Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wake Up America!!!

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This whole travel ban was impulsive and not vetted.
Top cabinet advisers and the GOP on the hill were not consulted so there was alot of confusion and as usual, the White House lies and refuses to be realistic about the effects of such an impulsive action.

Right now we have no direct danger but if this inexperienced White House made such a mess of this order, how will they deal with a real crisis?

For your own safety, stop relying on a madman's tweets as your source of information.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


RUMP is impulsive, unstable and unfit.

His advisers are also impulsive, unstable and unfit.

Voters who were conned gave power to someone who was unqualified and can destroy years of diplomacy and affect stock market value with a single tweet.

Congratulations for ruining not just our country but the world.

The GOP is so clueless that RUMP became their candidate.
The GOP remains clueless.

How did so many without a moral compass get elected?

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dump the RUMP

RUMP has given Isis a gift.

I am not Muslim but if I were, I doubt I would want to live in the US or help the US in other countries.  The State Department and Homeland were not consulted.  RUMP acted on his own probably with the influence of Flynn and/or Bannon.  He put our military and Americans in the banned countries at risk.  He immediately enforced this unconstitutional and ill-conceived order on the day of the Holocaust Memorial.
(reminiscent of attacking John Lewis on the MLK weekend)

The countries being banned do not have business connections with RUMP while the countries excluded from the ban because of  RUMP's conflict of interests housed the 9/11 terrorists.

Since RUMP signs whatever is placed in front of him, please let a letter of resignation be in the pile ASAP.

I hope Muslims realize most of us support them.
I hope other countries realize we are against RUMPism.


Make America Unhealthier Again

RUMP does not believe in climate change.
RUMP does not care about the environment.
RUMP doers not care about regular exercise.
RUMP does not care about eating healthier.

Part of his war on regulations includes the informative FDA nutrition labels on food which were very important to Michelle Obama.
He has ruined our society with derisive hate rhetoric and will ruin our physical health efforts because the health of others is just not important to him and the labels costs too much money.

In one rally, he told people who were terminally ill to live long enough to vote for him.

All he cares about is how many voted for him and how much money he can make.
Now America will suffer as he bends our reality to fit his alternate reality.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Theory

Sociopaths usually use gaslighted minions to do their dirty work.

After hearing how tRUMP behaved at the CIA and with Congress, I believe tRUMP is totally delusional and that Bannon is the gaslighter-in-chief.
In other words, Bannon was given the power of the POTUS.
He is the puppet master, not tRUMP, not Putin.

Bannon wrote the inauguration speech.
A clever sociopath does not address the CIA and the Congress as tRUMP recently did.
This is why his press conferences were avoided since July.

Bannon also controls Sean Spicer, KellyAnn, and all other tRUMP surrogates with gaslighting.

Those who voted for tRUMP were all gaslighted by Bannon through tRUMP.
tRUMP's narcissistic disorder is putty in the hands of a clever sociopath.

I was called crazy when I tried to reveal a sociopath on a fitness video site where I was even manipulated for awhile.    I woke up too late. Most thought me nuts but I see the same scenario happening in tRUMP's regime, or should I say Bannon's regime.
Paul Ryan and Pence better wake up before Bannon removes all obstacles to full power.

Since this post, Bannon told the NY Times to shut up.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Boycott Fox News!

POTDS wants to bully all real news media except his beloved Fox News.
We should support factual news.
a POTDS and his press secretary telling lies on their first day is not acceptable.
This is no longer a campaign strategy.


Speaking at the CIA this afternoon, President Donald Trump said, “I have a running war with the media.”
Like much that Trump says, this isn’t quite true. His war isn’t with the media. Trump lives off media attention and delights in press coverage. His war is with facts. And it’s there that his tactical skirmishes with the press begin to make sense. Delegitimizing the media is important to Trump because delegitimizing certain facts is important to Trump.

Lets not forget KellyAnn!
The official Nutcracker called these lies *alternate facts* LOL

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pictures tell all, not Fake News

Sean Spicer's first press briefing was fake news that tRUMP had the largest inauguration attendance.
tRUMP embarrassed himself, similarly, in front of the CIA star wall.
tRUMP's Failure not to be the largest attendance for an inauguration when compared to Obama's in photos.

In fact, today's Women's March in DC totally outnumbered tRUMP's inauguration crowd.

The Women Marches today were HUGE.
Yesterday tRUMP said it was a beautiful day and God favored them with less rain.

Then today he used yesterday's weather as an excuse for less parade attendance.
Guess God preferred the Women Marches?
Also all of the pink pussy hats in DC were made in the USA,
tRUMP caps were made in China.
So much for buying only American.

These Marches were HUGE all over the world.
Actually there was no room to *March* in DC and Chicago and NYC.
Love trumped Hate.

TV ratings for RUMP dropped 18% from Obama's first inauguration day
Concert grossed 6.6 million viewers with 4.5 on Fox News.

Crowd Scientists Say Women’s March
in Washington Had 3 Times as Many
People as Trump’s Inauguration

Monday, January 16, 2017

Our Twit

Saw this for the first time today on MLK Day but it was originally sent November 2014 at 3:15am


Always was a Twit before Twitter
and his dementia is making him a huge TWIT

even KellyAnn knows what he is and we now know what she is too

Too bad the intelligence community, media, and the Clinton campaign did not do oppositional research like the alt-right, GOP, and tRUMP campaign.  Sometimes going HIGH when others go LOW does not win the short game but karma will do its thing and history will do its thing and anyone related to tRUMP in any way will have a deplorable legacy for the rest of their lives.

Even Sesame Street knew what he was 10 years ago!

At least comedians around the world have plenty of material:
BUT Alec Baldwin on SNL is probably the funniest

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Revelation Wellness

I have been doing some of the RevWellTV videos and really like them.
Great music which can be made louder with voice cancellation and fun moves, many of which are bungee and Fitstix friendly.
Definitely worth a $10 donation per month.

There are several on youtube too



Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Boy who Cried WOLF

If someone lies and lies and lies,
he owns the behavior of being a liar
tRUMP is proud of his *repeating a lie often enough* strategy.

So even if the Russian-tRUMP connection is a hoax,
what will the public believe?
This man-child has cried *WOLF* way too many times to be believed even if and when telling the truth.

KARMA is a boomerang!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Recent Intelligence Briefings

Recent Intelligence briefings have revealed that Russia has been cultivating tRUMP for several years as an asset and has damaging personal and financial information on him.

(MICE was just mentioned in the last Madame Secretary episode)
MICE is the formula for cultivating an asset:
M= Money
I = Ideology
C = Coercion
E= Ego
tRUMP was putty in their hands, especially with his EGO.

 tRUMP uses confidentiality agreements and threatens law suits to keep his real dirt hidden but his techniques will have no affect on Russia.  Russia can drop information anytime they want.   It is ironic that tRUMP who is proud of his Bullying behavior will now be bullied by Russia.
The campaign focus had been on Clinton's private email server which caused no threat to the US, other than being used as a weapon to elect a bullying narcissist.    If you really think about it, there was no serious propaganda against Clinton compared to what  we already know about tRUMP.  She had her flaws as any human being but was far from corrupt.  Her private email server may have even protected her against hacking. Still many drank the GOP-tRUMP-Russian cool-aide and poisoned our country.

The Russians have greatly influenced US policies for the next 4 years.
The GOP should not be in control of the Congress and neither tRUMP nor Pence should be POTUS.

This is quite deplorable.
Russia helped a narcissist with no conscience get elected.
Now we have to hope that some GOP still have a conscience and do not abuse their power..
The GOP political future is bleak because the younger voters and minorities will protest and become a huge majority no matter how much the GOP try to alter the voting boundaries and restrictions.

tRUMP is reaping what he sowed.
He used Birtherism against Obama and Clinton's private email server against Clinton.
Now he will have Russia haunting his administration and the GOP clinging to his coat tails.  Actually since the emperor is wearing no clothes, there are no coat tails.  The swamp will be drained even faster than if Clinton had won.  tRUMP and the GOP will have to own the next 4 years with nothing to offer their  constituents except unpopular changes.

“We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” .... especially in the high-end sector,” saidDonald Trump Jr. in his 2008 real estate conference

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Workout Updates

Today I finished the first rotation of Lee Holden 7 minute Qigong 30 Day Challenge and will try to do one again each day for another 30 days.  Also I am trying to revisit Sister Fitness, splitting most CardioBlasts into two separate sessions.  Now and then I try to revisit a Country Heat or Zumba Country.  There are zillions of edited files I want to revisit too.
I have tons of *new* Faithful and RevWellTV routines to explore.  Faithful workouts were free online through various challenge offers and I made a donation to check out the Revelation Wellness workouts.  Although I am not Christian, I enjoy the music and moves of both of these sites.





Find what you Enjoy and Keep Moving!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Stupid Question

Why repeal the ACA (Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare)?

It has many provisions which benefit everyone, even those without expanded medicaid or a marketplace insurance plan like covering pre-existing conditions.

Why not just carefully revise whatever is not working well instead of scaring many participants, healthcare facilities, and personnel? (many would lose jobs)
There are ways to reduce medical expenses by bringing down the price of prescriptions, etc.

Those who wanted it repealed do not fully understand it and just thought they wanted whatever tRUMP ranted and raved about in his rallies.  Now they are realizing how much they actually need it!
It was actually a GOP plan originally and the current GOP have no clue how to replace it.

Yesterday I tried to call a number to leave a message why I want to keep it but the line was busy all day!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

tRUMP is Outdated

tRUMP will never come close to creating or saving the number of jobs Obama has. Clinton was planning on creating jobs in fields tRUMP ignores like clean energy and technology. His bullying of individual companies to save a few jobs is not a policy that will endure. Cutting taxes for the rich and corporations will limit new programs, cut old programs which many of his own supporters need, and increase our debt substantially. Those who voted for him and the GOP, sold their soul for lies, fake news, and changes that will reverse all of the progress that was set in motion in spite of GOP obstruction.

tRUMP does not trust technology
tRUMP does not trust our intelligence professionals.

We will fall behind all of the countries who know that technology and intelligence are the future while tRUMP tries to make America great again instead of continuing to make America greater as Obama has.

The Democrats will spend the next 4 years trying to prevent regression and changes that will only benefit the rich.  Let's hope there is no international crisis for the world during those years and that there will be a future.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Comey The Reckless

Reflecting about the campaign and election.

FBI Comey is probably the most responsible for the outcome. He ignored all of the tRUMP reckless propaganda in Tweets and rallies and called Hillary's handling of emails reckless and released that ridiculous letter.
Comey enabled tRUMP to become the POTDS.

Enabling bullying behavior and escalation of hate will make our country less safe for everyone.
tRUMP is an idiot and unprofessional but Comey is a professional and ruined our country knowing better.
His incompetency adds to the tRUMP rhetoric of not trusting our intelligence professionals.
If anyone was reckless, it was Comey.

Since Comey was reckless, it is time to have a full investigation on tRUMP's businesses, income, and his relationship with foreign countries. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of confidentiality agreements that need to be broken. tRUMP often cannot produce the court ordered documents in law suits because he wipes his slates clean every year so the intelligence community has quite the challenge to do what already should have been done before the election instead of wasting time on the Clinton emails. Start digging!

Hey tRUMPsters, this is what y'all should be saying:
if the FBI thought Clinton's emails were more important than the Russian hacking, why trust their intelligence briefings now?

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year with New Options

Lee Holden's 30 Day QiGong Challenge is unlocked up to Day 23 for me:
$27 for 30  seven minute routines unlocked one day at a time.
You can access 5 days of videos by signing up for the free mini course here.

Here's the link to the full 30 day challenge. 

I am staying subscribed to Sister Fitness VIP which offered 3 new videos today for January.   This morning, I did their March 2016 30 minute routine which was thankfully, music only.  It kept me bouncing for 27 minutes before the cooldown stretch.  These are still my favorites for simple fun moves and great music.  The new monthly videos added on the first of the each month are completely random.  I am afraid if I unsub for a month that my new subscription would repeat videos I already tried.  If the new ones start feeling too repetitive, I may then unsub.

2 newer offers arrived in my mailbox:

Faithful workouts is offering a 31 day challenge and 3 free workouts for each day.

Leslie Sansone Walk at Home has an interesting offer

(more later as I investigate)
Adjusting my power speakers to be high on the left and low on the right made the Sister Fitness January 2017 CardioBlast music louder or even music only.  If I had not discovered this trick, I would have unsubbed last month!  Cuing drowns out the music and it is the music that keeps me subscribed.

The Faithful Workouts are wonderful with great Christian music but my problem is her voice annoys me and cannot be lowered by my speaker tricks so I have no choice but to try to ignore the irritation or edit it and lose the original music.
I did a Faithful F3 Low Impact file which I had edited a couple of years ago to remove the cuing and replace the audio with some of the tunes used in the Faithful workouts.
Also found a nice Walking workout on the January Challenge freebie calendar.

may share the edit or a sample later