Saturday, September 6, 2014

Post the 370 PRO Virgin Voyage

After using the 370 PRO mat yesterday quite aggressively, my feet were good the rest of the day and fine this morning when I first got up.  My knees weren't stiff for the first time in a long time either.  Then my feet started a slight whine when I started doing my healthbounce (staying in contact with the mat) type moves on the 550 PRO so I am thinking they much prefer going Airborne.  Unfortunately, my low basement ceiling prevents much off the mat action.  However, I'll have plenty of opportunities for airborne sparks later, especially since it seems to help my knees as well.

This morning I started with a WellShaped.TV standing abs routine but the real star was the music I had added.  The moves were simple and could be tweaked to be more fun.  The MUsic was so good, I am making a large MP3 file from the routine to reuse.

Then I did a Roundlady's routine to which I had also added MUsic

My MUsic made the routine awesome!

Finished with some Chair Aerobics on the Hopper ball
(with MUsic added of course)


  1. Hi. It's interesting that jumping aggressively should feel fine and the health bounce should cause you discomfort. Is it possible that it was because you were jumping aggressively on the 370 pro and the health bounce you did on the 550 pro? Could it be that the 370 is better on your joints than the 550? All the best.

  2. I think it was more of the ceiling limitation than the 370 PRO vs the 550 PRO mats. When healthbouncing with a lower ceiling, the muscles in the feet are more involved. When pounding into the mat with a higher ceiling enabling going airborne, I think everything was just flowing better (Blood, lymph, and endorphins). Joints became more activated and lubricated instead of the feet doing most of the work. The longer I am off statins, the less my feet have been a problem.