Sunday, September 28, 2014

Laptop Best Choice for Me

This morning, I did the rest of my edited boxing file from Z-Box Fitness then most of my edited Dance segments.  I liked dances 1 and 3 alot so am editing out dances 2 and 4 for future revisits while playing the smaller file on my laptop.

Most of the moves worked great on the bungee and ball.
As usual, I enjoyed my MUsic.  Speaking of my MUsic,  I can now upload my favorite MP3s to and play them in one tab while I visit a muted video in another tab.    Its Administrator added a better audio program with more options.  Most of what I upload is for private use and I am starting to enjoy using videos through my laptop hooked up to stereo speakers for sparks throughout the day more than burned dvdrs.

As far as working out and electrical equipment, I am beginning to see all I need is a laptop preferably with a larger screen and stereo speakers.    The laptop can replace tvs, streaming devices, media players, dvd players,  etc.  Many routines can be streamed from video sites, played from my laptop's hard drive or any other storage media.  Best of all, I can easily change the music and edit files to remove moves.

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