Tuesday, September 30, 2014

XCO Walker Substitute

Today I saved myself over $50!  After yearning for a pair of XCO Walkers,  I put a wrist band around a Lays Stax can partially filled with rock salt.  The band worked like a strap so I can use the weight without actually holding it.

Here's a video of the XCOs in action

and here is what mine looks like
ETA: and here is what it looks like after cutting the wrist band in half, making it more comfortable and easier to don and remove:

I do not have to hold the can at all while the wrist band keeps the can attached.

I love my Fitstix but sometimes my hands become numb if I hold them a long time.  Sliding filler weights are much more gentle on the joints so really good when bouncing on the bungee or ball.

This morning I did a couple of edited Tanya Djelevic routines on the bungee and ball, alittle of the original Pacha Dance, and ended with the UK Biggest Loser cooldown using pads that glide for these moves:

I never edited the Pacha Dance and have found its music uninspiring but can play it online with different music on wellvideo.ru

The cardio routines with Tanya D worked great with the MUsic I added.

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