Friday, September 5, 2014

All Youtube Vids on New PRO Mat

This morning I decided to try some youtube videos on my Jumpsport 370 with its new PRO mat since the 370 is in our den which has our HDTV with internet apps.
I started with

then did some of

then some of

and for a change of pace, I switched to some of this virtual walk:

It even had pleasant music for *Prancercising* on the bungee LOL

Surprisingly, my feet seemed to handle all of the above barefooted thanks to the new mat's firm tension.  Also I was able to do the same speeds as the instructors who were using Bellicons which cost more than twice the price.  Best of all, I moved breathing fresh air instead of basement air.  I did miss my MUsic a bit though.  Maybe I will record my Prancercising to a Virtual Walk one day! (and replace the audio of course)

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