Friday, September 12, 2014

Coleen and Paul

This morning I did a pleasant dance routine with decent moves which tweaked well on the bungee and great MUsic:
Coleen Nolan's  80's  Cardio  Blast from Let's Get Physical

Then I sat on a stability ball holding a purple Zumba stick and enjoyed an edited version of Paul Katami's Hardball.  It clicked immediately for me from the very first song (Blurred Lines).  This one will be revisited hopefully regularly!

Just alittle update on rebounder comparisons.
I used my Urban Rebounder a short time and it was very noisy and a bit jarring.   The JS 370 PRO has a similar bounce without jarring and totally quiet.  The JS 550 PRO is definitely feeling less firm than the 370 PRO but I am still enjoying it too much to adjust any cords.
I do not understand why a person would order a 39 inch Bellicon for over $600 with shipping with a one year cord warranty instead of a JumpSport  200 for $200 with a 2 year cord warranty or a firmer  350 PRO for $340 with adjustable cords with a 4 year warranty and a slightly larger mat.
By ordering the JumpSport 39 inch model, there is no guessing game of which cord tension to order either.  There is no way a 39 inch rebounder is worth over $600!

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