Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to Download with RealPlayer

At the bottom is a method for using Realplayer for very stubborn downloads.

The tips in this post apply to the original version of Realplayer with RealDownloader, not the new Realplayer Cloud.
You can find the original Realplayer here
I use version 16.03.51
which is also in my Google Drive

Luckily my laptop refused to replace my old Realplayer program and install the RealPlayer Cloud!!
Realplayer Cloud does not enable the actual video files to be downloaded for dvdr burning unless you get the Plus upgrade.  Also only the first 2 gigs of storage are free. It provides streaming of the stored videos to many devices but that is not my current focus.  I need an actual video file to edit and add MUsic then burn to dvdr. 

If you already have Realplayer Cloud and want to uninstall it
c:/program files/real/RealPlayer/RPDS
which will take you to the Realplayer uninstall option

More from the Real website:
With the release of Chrome 35, Google has announced that they will only allow customers to use extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Therefore, Download This Video will not work in Chrome 35. We are working on a solution that we expect to release in the near future.
In the meantime, please use Internet Explorer or Firefox to download videos. You can also use the RealPlayer browser to download videos.
Here’s how:
1. Open RealPlayer.
2. Click on RealPlayer Logo.
3. Go to File.
4. Then select New and then New Web Browser.
5. Type and then choose a video.
Play the video and click on the
*Download this video*
message in the upper right corner of the video screen
(or right click and choose download this video)

Tip: instead of entering youtube in step 5
you can enter any video website like
or even the url for a specific video

Here's a screenshot of steps 1 through 4

enter any video site you want in step 5
here's an example accessing the videos from the Medora site by typing in its url

Sometimes a script for an ad doesn't load properly but be patient and the video will eventually start to play and download.

Sometimes when downloading with Realdownloader using Firefox as the browser, you get a message that the download is incomplete and you have to refresh the video and play the video again and click the *download this video* message again.  Keep RealDownloader opened throughout this process and eventually it will combine all downloads attempts into a completed video file. (see bottom of post for more info)

ETA 10/11/14:

Realplayer used to work nicely on but no longer does.  However Firefox Download Helper still works most of the time (faster when less traffic) and so does (Windows Operating system) *blue* Freemake Video Downloader when there isn't an overload and videos are loaded without alot of buffering.  In other words, if not downloading after refreshing a few times, try it the next morning instead.  

ETA: 12/23/2014
Sometimes, all other download methods fail but RealDownloader succeeds!
It is actually a double download process.   In Firefox, first a smaller dash file for audio is downloaded with a message that the download is incomplete and requires the video to be refreshed and downloaded again.   It then  downloads a larger dash file for visual.  Just be patient and wait and RealDownlkoader will automatically combine the two files into a complete MP4 video file.   With MSIE, it is the reverse with the larger file downloading first. My RealDownloader works on IE and Firefox, not Chrome. The older version of Realplayer can also be used as the browser.

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