Monday, March 31, 2014


This morning I did more edited Huckabee Powerfits and Hamelin rebounding.
All I thought during most of the workout session was *WOW*

The Powerfits have come to life with MUsic added.  Sometimes I use a band, sometimes I work the bodypart isometrically, sometimes I tweak the move to be bouncier on the bungee but most importantly, I keep moving.  When Stephanie is transitioning, I am bouncing.  I really enjoy alot of the moves and many remind me of the moves I enjoy on jessicasmithtv.  These were so boring to me when I first got them that I never revisited them.

The Hamelin routine has some of my best bouncing MUsic and his moves are repeated often enough where I can stick with a particular move for awhile if into it and pick up on another move once I am ready to do another.  It is simply the best video to bounce to whether on a rebounder or stability ball.

I cannot share these publicly but will share them privately if anyone has these routines and wants to add spice to them with my music selections.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


This morning I did some more edited Powerfit routines on the bungee and finished with ball bouncing to a fun youtube upload by Paul Eugene which was like a Gospel Walk.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

More H and H

This morning I did some Stephanie Huckabee PowerFit routines to which I had added MUsic and really enjoyed them.  Sometimes I tweaked the moves into isometric AWT on the bungee, with and without Fitstix.   I did switch to a short band for some AWT too.   Finished on the stability ball with Fitstix doing some of a Hamelin rebounder routine to which I had added MUsic

Friday, March 28, 2014

Paul Eugene and Body Gospel

I started with my edited version of Paul Eugene's mini-trampoline workout.  I had added Gospel music near its end which got me in the mood to do more so next started revisiting Donna's Body Gospel which I had ignored for way too long!

I decided to remove some videos from the blog after having an unexpected copyright strike on DailyMotion yesterday.  After losing my first youtube account which had over 1000 videos uploaded, I decided to share edited video files only privately.  I wish I could openly share some of these wonderful files but trying to figure out the conundrum created by archaic copyright laws has become too stressful.  I am happy to publicly share tips about editing workouts for those who would like to create their own routines for personal use.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hamelin and Huckabee

This morning I warmed up with some edited Hamelin D'abell cardio on the rebounder then started revisiting the Stephanie Huckabee PowerFits.  Years ago, I had recorded the 2 PowerFit Plus routines when they were on Exercise TV.   Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the audio sucked because of the vcr hum so I replaced the audio.  I really enjoyed these two routines and even did some of the first disk from the original PowerFit set.  The Exercise TV Cardio Kickbox worked well while sitting on a stability ball with first the Shadowboxer belt then Fitstix.  I think I will have to edit all 15 DVD routines because I just prefer MUsic.

ETA:  I did remove some videos like the sample warm up of the Hamelin D'Abell Method dvdr to avoid any copyright issues.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hamelin D'Abell

This morning I did various online routines by Hamelin D'abell to which I had added MUsic.  Most of his moves are repetitious but the repetition allows me to tweak and/or pick which moves I want to do.  Most of his cardio is bungee and ball friendly.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This morning I started in the den with Youtube streaming to our HDTV and stayed there.  Even forgot to do a laundry because I never ventured down to the basement!  I mostly used the 370 bungee with the rest of Conductorcise III and my edited version of the jessicasmithtv Cardio Dance Party (AKA: Dance Party2).  Jessica's original version was made private because of music copyrights so I had changed the music.

Monday, March 24, 2014

New Idea! Ball and Belt

This morning I did some of Paul Eugene's mini-trampoline routine streaming from youtube on our den HD TV since we moved the 370 bungee there but switched to basement because DH complained about Eugene's voice LOL

So in the basement, I did my edited version of the jessicasmithtv Hourglass routine (short and sweet) then did some edited Mom Cafe routines, starting with the lower body routine.  Last but not least,  I really enjoyed the kickboxing punching while sitting on a stability ball wearing my ShadowBoxer belt!

Here are the originals before my editing:

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Revisiting Some Routines

This morning I started with some of Maestro David Dworkin's Conductorcise Volume III on the bungee while wearing a weighted belt. The weighted belt definitely increased the GForce effect.  I started with my Fitstix then switched to drumsticks when my upper body felt fatigued.   Next I did some Varzesh (Persian Zumba).  Finished with some of Ellen Barrett's Super Fast Body Blast, mostly on the stability ball.

Here is the Conductorcise Volume III:

after the initial ad loads, click on Dailymotion lower right corner to avoid more ads
(to avoid ads on the Chrome browser, add the Adblock Extension)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Persian Zumba or Varzesh

The Persian Zumbas have been combined in this new upload:

This morning I did the edited file of the Cardio from the *Classical Stretch - Cardio Stretch* DVD with Miranda Esmonde-White who is the creator of Classical Stretch and Shelly McDonald who is known for her Caribbean Workouts.  Lots of bungee compatible moves and as usual, great MUsic added.
Then I did the youtube Mom's Cafe routines which I had also edited and found it worked great on the stability ball as well as the bungee.  I used my Fitstix for extra intensity.  Finished with a jessicasmittv toning and walk fusion to which I had also added Broadway MUsic and used my purple Zumba sticks.

Here's the original Moms Cafe routine:

just add your own favorite music :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

African Dance, more Drumming and Qigong

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to some of the wonderful African Dance class I had embedded a few days ago but decided I needed to edit it for my own use for the next visit.   Then I did Shemane's drumsticks routines which are now private on youtube and finished with some Healthy Qigong.

Yesterday I took a rest day because fasting for blood tests.

I also played around with my new Tracfone the LG840 and think I am actually ready to switch my service from my old reliable Nokia 1100.  Will do the switch after my next AC trip in case it doesn't go smoothly.  I am way less fearful of losing minutes or service now that their Executive Resolutions have helped me with my last two botched regular CS and facebook transfers but do not want to risk being without service in AC.  I only use the phone when in AC so having WiFi access will be a nice bonus because I do not schlep my laptop.

Monday, March 17, 2014

MUving, MUving, MUving

This morning I did my edited version of the youtube jessicasmithtv Pear Body Type routine and enjoyed it alot.

(my version is on my DailyMotion channel but please visit the original above on youtube first)

Then I did a few more drumming type edited routines with my Fitstix while sitting on the stability ball.

The Poundfit return has been received by Amazon and I am getting almost a full refund.  They are refunding me the lower Amazon shipping rate for the return instead of what I actually paid.
For those on the fence, do the Sample Classes and imagine them with much darker lighting and softer music.
For those with hip issues, try them sitting on a stability ball.
Just a warning to those who decide to order, order through the Amazon website, not the Poundfit store, for free shipping and handling since it is shipped by Amazon anyway (and be very careful when handling the cardboard case cuz a loose dvd may come tumbling out).

Sunday, March 16, 2014

J and J

This morning I did my edited files of Jillian's Hardcore routines and really enjoyed the moves with alittle tweaking to make the strength moves more aerobic on the bungee.  Then I did my edited Jessica's Barre Fitness Cardio Ballet which felt completely different with different MUsic.  Finished with some Nia from youtube.

Yesterday as a spark I enjoyed the Stretch bonus from the Healthy QiGong digital download set.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nia Wins Tough Battle

I really lurved all I did this morning but the last routine may have been last but not the least.

First I did my edited version of the Beginner's routine from the CardioBounce House Workout which started with some Michael Jackson MUsic which got me right into the MUving Groove.  I did the first 20 minutes on the bungee and the rest on the stability ball.

Then I did my edited version of the Apple routine uploaded on jessicasmithtv.  Again I loved the MUsic and Jessica had a few new unique moves in it.

Last but not Least,  I did one of the youtube Nia routines with Winalee Zeeb:

It was so refreshing to do a Nia song with a lesser known instructor.
For more info about Winalee or the Nia routines on youtube by lesser known instructors:

Healthy Qigong Sale

Healthy Qigong has a Spring sale!

I missed the previous sale so caved quickly.
There is a free video on the site so you can preview what their stuff is like.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Still LURVing MUving

This morning I did the rest of my edited version of the Advanced routine on CardioBounce House Workout and really enjoyed the simple moves and my MUsic.    Then I did more drumstick and Drums Alive type clips but tweaked them to use the sliding filler in my Fitstix more.  Finished with some edited Just Right sitting on my stability ball.

I am very happy I ordered the CardioBounce House Workout on sale at Collgevideo.  Now that Collage is going out of business, the DVD is only available for $20 through its creator.  It is not a professional looking production so not worth its retail price IMHO but well worth the sale price and S&H I paid.

The Poundfit sample classes online have much better lighting and louder music than their Pound Rockout Workout Album One so I actually prefer the free sample classes to the DVD routines!
The videos were on the bottom of their 30 day Pound Off Challenge webpage but may have been removed since the challenge is over.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Story of My Life

This morning I did more of my edited version of the Advanced Cardio Bounce routine on the bungee.
Then I did some more online drumming stuff but sitting on the stability ball which protected my hip.
Finished with this wonderful Nia-like routine by a user who usually does Zumba-like stuff.

I hope to find more routines like this one in the future!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

PoundFit Review

Yesterday I addressed the Poundfit Rockout Workout set's quality, DVD chaptering, and customer service issues.

This morning I will share some observations that bothered me when trying some of the routines after enjoying my warmup with my edited version of the Advanced Cardio Bounce routine:
The setting is dark.
The chatter is nonstop preventing me from getting into the music.
Except for one male background exerciser, all strikes are done with their right hands.  The male exerciser is the only one who switches the striking arm.
The Doubletimes are unnecessary.
Last but not least, my right lower back/hip is twinging for the first time in weeks after being painfree so will be spending some time on my Sacro-Wedgy before heading for the post office to return the set.  Initially when I first tried some Poundfit on youtube, my right hip complained but that was quite awhile ago and since I enjoyed the Sample Class so much, I had decided to give the set a try.

As ReFitRev has shown recently as well as this Zumba class on youtube, anyone can incorporate drumsticks into a routine:

I work  the whole body and core when I bounce on my bungee or stability ball with my Fitstix.

This youtube user had a couple of routines using drumsticksbut has made them private 

Here's a playlist of Zumba routines using drumsticks:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PoundFit Rockout Workout Volume 1

I was very excited that the PoundFit set delivered so quickly but my enthusiasm waned when the first dvd dropped out of the cardboard case.   The black dvd holder had become unglued so the dvd dropped out of the case with the piece of black plastic still attached.   At first, I figured I may just ask for another case but then I worried another case may have similar issues.

So I did a quick viewing of the DVDs and was not thrilled enough to spend $40 on this set.  The drum sticks are not nearly as nice as my Fitstix and the DVDs are not well chaptered.  The 101 instructional is on both DVDs and their Warmup and Cooldown are repeated with each routine.   Since they are not chaptered, I would have to fast forward to the segments I want to do.   About 50 minutes of the 80 minutes excluding the warmup and cooldown are upright/standing.  I doubt I would ever do the 30 minutes of floor/mat.  One routine starts standing then goes to the floor then returns to standing so even more fast forwarding.

I ordered from their store and paid for shipping.
Amazon would have been free shipping (my bad).
Now I am told it was sent through Amazon and has to be returned through Amazon so I have to pay for the return shipping to get a refund since I opened the package.
Hopefully, one or both shipping fees may be reimbursed since the return is defective.
Just alot of unnecessary stress.  Lesson learned.
No more workout DVD buying except from Jessica Smith or other instructors whose work I know I like.

Cardio Bounce Home Workout

This morning I did the Beginner routine on Aaron Scheller's Cardio Bounce Home Workout DVD which I bought during a recent collagevideo sale for ~$7 including S&H.

I liked most of the bouncing moves on the bungee and even on the stability ball but the music in the Beginner workout was way too soft so I will be editing it.   The music sounded louder in the Advanced routine so may try that one on the dvd.  The DVD is nicely chaptered giving a choice of the 45 minute Beginner or 60 minute Advanced workout as well as Playlists of both.  Camera angles could have been better but the moves are repeated enough to enabling getting them in another camera shot.  The Beginner Strength moves were ok but I used a low step instead of my bungee.  The Beginner routine is more do-able than most rebounding DVDs with a decent variety of simple to follow moves including modifications and would work on any rebounder cuz theirs was tiny. It had plenty of rebounding cardio before and after the strength segment and the Advanced routine seems to have even much more rebounding.

No Buyer's Remorse for the sale price but would have had remorse if bought at its retail price so doubt his more expensive DVDs would be worth getting.

Monday, March 10, 2014


This morning I played with alot of my toys :)

First I used my Fitstix and bungee doing the RefitRev sticks song.  Then I continued with the bungee and Fitstix doing some edited DreamBody before switching to gliding disks then did some sit-bouncing on the stability ball.  Finished with some of Anna's Just Right dowel and stool stretching which starts around the 24 minute mark.  Think my favorite was the DreamBody athletic cardio because of the MUsic I had added.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Anna and PoundFit

This morning I did some of the new Just Right Anna Benson routines from

The music was great in one and so so in the other.
Only liked the cardio in the one with so so music so will be editing :)
This is the one I liked alot

Anna suggests to spread the toes alot and this has helped my PF.

Then I did the standing parts of the 2 PoundFit classes online
(scroll to the bottom of
and enjoyed the standing segments so much that I may order their dvd!

I did cave and ordered the PoundFit set.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Jessica Smith Walk On Tone Your Trouble Zones

Jessica is listening!

If you want to buy Walk On: Tone Your Trouble Zones on DVD,
let her know on her Facebook page

or comment on the video's youtube

I believe part of Jessica's conundrum  is the dvds can be a financial loss to her, especially if consumers buy them from collagevideo or TotalFitnessdvds instead of directly from Jessica.  Another part is piracy cuz her digital download has more protection than regular downloads and dvds.

Great Jessica Combo

This morning I warmed up with the second half of my edited Jessica Smith Fusion Walk from her Walk On Strength and Balance DVD then I did the second half of my edited Stride Walk.  Both of the above were done on my bungee.  Finished with the first half of my edited Stride Walk while sitting on a stability ball.  Even my husband who was in the kitchen during my basement workout enjoyed the music LOL

My feet have been much improved and I believe most of their improvement lately is from bouncing with my toes spread, a tip given by Shaun T in his T25 routines.   Oh and Dr. Oz mentioned Arnica Gel on his TV show yesterday.  This is the first time I ever heard a doctor mention it.  The other day my husband hurt his back (actually left lat) and Arnica gel immediately applied stopped the pain and it never returned.

Another Nia routine with Feeling songs has been discovered on youtube uploaded by Casey Bernstein:
here's a good one

and here's a nice one with Carlos in the group :)

enjoy MUving :)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Sharing Video Creations

I will continue to share videos I want to revisit on DailyMotion (POMBarb channel) when I believe a video is an OOP or a freely available online routine.
Edited videos because of complicated music rights may be kept private.
Since I mostly use the Chrome browser, I have added their adblock extension which works great blocking the annoying ads on Daily Motion. DailyMotion also has a nice mobile app which enables offline video playing from its cache.

If I want to share a video that I do not want to upload to DailyMotion, 
I can share with dropbox.  Dropbox files usually stay available for about a week, getting deleted as I need space.  The deleted files can be restored to Dropbox within 30 days before permanently deleted.  Dropbox limits traffic so I can only share privately there and request you do not share my dropbox links. I am getting used to the Dropbox android app and really liking it! If I make a video a favorite, I can play it offline on my mobile.  If you would like to subscribe to Dropbox and install their program and get us both space, go to

Google Drive is amazing!
I can send anyone an email with the link to a Drive file where I will be keeping content indefinitely, deleting only when I need more space.  The links open and play quickly and the email can be saved for future use instead of downloading or bookmarking each video.  This will probably be where my favorite routines will be stored so I can do them anytime and anywhere but I am finding Dropbox has nice mobile options as well.

I have recently started storing on and
If you subscribe to VK or mymail, I will only friend people I know for the more private content.
Everyone can see the jessicasmithtv edits on

New Jessica Smiths

Jessica Smith is offering a *Walk-On 3 Digital Download Super Set* including her two new Walk On routines (Dance Walk and Tone Your Trouble Zones) and her previously released Strength and Balance for a discounted price.  Well I already have the Walk On Strength and Balance as do most of her devoted fans so this deal isn't for us.
The other two new Digital Downloads can be bought separately for the samem price as previous DVDs.  Problem is her digital downloads have to be viewed through a special player so I probably cannot convert them into a video file which I can edit and the music is way too soft for me.  The Dance Walk which will be on DVD in 10 days doesn't appeal to me at all visually and I would only have bought it if ordering the toning dvd to support Jessica to whom I have also donated $$.
I rather just donate to her fund than have her lose the expenses of sending a dvd that totally doesn't appeal to me.  Hopefully, the toning one will be eventually available on dvd and if not, it looks like our love affair may be coming to an end if Jessica plans to go completely digital with a download that needs a specific player.

I even went as far as to edit the sample clip of Dance Walk adding MUsic and the clip still does not appeal to me!  The moves do not flow for me at all.

This morning I revisited T25 Alpha cardio and really liked the moves on my 550 bungee so may add MUsic to it.   Then I revisited the first half of my edited Fusion Walk from Jessica's Walk On Strength and Balance.  I had added Nia music found on youtube clips and the MUsic and moves really clicked for me, making the edited version one of my favorite routines.  Then I did alittle of the Cardio Ballet from her other dvd and really like the Classical music she used.  Revisiting these routines confirmed for me that I will be skipping her Dance Walk DVD and probably her digital download of her toning routine.  Hopefully, Jessica will have better louder music in the future or a DVD option.  If not, I have plenty to keep me MUving.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Google Drive

First of all, I have found sharing videos through Google Drive to be faster and easier than Dropbox.  There is no need to download any software.  However, you can do more with the videos if you have a Google account like gmail or youtube and add the video to your Drive.  The videos even play decently on my den dinosaur pc from the Google *cloud* through a player similar to youtube's. I can share whole folders or individual files by links or email. Videos can also be downloaded to your hard drive.
When you receive a share link, you can view the video(s) and/or add them to your Drive account. Adding a shared file/folder to your Drive, does not occupy any of your 15 gigs limit on individual Google accounts.  Just the user who uploaded gives up space for it.

I wanted to share the youtube routines I did this morning as a warmup
First up was

this one was fun

The one I really liked was a 10 minute WarmUp using the songs from POPLove2.  I have used just about all of the songs that were in this routine!  The moves were not as strictly choreographed like most dance routines and most were very bungee compatible. Unfortunately, I can no longer find it online and no point embedding a similar video I found because it will probably be removed as well.  I will keep it for private use only.

My main routine today was by David Kirsch.  I had edited his Core routine on his Ultimate NY BodyPlan.  The music I added and removal of moves I do not do made it much more enjoyable for me.  I sat on the stability ball for most of it and used a purple Zumba stick as a medball.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Winners

This morning's star was my edited version of the Interval Training routine from the Shape: 20-Minute Makeover. The MUsic I had added was perfect and the moves were similar to those used by jessicasmithtv.  What I especially like about this routine is the gal on the left is holding a dumb bell which makes a perfect option with a purple Zumba stick.  I cannot share this routine because it is not OOP and still available on the Shape Makeover dvd.

Then I did my edit of the last mile from Leslie's 4 mile Super Challenge and my edit of the sitting and standing abs from this Dakidissa routine with my MUsic.
original routine

I did some of the sitting moves in the center of the 550, some on the edge of the 550, and some on the stability ball.

It just seems like the internet is constantly offering great routines to download.
I try just to burn one dvdr a week then do that dvdr the next week but I have fallen so far behind, I doubt I will get to try all of the files, let alone revisit my favorites.  Heck I think jessicasmithtv alone could keep me moving.  I am really considering putting all of my old vhs and dvds out on a table in my driveway for parents to take when picking up their kids at the school near us on a nice day this Spring.

I am experimenting with Google Drive for sharing videos and think it may be a better choice than Dropbox!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Another Winner

After a very stressful day yesterday (stress created by a close relative) and not a good night's sleep, I expected to have an unenthusiastic workout ......

As planned, I did my version of the DreamBody Fusion Bikini Bootcamp Cardio and loved the moves I kept and the MUsic I added.   Time flew along with sweat.

there are 2 newly uploaded workouts with Anna Benson, one of the Firm founders.
Here's the rebounding one:

link for both

Also one of my favorite youtube channels refitrev is adding drumsticks to their routines!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Lurving the MUsic

This morning I did some more edited Ruthless routines and finished with some HHAero-abs.  I have to say doing Aero-Abs on the 550's large and firm mat is darn comfortable.  I may have to rethink removing mat stuff from my videos!

Also I took a peek at my edited DreamBody Bikini Bootcamp from their Cardio Series set  and think I will really like its kickboxing moves with the MUsic I added.

Here's an embedded sample of the original:

Notice how soft the original music is?
Imagine it with blasting music :)
I forgot to mention another reason why I prefer using dvds is that the dvd player in my basement is hooked up to several surround sound speakers.  When I blast my MUsic, I really BLAST it.

also wanted to mention there are 2 sample poundfit classes on their website at the bottom of this page:

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Edited Workouts on DVDrs

Each person is a unique individual which is especially true when choosing how to move and which workout media to use.

Some people prefer streaming workouts.
Some people prefer dvd workouts.
(and even a few like me who still use VHS!)
Some people prefer to just play music and/or freestyle.
Some people prefer to use a treadmill, bike, or walk/jog outside with or without music.

It doesn't matter what your workout or media preferences are as long as you move and keep moving.   I have learned over the years to avoid dread.  There are very few *perfect* workouts for me on dvd/vhs or online so I have learned to edit them to make them more perfect for me by removing the dread and making them more appealing to me.

My workout is the highlight of my day so I do not like to waste that time doing a routine with any dread factor.  Also do not want to waste time fast forwarding through moves I do not want to do. Heck I do not even want to waste time switching dvds so usually use a single dvdr with about 20 different video files on it for several days.  In other words, a single dvdr becomes my rotation for about a week.
I edit out moves I do not want to do, add MUsic which invigorates me, and sometimes remove annoying cuing.
I crave variety in moves and music so do not do the same routine too often even if I lurved it.  I have lots of free time and editing workout videos has become an enjoyable hobby for me.  It also keeps me moving in front of my laptop throughout the day when testing a video.  I share some creations as well as share downloading and burning tips.

Some people do not get why my edited files burned to a dvdr is my choice but hey, I just am not in their streaming camp or *Simon Says* dvd camp either.  Each person has to discover what creates dread and what creates enthusiasm to move.  Follow the beat of your own inner drummer.

Even though we have FIOS and its router hardwired to our HDTV with internet apps in our den, I do not always get a youtube video to stream smoothly.  It is time consuming to set up the stream and fast forwarding can become really tedious. There are video sites that my TV cannot access like DailyMotion and setting up my laptop to stream to the TV is time consuming.   Even if I get a streaming workout working well, I do not like working out in our den and much prefer our basement where I can blast my music without bothering anyone else early in the morning.  I have still not figured out a way to get a bungee into our den in front of the TV without moving around alot of furniture.  All of our other TVs are not HD so I cannot stream to my basement workout area unless I buy a new HDTV and streaming device.

Some people claim streaming a workout video is the only way to move and it is ethically wrong as well as too time consuming to download a video and/or burn it to dvdr.  Some even claim dvds will soon be obsolete. I really feel sorry for folks in the DVD industry that they will soon be out of business and that so many wonderful workout dvds may never be seen by folks who would have appreciated them.  It has been sad enough to see so many VHS and OOP workouts become inaccessible thanks to archaic copyright laws.

This morning's workout was another fabulous combination of moves and MUsic.  I did a couple of my edited Ruthless routines then my edited version of Gin Miller's Intro to Incline Walking which was given away for free several years ago when the Ramp was first introduced.

Gin's routine had really simple to follow moves which could then be tweaked into even more interesting moves on the bungee or ball while holding Fitstix.  I had embedded the original routine on the Tuesday 2/18 blog post from my Dailymotion channel.

As far as downloading or embedding videos instead of streaming them directly from the creator's channel,  most video uploads receive little to no revenue.  If a creator chooses not to share their work for free, downloading and embedding can be disabled. Most just want to share their work and are fine with downloading and embedding.  When I embed a video on my blog, I am giving the original video free advertising and possibly more hits and subscribers!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

BAK to MUving

I walked over 30,000 paces the past two days in AC.  The only new twinge that I have been feeling are my inner thigh DOMS from HeavyHands Aero-abs and I only did 5 minutes of it!  My feet behaved most of the trip much better than the previous trip.

I didn't sleep well last night and thought it would impact my return to MUving this morning but the MUsic I used totally clicked for me and I got an almost immediate endorphin high :)
I did my edited version of the first two miles from Leslie Sansone's 4 Mile Super Challenge.  First mile (or 15 minutes) on the bungee with Fitstix and second mile on the ball then floor then bungee.  Finished with another 6 minutes of HH Aero-Abs while lying on the bungee.

Leslie's simple moves enabled me to get into the music and tweak them a bit to make the workout more fun.  The MUsic was so stimulating that I am making an MP3 file of each mile to use with other routines.