special enough to revisit so I am just keeping the soundtrack of one of them for future routines.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rant and Rave

First the Rant:

I had ordered RALA (Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid) from an Amazon vendor last week who shipped the same day.  The darn bottle has now spent 4 days and counting in the NJ postal system when it was supposed to be delivered Monday!  Meanwhile the peripheral neuropathy and tinnitus seems to be getting worse.   Last night I had to take a Melatonin to fall asleep because of the loud endless noises in my head.  In the past, Melatonin gave me a headache but that may have been more because of Lipitor since I had no headache.

Now the Rave:
I loved the routines I did this morning!
(probably because of the MUsic I used)
First I did an edited version of Jessica Smith's Kickboxing routines on the bungee then ball with the Stax cans.  Then I did an edited version of Chris Freytag's Walk Yourself Fit which had some unique moves.  I was feeling pooped so tried just alittle of an edited Keaira Dance:


my sample:
Lots of fun from its very beginning so will revisit the video.
I am privately uploading edited routines to for revisits so come visit Bouncin Barb at
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


After 2 mornings in AC, this morning's routines were
Arnita Champion's 80s Cardio on the bungee
Arnita Champion's abs and thighs on the stability ball but edited
Arnita Champion Videos


last but not least, some of Kari Anderson's Center Floor to which I had added Celtic MUsic, making this a delightful way to work my tingling feet.
here's a sample:

I allowed myself to go anaerobic at least three times during Arnita's Cardio and will shoot for anaerobic intervals with a gentle healthbounce recovery every 3 days after reading the benefits of this type of training.  I was fortunate that my resting heartrate continued to be so good in spite of statin setbacks.
I have the heart of an athlete! LOL

ETA: I never thought marriage equality would become such a reality in this country during my lifetime.  I hope a similar grass roots movement with the help of the internet is successful during my lifetime that of which is removing millions of people from harmful statins so people can enjoy their lives more. After-all, equal rights changed one mind at a time, especially after a gay loved one came out.   I am afraid many doctors will have to watch their loved ones suffer before they will change and stop pushing statins.


Statins may contribute more to developing heart disease than being preventative. There is little doubt that a statin can ruin the feeling of well being and daily quality of life in an otherwise healthy body.

Mentally, a statin user may eat less healthy and move less because they think the statin will protect their arteries.

(my own doctor and husband definitely fall into this category)

Physically, the statin creates many deficiencies in the body, especially when combined with an unbalanced diet. These deficiencies rob the user of energy and create mental and/or physical discomfort.

I think I had just about every possible side effect plus others like hot flashes well past menopause and blamed most side effects on aging and menopause.  Women after menopause will be given a prescription after losing their estrogen protection against coronary artery disease. Statins are a placebo for women, not offering anything but a fake sense of protection from heart disease while promoting heart failure, dementia, and metabolic disease by preventing exercise, enabling insulin resistance, and enabling weight gain. Good luck in finding a doctor who doesn't insist on all of their patients taking this toxic substance which creates all sort of deficiencies in an otherwise healthy body.


My husband had been on statins awhile for high total cholesterol (almost 400) and having parents who developed *heart disease*.  I joined him when I was postmenopausal because my cholesterol rose a bit but was still much lower than his had been.  I really had no other risk factors.

My son at 26 was prescribed a statin even though his numbers were well under current high risk levels and he, too, had no other risk factors.   He took the statin for one week then stopped because his OCD kicked in and he became very stressed.  His OCD became focused on his food choices (limiting refined carbs and trans fat) and exercise.  His total cholesterol and LDL levels dropped to levels where no doctor would ever recommend a statin.  My son had started researching statins online so I started to do so as well. Our family doctor was prescribing a dangerous drug for our son to be taken for the rest of his life!  Of course, this doctor refused to discuss our son's success without statins.

Over the years, I slowly developed many statin side effects to a point where I could no longer ignore them.  Every time I tried to discuss these *symptoms* with my doctor, they were ignored so I assumed it was just a part of aging.  I didn't even realize these symptoms were considered side effects of statins till I started doing my own research online thanks to our son's stubbornness to not stay on statins.  Our doctor seems to prefer sheep as patients and really doesn't trust those who try to become informed.  Getting exact lab test results from him is like pulling teeth so I lack alot of information about what possible side effects are actually being exhibited in these labs results like fasting blood sugar and thyroid levels (I have a cystic nodular goiter so changes could be very important to that condition). 

As a result of my research, I experimented with taking my daily statin (Lipitor 20 mg) every other day with food to keep it in my system longer.  Also I started taking CoQ10 (50 mg twice a day after a meal then 150 then 200 mg daily).  Many of my symptoms eased especially the fatigue, morning headache, brain fog, and muscle spasms in my calves and feet.  My LDL rose a bit but overall my numbers were acceptable to my doctor who still didn't know I had switched to every other day.  I did tell him about CoQ10 which he called a placebo.
However, soon after that blood test, my feet tingling spread to my calves indicating my peripheral neuropathy was getting worse so I eased off statins completely taking them twice a week then once a week then not at all.  The tingling started to fade.  My next blood results made my doctor furious and He insisted I go on Crestor 5 mg every other day, ironically also to continue taking the CoQ10 (guess he no longer considered it a placebo?).
After one 5 mg Crestor, the tingling came back the very next day and this time spread into my thighs.  So I am DONE with Statins.  The tingling did fade a bit but is still present so I will try RALA
(Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid).  Also still have a buzzing tinnitus. 

Lots of people on statins pay less attention to their diet and exercise.  Maybe that is why half of the people suffering a first heart event have acceptable levels of cholesterol.  Maybe that is why those with higher cholesterol actually had higher survival rates with the first heart event. Maybe using statins to lower cholesterol interferes with too many other metabolic processes and needs.

I have been a regular exerciser for almost as long as I have been on statins but because of fatigue, I was exercising at lower intensities and shorter periods.  I was also trying to avoid saturated fats which has not been proven to raise cholesterol levels and may have added to my statin side effects with deficiencies.  Since switching my focus to avoiding refined carbs, my weight is finally going down.  My feeling of well being is back after battling fatigue and brain fog.  I have energy and a clear head.  I will not sacrifice my daily feeling of well being to sate my doctor's ego.  Problem is most doctors have that same ego.  I rather feel well each day than live with physical, mental, and emotional discomfort.  Stress is the largest risk factor when it comes to heart disease and most other serious conditions.  Statins (and my doctor) contributed to my stress.  Even though we could afford the co-pays, I am sure other families struggle to buy these drugs.

Since our home has less refined carbs and we all take many walks, my husband's total cholesterol and LDL are probably becoming too low so he is now taking his Lipitor every other day at my suggestion.  I really feared he would develop diabetes as his mother did who died of congestive heart failure, a condition probably worsened by statins without CoQ10.   Thankfully, my husband is not aware of any side effects but I believe he is mentally less sharp. 

and here's the kicker:
postmenopausal women have increased risks of lots of serious conditions from statin use including diabetes, heart failure, depression, memory loss, fatigue, cancer, swallowing difficulties,and cataracts (which I have been recently diagnosed as having).  Muscle aches and spasms are no picnic either and can interfere with daytime activities as well as sleep. 
Guess what benefits have been proven for postmenopausal women on a statin?

I just wanted to add that my focus is on reducing stress and having an enjoyable healthy life style, not lowering cholesterol.  Lowering cholesterol artificially with plant based products or Niacin can also create side effects without any true benefits.  Avoiding saturated fats really has no proven effect either.  My simple path towards an enjoyable life is MUving and avoiding refined carbs.
The heck with everything else LOL

This article was written in 2004:

It took me 10 years afterwards to realize how statins were destroying my quality of life.

How to move can be just as important as what to eat. On my worse days, I exercised while sitting in a chair. I still sit and bounce on a large stability ball for half my workouts. Anything is better than nothing and the one constant I have had is a decent HDL because of moving as well as pain and stress relief.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Back to Loving Jessica

I have been replacing the audio on jessicasmithtv videos for a long time but the past few months, I preferred her older routines.  Well this week's Calorie Crushing Cardio really clicked for me with the MUsic I chose.  I was a very happy camper in spite of the peripheral neuropathy feeling worse this morning.  (Alpha Lipoic Acid is on its way to me which supposedly helped others with this discomfort).  I also enjoyed some of her edited kickboxing while sitting on the ball with Billy's Gloves attached with a band.  Think I preferred the Stax cans though.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Alternating Sides

I didn't get enough sleep last night so took it easy this morning, starting with a couple of edited Mind Fitness athletic cardio and walking routines I had bought a long long time ago.  Back when I had edited them, I hadn't started muting the files first so the background cuing was annoying.  However, they may be worth the trouble of editing again because they had decent moves.
The original soundtrack was supposed to subliminally help weightloss.
All it did was bore me out of my mind.  Here's what the dvd case looked like

Mostly I did some of Ilaria's Atletica first 2 upright series but tweaked them so I only did one set and alternated the sides every 10 reps instead of doing too many reps on one side.  Her one side at a time with endless reps is what ruined her Forza routines for me. There is a tendency for instructors to over-work one side at a time that I just do not understand.  Even some of my favorites do this.  The moves worked well with a purple Zumba stick and I enjoyed the drums so didn't edit this routine.

Finished with alittle Cardio Callanetics while sitting on a stability ball.  This seems like a nice routine for bedroom sparks.

ETA; here is a sample of a fabulous spark I just did while sitting on a stability ball
Each move is repeated just enough to tweak it and make it my own.
Here's the original
either way, it works :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Today's workout routine was Bipasha Basu's Break Free.  It was loaded with easy to follow moves which worked well on the bungee and ball.  However, the music got boring so will do my thing with it.  Then I did some of a ballet stretch and some Forza2 sitting on the ball with empty hands and trying to alternate the sides more often.
The ballet stretch was not a *feel good* routine for me as I had expected it to be and coincidentally reversed my feeling of well being?  I woke up feeling really good this morning.  Not sure if was the ballet stretch that caused the reversal but now feel similar to yesterday morning when waking.  Ironically I felt better after working out yesterday and worse today.  Maybe it is where the toxins are in my body.
Maybe it was the lack of loud pumping MUsic?

You can find Bipasha's Break Free on WellVideo using the search engine after clicking on my invitation link:

(OK you can also find it on youtube LOL)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fun Stuff

This morning I revisited the edited Black Girls Workout on the bungee and it was much more intense than when I did it the first time while sitting on a stability ball as a spark!  It had lots of good bungee moves and as usual, my MUsic got me MUving.

Then I did just the PIYO Drench warmup which I liked because not too much yoga.  Next was an edited Barre3 combination and last was some Forza2 but holding a wooden rolling pin LOL  Then I sat on the stability ball for some of the Forza.  Next may try it with a Fitstix.  Actually it feels best to me without a toy and just empty hands??

ETA: I am happy to announce my husband and I canceled our next quarterly visit and will be seeing the new younger partner for our next annual doctor visit.   This really removes the stress of dealing with the older stubborn and bullying doctor.

My afternoon spark was a healthbounce followed by this gentle dance by dancewithshelly

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MUsic Does It for Me Again

I woke up feeling like I was catching a bug so did the Hydrogen Peroxide in the ears (dip a cotton ball in Hydrogen Peroxide then squeeze it in the ear and leave the cotton ball in for awhile).  Sore throat immediately went away.  In spite of not feeling great, the workout energized me with fabulous music.  As usual, I started on the 550 bungee then switched to the ball and alternated them a bit.  Added in Fitstix for upper body AWT.

This morning's routines were edited versions of Davina's Fit in 15 Cardio and Legs  then Dakidissa Arms.  I have already shared the original Davina Fit in 15 privately on WellVideo so am not uploading the edited file with the MUsic replaced even though the music was awesome.  If the original audio doesn't inspire you, try different music!

I absolutely lurved the Dakidissa moves with my chosen MUsic and will be sharing that combination privately.  The moves were more total body than just arms.  Dakidissa's original videos are in Spanish, giving me more reason to replace the audio.

Here's a sample of the result:

This may become my favorite AWT routine for awhile :)

Monday, October 20, 2014


I felt better this morning than I have in a long time.  I notice most of my aches and pains follow days without bouncing so I believe bouncing and getting rid of toxins will be my focus.  Who knows how crippled I may have become on a statin if I hadn't discovered bouncing!?!

This morning I did my edited version of Davina's Body Buff and loved the music I had used and many of the moves.

My laptop had some weird sounds this morning.  I cleaned the vents from the outside best as I could with a hand vac, air pump and pipe cleaners.  It seems somewhat better but still hear an occasional new sound.  It is probably just the fan but may be the hard drive?  Our den dinosaur desktop has been making weird sounds on and off for years so hopefully, it is nothing serious.

ETA: The noise seems to be the fan and is softer than earlier today.  Also my laptop seems to be running cooler!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

BIG News!

The only change I have made in my food choices has been to avoid refined carbs and I have dropped a few pounds.  The current research seems to reflect that carbs without fiber are more of a threat to good cardiovascular health than saturated fats.

This morning I did several edited routines and since none of them had enough special qualities for revisits, I will not bother to suggest them.  Of course, the music I added was great but I wound up tweaking to the point of freestyling during most of the routines.  However as tedious and boring as I found some of Forza1,  it did make me sweat and feel different muscles so may have a crosstraining effect worth revisiting.  Problem is I have had a tendency to get cramps in my ab muscles lately and it uses them alot.  (Forza works well without a sword with just hands striking)

Now this is BIG news:
My husband is going to try using the 370 PRO in the den when watching TV!

I just wanted to share this wonderful way of getting the knee realigned:

This works really well with a small peanut ball I had found at Walmart.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

AC Walking and room routine

Yesterday besides doing plenty of walking, I did an edited Jessica Smith routine in the hotel room I had uploaded to my LG Optimus Dynamic which I used as a mini tablet when away from home.

Sample on youtube of the original

Sample of the edited Buns and Thighs Walk:
This routine had simple to follow moves so I did not need to watch the tiny screen much.

My feet are experiencing less tingling.  To celebrate being off statins, I had pink grapefruit this morning at the Borgata breakfast buffet for the first time in 15 years!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Sharing is Caring

Anyone who follows this blog knows I love to edit workout videos and usually replace the audio while keeping the simple to follow moves without cuing.  Music energizes me and contributes to my feeling of well-being as much as moving so combining these two elements has been my key to making moving to music a regular part of my daily lifestyle. Using a bungee and a stability ball for bouncing enables me to move at higher intensities without aggravating my joints.  I am a variety addict and enjoy creating these files almost as much as doing them and certainly have more time than energy so may not even get to revisit most of them.
I follow the beat of the music while watching myself in the mirror and glance at the tv screen to see what move is being done then tweak the move to work for me depending if I am bouncing on a bungee or ball.  So I usually create smaller files with less visual quality to make uploading and downloading faster plus demanding less storage space.

There are several ways I have stored and saved some of these combinations as well as enabled sharing.

Be sure to select English as your language in the upper right hand corner or try Google translate.
If you want to download from WellVideo, the best method has been Download Helper on Firefox.
Also the Chrome Extension called Video Downloader Professional has been great.

Here's my DailyMotion link for previous uploads

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Please do not ask me to burn dvdrs of my files for you because I will not accept money for even the materials and postage.  When I used to do this in the past, it cost me quite a bit of $$ besides time.  Time I am willing to give generously.  I will help you learn how to download and burn your own dvdrs even help you learn to edit the files.
*Teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry*

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A New Day

Even though I had alot of pain last night and upon waking, I had tons of energy and a clear head so enjoyed working out unlike yesterday.  I think working out relieves the aches and pains better than anything else.
This morning I did my edited version of Debbie Siebers Cardio Core Express on the bungee then ball with Fitstix.  Then I did some more of Forza1 and finished with a somatic hip opener that actually aggravated my hip!  I find very often that theurapeutic exercise does more harm than good, much like preventative meds like statins.  Since professionals do not feel what everybody can feel, everybody must learn to listen to their own body.

My husband and I have a new plan for future preventative medicine.  We are both skipping our next 3 month visit and scheduling our annual exams on our doctor's off day to be seen by his younger partner.  I will just have preventative annuals there unless I develop a medical problem that needs treatment. My husband will go just every 6 months instead of every 3 months since he is tolerating his scripts with good results (good results according to traditional western medicine which may mean absolutely nothing).

My backup plan.....
if it doesn't work out with the younger partner,
I have located a young woman doctor who had covered for our regular doctor before he took on the new partner.   I believe she was much more personable because she spent alot of time discussing Plantar Fasciitis when I had a visit during my flare and found our son's lab tests fine even though the regular doctor had insisted on statins for him.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Catalyst Cholesterol Series

Catalyst did an investigative report on Cholesterol.
I wanted to share part2 about Statins:

Heart of the Matter Part 2 Cholesterol Drug War from Michael Eades on Vimeo.

When doing trial studies on drugs, there is a washout period where all candidates for a trial are given the drug.  Any who exhibit side effects during this period are washed out before the actual study is done  This explains why so many more people are having drug side effects than expected..

you can find the first part here

and an untelevised interview here

Post Crestor and Stress

Not a good day today waking up with lots of aches and pains, feet tingling, brain fog and fatigue.  Pretty much how I was feeling before adding CoQ10 and cutting back on Lipitor then cutting it out altogether.  The Crestor and/or flu and pneumonia vaccines combined with my doctor's self-righteous attitude completely destroyed the vulnerable feeling of well-being I had been enjoying.

I did workout but just couldn't get into anything.  I felt unsteady on the bungee so did some Forza then ball bouncing. I have felt this way before and have felt much better on other days so am hopeful this, too, shall pass.
I am mad at my doctor and even madder at myself for being a sheep led to slaughter all of these years.  Oh well, tomorrow will be a better day.

I am strongly considering to stop seeing the doctor or any doctor altogether except for an annual physical.  What's the point?  All they can do is prescribe more tests and meds and create more stress.

I had breakfast and a CoQ10 and feel much better now!
May try to do a real workout or walk before lunch

We decided to walk and pickup subs for lunch.  Next door to the sub place was a Polish Mini Mart with take-out so I ordered one of their platters to try.  The food was delicious!!!  Real home cooking instead of typical take-out.  Amazing cole slaw, mashed potatoes that tasted like knishes, stuffed cabbage and and fresh veggies not swarming in butter.  The portions were generous and the price very reasonable ($6.50).  

Meanwhile, my husband ordered subs and there were a few Union police officers there who had just gotten the message that Pres Obama's trip to our town this evening for a fundraiser was canceled.  So alot of businesses near the closed roads will be doing way less business today and residents were inconvenienced for naught.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Great Bouncing Routines

I started with my edited version of the two One Day Fatblast routines still available on DVD that had good upright lower body cardio then did a bunch of edited BootcampTV routines, all of which had lots of bouncing for the bungee and ball.
As usual, my MUsic got my endorphin flowing.

BootcampTV videos are on youtube:

For awhile last evening I was worried that my Crestor induced neuropathy was going to be worse than when on Lipitor because the tingling sensation had spread to my right forearm, hand and fingers but all of the tingling intensity seems to be lessening today.

Of course, when I tried to explain to my doctor that I stopped Lipitor because of this neuropathy even though CoQ10 did help the other problems, he shut me down.  I will eventually call him and tell him I only took one Crestor and stopped because of the neuropathy and suggest he switch me to his partner if he cannot accept my decision.  If that doesn't work out, I will start calling other doctor offices till I find one who wants an informed patient instead of a pill popper.

Today's sparks were a 2 mile walk and this Barefoot Dancer episode:

Barefoot Dancer16 Magician by POMBarb
I really enjoyed this and need to revisit them more often!

Also if you would like to try the TamiLee Webb's stretch which includes a chair, here it is
go to my WellVideo invitation link
then do a search for *stretch*

Monday, October 13, 2014

Body Gospel LIVE! and Statin Neuropathy

I decided to revisit some of Body Gospel with Donna Richardson and more Keeping Fit with Andrea Metcalf before starting a new dvdr recently burned with edited files.   I did the Body Gospel LIVE routine with the music louder option and really enjoyed its moves on the bungee then did some of the standing strength and Pilates routines with Andrea, plies mostly on the stability ball.

My feet and calves are still bothering me and the tingling sensation has now started to move upwards into my thighs.  OK I had enough of this BS and will not be touching another statin.  My doctor can just fire me as a patient.  I am DONE.
(Thank God my younger son was resistant to going on a statin because his numbers have been great without any and weren't that bad when he first started focusing more on his food choices and exercise)

ETA: The tingling is now in my right hand which was operated on for carpal tunnel syndrome over 30 years ago!  Plus I have an annoying buzzing sound in both ears.  I am so mad I let my doctor bully me into trying Crestor.   Neuropathy from statins has been suspected since 2002.
I am hoping the symptoms will weaken with time as they did after quitting Lipitor.  If my doctor doesn't switch me to seeing his young associate who may be more open-minded, I will find another doctor and ask up front whether the doctor understands the risks of statins till I find a doctor who isn't a pill pusher.  The stress from these symptoms are doing alot more damage to my arteries than any LDL.

ETA: the tingling is starting to fade a bit after building for 48 hours. The sensation now is like how my mouth feels when Novocaine starts to wear off after dental work.  It appears that neuropathy is a side effect of statins which is not prevented by CoQ10 like the brain fog, fatigue, morning headaches and joint pain.  I am done being a guinea pig for statins and very lucky I didn't continue till I had severe permanent damage or diabetes.  I have developed cataracts.

Statin induced neuropathy became suspect in 2002.  Would be nice to find a doctor who cares about their patient's daily quality of life more than distorted statistics.  As a now retired Neonatal Statistician for a NICU,  I know firsthand how numbers can be manipulated.  Understanding statistics also made me an excellent horseracing handicapper.
Too many patients are becoming crippled in their last decade or two to avoid a possible heart event which may never happen.  In fact, statins may actually contribute to this event by limiting physical activity and giving a false sense of security when eating.  Many cardiologists are finding a higher incidence of Congestive Heart Failure in statin users who do not take CoQ10.
This pattern of putting much younger patients on a harmful lifetime med if their numbers aren't at contrived target goals will be having major repercussions for the next generation.

(TMI Warning: another statin side effect which is hitting me hard this week is constipation.)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

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So I took my first 5 mg Crestor last night and woke up after just 5 hours of sleep (I need at least 6 to function well) because of tingling in my feet and a sensation in my calves that they may spasm.  Instead of blindly following my doctor's orders of taking one every other day, I decided to just take one a week and see how the one dose affects me and what lab results a single weekly dose may bring in the next 3 months.  If more possible side effects develop and last the whole week, I will probably stop it altogether.  I am trying to find a dose that doesn't affect my daily life but will give me some protection against atherosclerosis.
ETA: the feet tingling and calves sensations did improve after stopping Lipitor.

This morning in spite of not feeling well from sleep deprivation, I enjoyed my workout!
I did my edited version of the cardio from Karen Voight's Your Personal Best.  The moves were great on the bungee and ball and the music I used was really good too but haven't a clue of its source LOL
(will update if I can identify the source later).
Then I did another youtube BodyArt/Deep Work routine and finished with some of Andrea Metcalf's Strength from her Keeping Fit series.  I really liked the moves and am embarrassed to note it was my first revisit!  Too many workouts and too few workout sessions.

(the music mentioned above was found on

ETA: I woke up in the middle of the night a second night after my first 5mg Crestor dose but this time with an actual calf cramp.   Obviously if and when this symptom goes away and I try another Crestor dose which may or may not trigger this symptom again, I will completely forget about trying this second statin.  Sleep is much more important than undocumented benefits of a statin to me.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Short Routines

I did a bunch of short routines this morning and liked some enough to revisit and others not so much.  First up was Davina's Cardio Box from My three 30 minute Workouts which was ok but too one sided and too many combos with kicks for my tastes.  I have much better already with great MUsic added.
Next was Arnita Champion's Bellicon Arms (youtube) which was mostly great because of editing and replacing the audio but became very short after editing LOL
Both of the above were done on the bungee with my Stax chip cans attached with halved wrist bands.

Really liked the warmup and cooldown of the ATS Chair routine with different MUsic.   I used the well known version of All that Bass for the warmup and its lesser known acapella version for its cooldown.

Then there was another winner with some edited Barre3 which worked great with the MUsic I added.  Both of the above (ATS Chair and Barre 3 were great on the stability ball!)

I liked some of a youtube BodyArt routine but really loved another called Deep Work:

Of course, I had edited out the moves I skip like planks. etc.

I believe I covered all I did but may have missed a routine or two LOL

ETA: I knew I missed one!  One of the few failed edited routines because I left in too many moves I do not like.  It was a Popsugar warmup.

ETA: Arnita just uploaded an 80s Bellicon Abs workout and I actually feel sorry for her because her 39inch Bellicon does not look nearly as much fun as my 44inch Jumpsport 550.  Heck my 550 is even cheaper because included delivery!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Great Stuff

I finished the standing part of Davina's Intense on the bungee and used Purple Zumba sticks for weights then did my edited ATS Towel routine which worked great with replaced audio and actually felt better when sitting on a stability ball.  My abs are already feeling it LOL

I decided to try the Crestor cautiously, one 5 mg pill every 2 or 3 days along with continuing the CoQ10 and see how I feel.    My intention is not to bring down my numbers as dramatically as my doctor would like but just to more acceptable levels with minimum dosage.  Probably just one pill a week will maintain acceptable numbers once the numbers are down.

My advice to all women is not to start a statin unless your numbers are ridiculous (LDL over 190 and Total cholesterol divided by HDL ratio greater than 5) and you have another risk factor because once you start a statin, your numbers will never get back down to where they would have been no matter how well you eat and exercise.  Way too many doctors are over-prescribing statins to women.

here are 2 new towel routines by Tiffany Rothe!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

No More Statins!

I had a great workout this morning:
First I did an edited version of all of the mini trampoline routines on
I really liked her simple to follow moves which worked great with the MUsic I added.

Then I did some of Davina's Intense routine while sitting on the ball which had a nice combination of bouncing cardio moves and finished with more BodyArt Shock

Today I will getting my lab test results and expect my doctor will insist on prescribing another statin.  I feel so much better since stopping Lipitor and my doctor refuses to believe that my brain fog was a result of a statin.  There is no way I will risk developing diabetes, brain fog, muscle and joint pain, or morning headaches for the undocumented benefit of taking a statin.

In fact, the most important indicator of heart health in a postmenopausal woman is her resting Heart Rate.   Mine was usually 50 or under when I used to check it and will start checking it again tomorrow morning.

well my numbers were horrible so I am going to try a low dose every other day of Crestor
actually I found a study that made this approach with CoQ10 look hopeful

The good news is my Resting Heart Rate is still ~50, even 49 Lying and 60 Sitting.
So I can consider myself *fit* and that my rebounding, ball bouncing and walking are keeping me fit.

Statins, low fat diets, and aging create way too many deficiencies in an otherwise healthy body.    Eventually these doctors will start to feel the consequences of their own actions as they age and start listening to their patients.  I gave up my daily quality of life during my middle age because of the brainwashing but plan to age from my current 65 year old age more gracefully.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Groovin again

I finally did a real workout and even though I was not feeling well before, I felt great afterwards.

First I warmed with with a Davina routine but it had no special moves so not bothering to edit it with better music.  At least, it got my blood flowing using mostly my lower body.  After having blood drawn and a vaccination in each arm (Pneumonia and flu), I wanted to avoid using my arms too much.  Arnica gel came in handy for the flu shot arm which got sore. (a couple of drug store chains have specials this week for Arnica products!)

Then I did 2 edited Just Bounce routines with Remy and loved the moves and my MUsic.  I had no trouble keeping in time with him even though he was on a Bellicon.  What I really liked about my 550 is that I can keep in time with every kind of workout and not struggle with balance or hit my head on the ceiling LOL
originals can be found here

Last but not least, this Bodyart Shock was simply wonderful:

I just wanted to mention that the stabilityball/Hopper was compatible with most of the above as well.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Still no formal workout to post because this morning was my dreaded doctor's appointment.  I did tell my doctor I stopped Lipitor since the last visit and feel much better.  Then he said that if my numbers aren't good, he will prescribe Crestor!  Well Crestor has the same side effects as Lipitor and no proof in preventing the first heart attack in women while having proof of causing diabetes in women so I do not care what the lab results are, I will pass.  To add insult to injury, my blood pressure was up!

He believes all of my side effects were imaginary or not related to Lipitor.
Well his statin benefits are imaginary.  I refuse to feel as rotten as I used to feel just to placate his good but misguided intentions.

On a higher note, I have some great news for anyone seeking a great bungee rebounder deal.  Costco now offers the 550f with a handlebar for $499.  In other words, the handlebar is FREE.
(Handle bar for 550 costs $90 but if you want handebars on the Bellicon, they are $80 per side.  I personally like the single JS handlebar design more).

I did have a walk today and plan to do a few sparks.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Another AC Trip

I haven't done a formal workout since Saturday but have done lots of walking and sparks, mostly warmups from Essentrics and a few other routines.  I did try to do some hip openers by James Knight but just have no patience for sitting on the floor stuff.

Here is a shorter youtube version of what I tried:

As soon as holding moves are used on the floor/mat or even upright in Essentrics, my mind loses interest.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lots of Great Routines

This morning's visits included

edited MelB Totally Fit
Great MUsic added.
Moves very easy to follow and easy to tweak
Worked well with bungee, ball, and homemade XCOs

edited Keaira Cooldown
Great MUsic added
Worked sitting on ball

Yin Stick Warm Up which was great with Firm bar without twigs
stick workout warm up from Yin The Zone Exclusive on Vimeo.

ATS chair warmup and Cooldown
Some moves were too fast so I will slow them down and replace the music

Popsugar towel (Madonna Addicted to Sweat inspired)

edited ATS towel
started pooping but liked the MUsic I added so will revisit another day

Friday, October 3, 2014

Even More Davina

This morning I did most of Fit in 15 and really like the intense moves with rests format but the audio just wasn't clicking so I will be replacing the audio.  The moves were great on the bungee and ball.  The arms worked well with my homemade XCOs which are even better now that I have cut the wrist band in half.

For more info:

Thursday, October 2, 2014

More Davina

This morning I did most of Davina's Body Buff routine using my bungee, ball and homemade XCO walking weights.   I even improve upon the homemade walkers by cutting one wrist band in half so less of my hand is covered by the band which is more comfortable and easier to don and remove.

I really enjoyed the cardio boxing segment while sitting on my hopper ball and wearing the homemade walkers.  However, I think it would have been even better if I had replaced its audio.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I discovered a new (to me) DVD workout series with Davina.

This morning I did my edited version of her High Energy Five because the music was too soft on the original.  Then I did some of her Body Buff and liked the original audio because of her quirky personality.   Most of the unique combinations of moves were very bungee and ball bouncing friendly.  The modifier also had some good alternatives.

Here's a sample of Davina in action

Here's a sample of the routine I edited:

After I try her other routines, I may replace the audio on my favorite combos.