Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Recent Intelligence Briefings

Recent Intelligence briefings have revealed that Russia has been cultivating tRUMP for several years as an asset and has damaging personal and financial information on him.

(MICE was just mentioned in the last Madame Secretary episode)
MICE is the formula for cultivating an asset:
M= Money
I = Ideology
C = Coercion
E= Ego
tRUMP was putty in their hands, especially with his EGO.

 tRUMP uses confidentiality agreements and threatens law suits to keep his real dirt hidden but his techniques will have no affect on Russia.  Russia can drop information anytime they want.   It is ironic that tRUMP who is proud of his Bullying behavior will now be bullied by Russia.
The campaign focus had been on Clinton's private email server which caused no threat to the US, other than being used as a weapon to elect a bullying narcissist.    If you really think about it, there was no serious propaganda against Clinton compared to what  we already know about tRUMP.  She had her flaws as any human being but was far from corrupt.  Her private email server may have even protected her against hacking. Still many drank the GOP-tRUMP-Russian cool-aide and poisoned our country.

The Russians have greatly influenced US policies for the next 4 years.
The GOP should not be in control of the Congress and neither tRUMP nor Pence should be POTUS.

This is quite deplorable.
Russia helped a narcissist with no conscience get elected.
Now we have to hope that some GOP still have a conscience and do not abuse their power..
The GOP political future is bleak because the younger voters and minorities will protest and become a huge majority no matter how much the GOP try to alter the voting boundaries and restrictions.

tRUMP is reaping what he sowed.
He used Birtherism against Obama and Clinton's private email server against Clinton.
Now he will have Russia haunting his administration and the GOP clinging to his coat tails.  Actually since the emperor is wearing no clothes, there are no coat tails.  The swamp will be drained even faster than if Clinton had won.  tRUMP and the GOP will have to own the next 4 years with nothing to offer their  constituents except unpopular changes.

“We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” .... especially in the high-end sector,” saidDonald Trump Jr. in his 2008 real estate conference

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