Friday, September 5, 2014

Medora Classes

There are two long dance classes on this Medora site with great music playlists
Torsion and Killinit are their titles

I was able to download the video files with RealDownloader using Firefox as my browser.

you can download the video files directly from the Medora site with RealPlayer as your browser but I don't think you can download the actual video files with Realplayer Cloud.

1. Open RealPlayer.
2. Click on RealPlayer Logo.
3. Go to File.
4. Then select New and then New Web Browser.
5. Type ** in the address bar
Play a video and click on the
*Download This Video* button
(or right click and choose download this video)

see  Downloading with Realplayer for screenshots and more info

I would embed the Medora classes but do not want to risk my Blogger account because of its music.

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