Monday, March 3, 2014

Lurving the MUsic

This morning I did some more edited Ruthless routines and finished with some HHAero-abs.  I have to say doing Aero-Abs on the 550's large and firm mat is darn comfortable.  I may have to rethink removing mat stuff from my videos!

Also I took a peek at my edited DreamBody Bikini Bootcamp from their Cardio Series set  and think I will really like its kickboxing moves with the MUsic I added.

Here's an embedded sample of the original:

Notice how soft the original music is?
Imagine it with blasting music :)
I forgot to mention another reason why I prefer using dvds is that the dvd player in my basement is hooked up to several surround sound speakers.  When I blast my MUsic, I really BLAST it.

also wanted to mention there are 2 sample poundfit classes on their website at the bottom of this page:

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