Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dump the RUMP

RUMP has given Isis a gift.

I am not Muslim but if I were, I doubt I would want to live in the US or help the US in other countries.  The State Department and Homeland were not consulted.  RUMP acted on his own probably with the influence of Flynn and/or Bannon.  He put our military and Americans in the banned countries at risk.  He immediately enforced this unconstitutional and ill-conceived order on the day of the Holocaust Memorial.
(reminiscent of attacking John Lewis on the MLK weekend)

The countries being banned do not have business connections with RUMP while the countries excluded from the ban because of  RUMP's conflict of interests housed the 9/11 terrorists.

Since RUMP signs whatever is placed in front of him, please let a letter of resignation be in the pile ASAP.

I hope Muslims realize most of us support them.
I hope other countries realize we are against RUMPism.

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