Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pictures tell all, not Fake News

Sean Spicer's first press briefing was fake news that tRUMP had the largest inauguration attendance.
tRUMP embarrassed himself, similarly, in front of the CIA star wall.
tRUMP's Failure not to be the largest attendance for an inauguration when compared to Obama's in photos.

In fact, today's Women's March in DC totally outnumbered tRUMP's inauguration crowd.

The Women Marches today were HUGE.
Yesterday tRUMP said it was a beautiful day and God favored them with less rain.

Then today he used yesterday's weather as an excuse for less parade attendance.
Guess God preferred the Women Marches?
Also all of the pink pussy hats in DC were made in the USA,
tRUMP caps were made in China.
So much for buying only American.

These Marches were HUGE all over the world.
Actually there was no room to *March* in DC and Chicago and NYC.
Love trumped Hate.

TV ratings for RUMP dropped 18% from Obama's first inauguration day
Concert grossed 6.6 million viewers with 4.5 on Fox News.

Crowd Scientists Say Women’s March
in Washington Had 3 Times as Many
People as Trump’s Inauguration

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